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  1. here : http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=191111
  2. Thanks for your answer but the first version of OCP4NGX is unsupported. For the double entry, i have a solution, reload the sioc (x2), and check the hardware by pressing some key in sioc monitor, after that i run OCP4NGX and it work without double entry!
  3. Hi Seb! I just see your answer sorry! I test it but it don't work :-/ Thanks
  4. Hi, on a french forum (http://www.aircockpit.com/viewtopic.php?f=117&t=3832), we have tested my sioc prog, and it work fine :mellow: , but i'm not alone with the "double press key" : http://forum.avsim.net/topic/390496-problem-with-pmdg-737-ngx-sp1c-and-cdu-opencockpits/page__hl__cdu#entry2584835
  5. thank you for take your time with me, by error, I removed partially the scrypt :blush: . This is my sioc (.ssi), with them, I have double button press; but when i add : and on all keys, the CDU will not function any more!
  6. Very big thanks for your help! I check my sioc.ini, his good : My sioc with fsx : I just tried to modify OCP4NGX_CDU_PP v1.08.txt, but i have an error message : I will check this another forum Thank you!
  7. thanks for your help! I use a FMC by plugnfly : http://www.plugnfly.com/fr_fms-737-ng-pro.html I'm running sioc 42b2 and your last software (after dll bug). I send you a jpg tomorrow, my computer is in a bedroom ^_^ My sioc.ini
  8. Great news! I found the problem, the CDU was set as a master, and not usb! but i have another problem, when i push a button, it will be "pressed" two times, when i press button "1", i have 11 on CDU, when i press LSK1, it will be pressed two times, etc. But sioc monitor indicate each button is pressed one time! Any idea?
  9. Hi, I have buy a CDU from plugnfly, he's correctly set into sioc.exe, but i can't use it with the ngx! My sioc (.ssi) : What I do : - I start sioc.exe - I start OCP4NGX (version from 15/02/2013, after dll crash) - I start FS with C172, then switch to the NGX but i can't use my CDU with the NGX! What I did wrong? Sorry for my bad english!
  10. Hi, I maked a fuel planner for the ngx : http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=737+800+PMDG+NGX+fuel+planner+1&CatID=fsxutil&Go=Search
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