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  1. ATC Panels problem in p3d v4.2

    Hi, There is also a solution provided on prepar3d website/forum. I did also the following and it worked: 1. I made a backup of all cfg files from AppData/Roaming/Lockheed... and from C:\ProgramData/Lockheed; 2. I deleted the above cfg files and let P3D rebuild them; 3. I overwrote the files with the ones from the backup. ATC now is working.
  2. Hello, I have recently bought a new pc and I am about to install WIN 10 Pro. The motherboard is an ASUS Maximus IX Z270. My question is, how should I proceed with the installation of the MB drivers (in order to get the best performance of my system): - should I use the provided CD drivers of the Asus motherboard? - should I download the updated drivers from Asus website? - should I let Windows 10 install the motherboard drivers (in this case there is a high chance the drivers are not Asus provided)? Many thanks! Dragos
  3. P3d Warning

    Uninstall Rivatuner if it was installed together with MSN Afterburner. The Ut2 error should go away.
  4. How to revert back to P3D v3.3?

    I have just reverted to v3.3.I uninstalled client and content v3.4 and installed the 3.3 version of the files. So far, I am pleased with the results. 3.4 is just too unstable in my pc configuration.
  5. JustSim Innsbruck scenery released (24th of August 2016)

    I bought this scenery yesterday and it does look really nice. I am quite happy with it and I do recommend it. Performance is also very good.
  6. Airbus FBW Fix

    Thank you, Vic! Your fix did solve the issue.
  7. Airbus FBW Fix

    I have just installed these files but the aircraft has an erratic tremble while using the ailerons (when banking). Anyone knows what might cause this (i am using a Saitek x52 HOTAS, with FSUIPC slope set to -1, as suggested)? Thanks!
  8. Speed brake

    Maybe the spoiler axis needs to be reversed via fsuipc axis calibration
  9. The virtual cockpit becomes too dark... is there a setting/option one could use to make it brighter? Thanks!
  10. QualityWings 146 issues - Has anyone got it running?

    I have all simconnects versions but still experiencing flaps/spoilers issues. How did you guys installed qw avro? Using the installer for P3d or for fsx via EMT? Cheers
  11. New REX Feature Feedback

    A very nice REX feature! Looking forward to it!
  12. P3D Update v3.1 to v3.2, License reactivation?

    Hi Peter, I have the same situation. Updated via the Client installer without being asked for re-activation.
  13. PMDG 737NGX loads and minimizes

    This is the reason I was asking about EMT: http://board.flightsim.ee/discussion/527/answered-pmdg-ngx-737-p3d-v3-version-strange-behaviour-with-migration-tool-installed
  14. PMDG 737NGX loads and minimizes

    DO you have the Estonia migration tool installed?