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  1. Beautiful scenic shots. Gotta love those dry states!
  2. Hi everyone, It's been a fair few months since my last post here. Having not touched P3D since summer last year, I found myself desperate to get back into the pilot's seat. The only thing holding me back was the propsect of having to spend a fair amount of time re-installing and tweaking... needless to say I went for it. My first few sessions were spent in the SS / POSKY 762. Happy flying! Grady.
  3. Well aren't these picture perfect! Great screens bernd
  4. Howdy y'all Dare I call this a mega post? Lots of screens from me today, a mixed bag for sure! Happy flying, Grady.
  5. Fantastic! Scenery has me in awe every time!
  6. As ever, beautiful screens Rich!
  7. Nail on the head, Arizona it is! Thank you Thank you William! Thanks Scott! 100% correct. Thanks for the comment! Thank you very much ------------------------------------- Reached quote limit ------------------------------------- @awf Thanks André @VeryBumpy Ha! That's good - I like that one Thank you, it's P3D ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the comments! Grady.
  8. Howdy y'all, A rather diverse bundle of screenshots from me today. Can you guess the location? Happy flying, Grady.
  9. That 4th screen (sunset) is just beautiful. Fantastic shots!
  10. Thank you Darryl. Thanks Patrick! These were taken using P3D v3.3.5.17625. No problem, enjoy!
  11. Thanks William! Thanks Aaron, you can find set 09 (which is not a soft clouds preset) within REX4TD by navigating to:- REX4TD&SC --> Clouds/Effects --> Low-Level Clouds --> Set 09 If you want soft clouds, you'll need to choose one of the presets between Set 17 to Set 32. If you want the same color sky, navigate to:- REX4TD&SC --> Sky Colors --> Sky Day --> Set 14 Fair. Hope this helps. Grady.
  12. I'll keep my eye out for your next set of screens Ha yes, I just meant that I had purchased the version of TD4 that comes bundled with soft clouds. On the subject of soft clouds, (just if you're interested) one of my favorite sets is no 26. Thanks! I think you'll really like 09!
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