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  1. Hi Tony, please contact us through support so we can investigate properly. Thank you.
  2. EDIT: I checked our ticketing system and noticed a member of our team assisting you a few hours ago, however there was no mention of the issues you're experiencing, only a serial number inquiry. Please keep communication going through that ticket so we can get you up and running. That original reply is dated late September, and haven't heard back from you until today.
  3. Great to hear! Have you tried the latest beta version yet?
  4. It's a false positive. We've heard from a few customers reporting this, however the software is secure as all files are scanned prior to being uploaded to our servers. The servers are also scanned daily.
  5. Possible hit during approach due to weather update. I will discuss incorporating an option to disable updates on approach.
  6. That's a bold statement, and not really true. I do hope you report your findings with our support as we're willing to assist and fix what's wrong for you. We don't alter any shaders or internal system properties in regards to volumetric clouds. The visual quality/integrity will be the same whether or not you're using REX.
  7. Hi Charles, It's non-destructive, and UI-wise you won't notice a difference. Have a go.
  8. Yes, it does, including snow coverage in our latest beta.
  9. False, Weather Force can create up to 3 layers, the same with the simulator.
  10. Beta for Sky Force 3D Technical Update 2.5 is available now at: https://rexgamestudios.helpscoutdocs.com/article/117-sky-force-technical-update-2-5-public-beta Cheers and Happy Holidays everyone.
  11. You beat me to it Michael. Thank you for posting.
  12. If the weather was injected initially into the sim as you stated, Weather Force wouldn't clear it out like that. Have you tried shutting down both the sim and WF to try and replicate the issue? Here is what I see at KGEG at the moment.
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