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  1. usairways56

    Night Departures

    Surprisingly I have the XP11 reflection setting at "Minimum" but still, look at these night reflections KORD Preflight walkaround Rwy 22L takeoff 737 out of KCVG
  2. A few more XP11 shots. Can't believe how fluid the game is for how good it looks. I'll love FSX/P3D forever but this is something else KPHX KABQ
  3. usairways56

    Randoms Out West

    Shots from last few days. Just found the Zibo mod for the default 737, it is awesome. Thank you so much for that, Zibo. Also used: Ortho4XP, MisterX6 airports, Reshade
  4. usairways56

    CPU Time Jumping & Stutters

    Hopefully there is, I'll have to test things out further. From memory, I think the base level was ZL15, and I increased it in the immediate vicinity of airports - though stutters remain regardless of what ZL I'm flying over. No hyperthreading on my computer with it being an i5, and yes threaded optimization is OFF. I haven't tried starting from scratch with orthophotos on, but now that I know they're part of the issue I can try that soon. I could very well be wrong but a hunch of mine is that maybe the 6gb of VRAM is being stretched
  5. usairways56

    CPU Time Jumping & Stutters

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I did delete the settings file, as well as completely removed FlywithLUA, then started at a default airport, default plane, with sliders all to the left. I worked the settings all back up to what I had previously, then even higher too, with it being smooth as silk and to my liking in fps. Then I started testing each addon plane at default airports, then finally at payware ones. I found it still perfectly smooth with great fps. Finally I reenabled my orthophotos, and there we go - those stutters came back, though somewhat diminished. So I found the culprit. I can live without the orthophotos, but dang those really made flying look amazing near the airports. Thanks for your help again everyone. I get so caught up in tweaking as a former FSXer, that sometimes it takes a fresh perspective to get things back running well
  6. Hey everyone, I've been flying XP10 and 11 for a few months now. My specs are in my signature. I am running the plugin called XP11 Settings Tool so that I can take out things I dont care about like car traffic for better performance. I get great FPS in XP especially with the plugin, which cuts my CPU and GPU times about in half as opposed to normal settings just based on the XP sliders. But my CPU time spikes every few seconds which I have read is related to loading scenery. It will rest around .12 +/- a couple hundredths, but as soon as I move like on a takeoff roll, it will jump up regularly about .05-.06 roughly and causes a noticeable stutter. This happens in all planes and at all locations, default and payware. I have made sure to also change graphics settings so that GPU closely mimics CPU time in most situations. Lowering my Number of World Objects slider does not change the jumping, and neither did uninstalling the plugin (in fact it got worse). Does anyone have any initial thoughts as to how to reduce the CPU time jumping? Thanks in advance
  7. usairways56

    XP11 Recent Selection

    Visually, no, just auto enhancing the pictures on my iphone haha. But scenery-wise, I have made orthophotos around my big airports
  8. A few from the last month of flying in XP11
  9. usairways56

    Enroute LIML-EKCH ... Wow!

    I agree. I got into X-plane 11 for the beta, and have spent all my time in it since. Love FSX and P3D but this new sim seems to be something else and gives a whole new feeling. Bought the IXEG and made some Orthos, need to get some weather stuff and more airports now
  10. usairways56

    Trying to improve FPS in FSX: SE. Having issues..

    I spent years tweaking my FSX and FSX:SE. I did have an intel i5 the whole time so your AMD might make a difference. If I were to tweak my .cfg and settings from yours to what I always found best, I'd do: Getting the DX10 Fixer and running in DX10 mode with bufferpools left at default (noticably more FPS and night/day difference in smoothness in my experience) Texture max resolution to 2048 - 4096 stresses the gpu in clouds, and 2048 looks great anyways No aircraft ground shadows - possibly aircraft casts shadows on itself. I take a hit when ground shadows are on Texture bandwith multiplier to 80 Fiber Frame Time Fraction is best at .26 (on my current computer, was .20 when I had my 2500k at 4.5ghz) *but that number is definitely affected by your processor model and frequency* Scenery settings: Level of Detail Radius = large, Texture Resolution = 7cm, Water Effects = low 2x, Scenery Complexity = Dense, Autogen Density = Very Dense. No special effects detail, no ground shadows, and the mesh stuff around half. I am aware that others are crazy about the scenery and VFR stuff, but all that I wanted was crisp-looking ground around airports and cities Also no traffic nor airport ground traffic. Kinda sucks and the world feels lifeless but if your goal is frames, then there's that For best smoothness, Adaptive 1/2 V-Sync in Nvidia Inspector, along with Triple Buffering On - this specifically seems to help my system in both FSX and X-Plane with stutters
  11. usairways56

    GTX 1070

    ^ Yeah what Bert wrote. I personally feel that as long as you have a ~60hz refresh monitor, a constant 30fps is the best you'll get to be smooth and worth tweaking for... (not sure what you have but I assume similar). I can hold 35-40 fps with no framerate lock with my current rig, but it's stuttery. Maybe if I had a 70hz monitor and did 1/2 v-sync it would work as well as a 60hz monitor and 30fps, but I won't know. I'm beginning to use X-Plane now since it utilizes my hardware well and offers some different features. Your 1070 would do well with it, if you were ever interested. For now, I'll come back to FSX every now and then however all I can really expect is to add more payware or crank up the settings and not see a decrease in performance below 30fps, which is fine with me
  12. usairways56

    GTX 1070

    A large factor would be what CPU you have. Before my i5 6600k, I had a 2500k at 4.5ghz and went from a GTX670 to a GTX970; my fps improved slightly (~2-3fps) in normal situations, noticeably in cloudy ones (~3-5), and in intense situations like the PMDG 777 and payware airports I could lock to a solid 30 and only see a dip to 28-29 occasionally. I may be completely wrong as every system is unique, but I get the best results when in the nvidia settings (or NV control panel) I put on Prefer Maximum Performance, Adaptive Half V-Sync, Maximum Pre-rendered Frames to 1, and for some reason Triple Buffering seems to really help smoothness. On the full screen vs windowed mode, you might have to mess with the .cfg and add ForceFullScreenVSync=1 or ForceWindowedVSync=1 in the graphics section and test to see if it makes a differece
  13. usairways56

    XP10 IXEG 737 KPHX

    I recently got the XP11 beta and after taking some time to setup the UI and my controls, I'm surprised I never used XP before. I'm mainly flying XP10 right now however because the 11 beta has some VRAM and stutter issues that I'm not really keen on yet (I'd rather just fly 10 until 11 is full release). I made some orthophotos and bought the IXEG, so here's a few:
  14. Agree with Luke. I wrote out some stuff below that I had typed up before he responded haha so I'll just post anyways. A good OC'd 2500K/2600K to ~4.3-4.5ghz should get you 20-25+ fps, given you optimize the cfg with tweaks, don't push the sliders too far, etc. You know, just be modest and fair with expectations. I previously had a 2500k @ 4.5 with a GTX670, then a GTX970, they got the job done and could manage the 25-30 fps range. The NGX and Flightbeam airports always performed the best (25-30), but flying the CS767 into payware airports would bring the sim down to 22ish fps. Given that you're running 720p, the GTX750ti should hold up alright. If it's in the budget one day (after a good CPU upgrade of course), try to get a GTX960/GTX970 or equivalent, it makes a noticeable difference in smoothness and strenuous cloudy situations. I would think you'd do well with a 2500k/2600k, especially for $100. Another possible option = 4690k, although I see on ebay that they are around $200. Those 2 generations in between make a difference in the IPC and your frame rates. If I had to put my answer into one line, it would be: 2500K < 4690K < 6600K
  15. I have a 6600k OC'd to 4.6ghz with a GTX970. I'm seeing 40-60 fps unlocked with vsync, all the detailed addons such as PMDG, Flightbeam, ASN, REX (but I normally lock externally to 30 and it never dips). My FSX settings are pretty much for IFR, I'll post them below. And about them; you can definitely turn some things up and not really notice any fps loss when it's locked at 30 externally, like traffic up to ~40%, maybe autogen or scenery complexity up a notch. possibly even more that I haven't tested. I just keep them here because it's perfectly smooth no matter what combination of addons I use for a flight, and I just don't want to switch them every time. Honestly all I care about when I fly is that cities look populated with buildings, the ground scenery looks clear enough to pick out streets and such, airports are 3rd party, and that it's all smooth