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  1. Hi Aaron, yes, it was released. https://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/53686-wx-advantage-radar-technical-update-9/ We will be updating our website accordingly.
  2. Excellent! Thank you for letting me know.
  3. Hi Faisal, We back up our servers each day between 12am - 12:30am MST. You may have experienced an initialization connection failure as this backup procedure was in progress, which would delay the startup. Please try again.
  4. It does work, it does have issues, however it will not break anything. If anyone decides to try, we suggest that you use the backup option in SF first. We've been actively working on this.
  5. Exactly! Our weather radar has had cloud/rain control built in for quite some time and the majority of users thought this was a bug, albeit very realistic.
  6. This is scheduled to release Tuesday.
  7. Yes, there are shader improvements beyond the 'beta' option.
  8. @DJJose http://www.rexsimulations.com/news.html
  9. Hi folks, here is the link: http://www.rexsimulations.com/news.html
  10. Hah!! Yes, Bill would be a little taken aback by that 😄 Was thinking on picking this little gem up, thanks for that Alan.
  11. When and where were these tickets logged? Keep in mind it's Easter weekend and our support is out until tomorrow. Since moving our servers a couple weeks ago things have been running fine, but we are seeing very high demand right now, so it's probably related to that.
  12. timest


    They were moved over a week ago and have been up and running since. We might experience a very brief hiccup every now and then due to high server demand.
  13. Hi Jean-Claude, please PM me here on AVSIM your email address used on the correspondence to our support desk and I will look into this. As of yesterday I noticed all tickets were updated, however, our server glitch last week may have had something to do with this so I apologize in advance if this was so. In the meantime, please uninstall and reinstall the LATEST full version. Please don't install an older version and update it. Uninstalling/reinstalling will not destroy anything as EF leaves the sim untouched at close.
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