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  1. ok sorry, i don't understand the post! oups!
  2. Hi, Any ETA for the P3D v3 installer? Thanks
  3. Orphee01

    [Bug Report]Rejected Takeoff

    Good idea! :wink:
  4. Orphee01

    [Bug Report]Rejected Takeoff

    Oups sorry, i use the SOP 1, i mean the MIP backlight (his side), overhead backlight, pedestal, he turn on all light, so he can turn all off :smile:
  5. Orphee01

    [Bug Report]Rejected Takeoff

    in V2 FO will shutdown backlight after a night flight?
  6. Run the indexer :wink:
  7. Orphee01

    Pressurization Autofail

    I got the same problem with a crazy autopilot, and of course a clock problem on the aus motherboard. I change the CMOS battery but change nothing, i just upgrade the BIOS, and now the problem is fixed! (if if you upgrade your BIOS, take photos from bios parameters....)
  8. Hi Bryan, a little question, is UGCX optimized for home cockpit (no keyboard to use, so GSX)?
  9. Orphee01

    FS2Crew and Hardware

    It work good with the MCP Pro cpflight
  10. (With P3D), ezdok is automatically start With fsuipc.ini and not exe.XML and so no problem With sdk...
  11. Orphee01

    Turn off the backlight?

    great, thank you! B)
  12. here : http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=191111
  13. Orphee01

    Turn off the backlight?

    No I mean the backlight from MIP (FO side), overhead, Pedestal, breaker panel, etc. If this is the last flight of the day the next crew have a "clean cockpit" :rolleyes: