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  1. No, you have to read the release notes 😉 These are covered too: C172 Classic Cap 10 DA-40 TDI DV-20 L-39 (Athena, Blue Ice, Pipsqueak, Robin 1, Sarance) P-51D (Wee Willy, Lady B, Strega, Miss America) T-6 (Almost Perfect, Baby Boomer) This results in the slightly bizarre situation that GA avionics-wise the majority of MSFS default aircraft surpass the capabilities offered by basically any existing default or payware aircraft in any desktop flightsim. E.g. with all the money in the world you won't get a more realistic G3000 implementation on a desktop PC than the TBM has from the MSFS standard edition.
  2. This can also happen if USB cables are too long and/or connectors are worn out.
  3. A multi user shared cockpit is actually available. And with AAU1 the Hjet has to catch up with the TBM, Longitude, CJ4...
  4. My suggestion would also be VR. 2D simming is like "visiting" cities in Google Street view. You "were not there". For me VR flights are perceived and remembered like real flights. Not only situational awareness but also feeling the attitude and the position in the air is so much improved, that I no longer think that circuits and manual procedures can be flown precisely without VR. At least I cant. Turning the head during the downwind for a split second is enough to exactly evaluate where the runway is and whether "everything is looking good" to start turning into base. Absolutely! For me only in VR do the little eyebrow windows of the older versions start to make sense and I like them very much now. The head is turned where real pilots are looking too. Maybe while leaning forward a bit. In VR you look closely to something by leaning there. But still you perfectly feel the cramped space cockpits typically have. I also like the usage of the mouse very much in VR. It works very well. At least as good as on the screen.
  5. It can, but close or duplicated products are also not only bad for the devs (who have to share profit) but also for us, because it means an opportunity was lost to bring another highly wanted aircraft. There are so many more: how about an U-2, a DC-8, DC-9, 742, DC-10...? My dream would be a CV-990. These flew in times, when speed was not limited to 250 below 10000. The Swissair Coronado is told to have flown fake attacks on ships in the port of Piraeus.
  6. What if you disconnect all USB controllers (yoke, throttle, stick) once you fly on autopilot?
  7. Some possible CTD causes, that often are overlooked: - Too long USB cables to controllers. I just had a case, when freezes and CTDs occured after I had multiple controllers plugged into a USB hub behind an extension cable of just 2 meters. Using a USB multimeter I saw the voltage occasionally drop to values close to 4V which apparently caused the issues. Without the extension cable the CTDs are gone. - Bad contact somewhere in hardware setup.
  8. It's beautiful. It's what a real airliner should look like. It sounds good when you click all the switches too. This video shows the startup procedure of a 737 thanks to the overhead panel... 😂
  9. Its exactly the other way round. Ported 3D models and textures in MSFS immediately are recognized and look old fashioned. Every single Asobo model beats them. But everything else can be ported. Systems, FMS, sound...
  10. I dont know how they incorporate forces and moments per surface because the essay does not tell how they do it. Consider it as Asobos little secret. They don't owe you or me a deeper explanation. I just know that the result is convincing and praised by many real world pilots.
  11. At least you had to your correct your initial claims every single time after I provided some reading comprehension to you.
  12. You wrote agood post, let me just add to this list: MSFS actually targets Windows, Xbox, Android and IOS. Quote: With cloud gaming, you can play all that Microsoft Flight Simulator has to offer from your Android device, Windows device, Xbox console, and by browser on devices such as those running iOS and iPadOS. from here: Play Microsoft Flight Simulator with Xbox Cloud Gaming | Xbox Support There was an interview recently, when Jorg said, that at two events the userbase basically doubled. Xbox release and Xbox cloud release.
  13. It is not only installs... There are e.g. the 500 million flights. Bots dont fly. 50 flights flown on average by every single user of the 10 millions means also, that they visited more than just their house. Regarding the Xbox game pass: yes, there might be those who became MSFS user just because they were game pass subscriber. But, there are also those, who became game pass subscriber just to try MSFS. I am one of those and I have hinted this possibility to several colleagues who would also have the game pass just because of MSFS. And there are other sources.... Some time back, Jorg explained that each WU are adding locals to the userbase, that were not there before. After the Japan WU two years back he mentioned that 70000 users came aboard who continue to use the sim regularily. I also read from Jorg, that the userbase more or less doubled two times: first when xbox was added and second when xbox cloud brought it to low spec devices like IPads and smartphones.
  14. You cant avoid having a Kai Tak because a simplistic Kai Tak even ships with Navigraph without possibility to unistall it at all. That this causes various issues on the addon side is no surprise but I dont see the blame on the side of the base sim or Asobo to address this. Inibuild would only have an issue, if their A310 would CTD when the community folder would be empty (= no Navigraph installed) and the user would also uninstall the new default VHHX.
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