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  1. Dave, this is very subjective, but think of this, REX contains over 1,500 cloud models vs. ASCA's 330+. Sky Force also utilizes 24 different cloud types at any given point, vs. ASCA's 12. This yields much more variety in any given scene.
  2. Yes it does, but it has to accumulate. Also, we added an instant snow coverage function if snow is falling at the departure airport, as well as a function to keep snow coverage on the terrain during a flight based on a 2-day review of snowfall AND temperature. Recently we improved the initial loading of snow on the ground based upon 7 day weather conditions. No seasons injectors apply snow.
  3. This one? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-48-class-a2-series-oled-4k-uhd-smart-webos-tv/6501902.p?skuId=6501902&ref=NS&loc=101&ref=212&loc=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAyMKbBhD1ARIsANs7rEHMA9VXITSS7VYpPH4i6g6lFvIk2kjuLKGoGS1Fvu-0drAp0mXvEjcaAhRlEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Looking at the specs, it's very tempting!
  4. Just wow! I can envision this with our new terrain coloring tech coming soon. Wonderful vid Lawrence!
  5. Once official release builds are public we update accordingly. Until then it's a moving target. For those who have Weather Force, we just released Tech Update 4.0.
  6. REX has nothing to do with the WX for P3Dv.5 since Milviz took it over.
  7. Don't forget, there's nothing "available" to us, we have to hook into everything ourselves.
  8. The rendering of upper-level clouds used to be independent of the low/mid-level cloud rendering, which isn't the case anymore. By decoupling the way these layers are rendered we could once again experience these types of cloudscapes. As of now the upper-level clouds are treated the same as low/mid-level clouds, small groupings of puffs. There's no rhyme or reason why this was changed since the SU5 (??) release, but I hope the decision was based on creative advancement purposes rather than performance-related!
  9. Hi Jim, Weather Force not only 'sets' parameters, but more importantly it controls the morphing of the weather parameters such as height, base, thickness, cloud coverage, cloud density, precipitation, storm intensity, visibility, wind speed/frequency, temps, pressure, as well as snow coverage.
  10. Don't forget, AccuSeason automatically changes weekly 😉
  11. They must not be updated to the latest version yet.
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