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  1. Hi everyone! With the release of the Aviation Lads promo video of our VA, we are finally ready to expand our "marketing" from the Central Europe to the rest of the world. Meet SW Virtual. vAMSYS based Virtual Airline which was launched in 2021, and which has quickly become one of the largest Virtual Airlines in the Central Europe, with our peak of 64 PIREPs per day. We are both IVAO and VATSIM Partner VA. SW Virtual is simulating a major charter airline in the Central Europe, Smartwings. And well... without writing too many paragraphs of text, we will let our promo video to say the rest :-) SW Virtual Promo You can check us out on our website! https://sw-virtual.eu/
  2. I am currently suffering from the CTDs as well, but the problem is, that I don't get any errors in the Event Viewer 😕
  3. Hi Steve, I have found this post while searching what exactly happened with Self Loading Cargo. And I must say, I find this completely absurd. Why do we, your customers, have to search AVSIM forum in order to know what exactly happened / is happening? Is it really that hard to post something like this on your Discord, or SLC website news section? The last update is from the early 2022, and since then, nothing. You say that you screwed up, and all that, yet made zero effort to remedy that. This post is from June, and now it's August. ZERO change. So I say that your post is full of bullsh*t. And yes, I am your customer, who was really enjoying your product and had nothing else than praise for it.
  4. I have actually received an infraction when I have pointed out what their price model looks like in a broader context 😄 That you will pay almost double of what you would pay at P3D for all the variants. Expected price for all the variants for MSFS 737-700 - 70 USD 737-600 - 50 USD 737-800 - 70 USD 737-900 - Was not announced, but let's say that it will cost 50 USD like the -600 Total: around 240 USD Price for all the variants for P3D NGXu Base Package - 100 USD 600/700 Expansion - 25 USD Cargo Expansion - 30 USD BBJ Expansion - 30 USD Total: 185 USD And I was branded a "misinformation campaigner" for pointing out that them saying, this is a pro-customer move, is a lie, and a misleading marketing move. Welcome to the PMDG, everyone 😄
  5. Hi, I think that FS2Crew PMDG 737NGXu is really missing the departure time pause feature from previous versions. I am flying online so sometimes there is a delay and for example the FS2Crew automatically disconnects the GPU when reaching the departure time, which is really annoying. Would you please consider restoring this feature? 🙂
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to present you with our newly created Virtual Airline under VAMSYS. SW Virtual is simulating the real-life operations of Smartwings Group, which primarily consists of Smartwings airline and Czech Airlines. Our fleet is mostly composed of Boeing 737NG, but we have also some Airbuses, and Cessna 680 Sovereigns. Our main hub is in Prague, Czech Republic, with our hubs also located in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. We are an IVAO certified airline, and we have also established several partnerships, and we strive to establish even more. Smartwings is the biggest airline in the Czech Republic and its main focus are summer destinations (Greece, Egypt, Spain, Canary Islands, etc...) and also city connections. Smartwings is also a charter airline, so you can encounter some interesting extra destinations. Make sure you check us out! https://sw-virtual.eu/ Jan Podlipský CEO of SW VIrtual
  7. Sorry, I meant previous version of FS2Crew. To be specific, original version of FS2Crew for PMDG 737NGX
  8. Hi, I have noticed that the new FS2Crew no longer supports "Standby for the flaps" during Landing checklist. When cockpit crew has an applied speed limit of 160kts until 4nm final, it's sometimes not beneficial to apply landing flaps before reaching those 4nm final. And since doing the checklist this late could be too much load, at certain airlines, the landing checklist is being done when established in the ILS (or any other approach type), and when they reach FLAPS, then PF says "Standby for the flaps", and once PF orders landing flaps setting (Flaps 30 for example), PM says "Flaps 30, Green light, landing checklist complete". Since I am flying online and to busy airports, I really miss this feature, especially because I am usually getting my landing clearance little bit later, and it's very annoying to do Landing checklist in the last minute, and communicate with the ATC at the same time. Would be possible to implement it? Many thanks! I know this is implemented in the SOP 3, but the airline I'm operating is using only a slightly modified SOP 1, so it wouldn't be usable for my "ARAIG" flying 🙂 Jan Podlipsky
  9. Hello everyone, one of the posters here mentioned this thread in his support ticket, so I have decided to hop in, and help. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V is working, and it was thoroughly tested. If it is not working for you, please make sure that you are copying only the serial itself, and not some extra lines above or below. I will talk to our dev about the possibility of adding a right click context menu for pasting whatever is in your clipboard 🙂 I hope you will enjoy our scenery! Jan XHT-Labs Support Lead
  10. Hi, I'd like to request a feature which I really miss when flying the NGXu and FS2Crew. And that is, that I am unable to choose what kind of GPU I want to connect on arrival (jetway GPU or GPU cart). When I land, it always chooses the GPU option which was on departure, and I feel that this could be improved, because I don't have to necessarily go to the jetway stand again. Is there any chance to add this option to the Approach briefing panel?. Many thanks!
  11. I have clearly stated, that they are doing extremely good job, and they are truly the best developer out there. My only complain is with the installers. Nothing more.
  12. Yes, it is definitely great that they are doing it for free, BUT... PMDG is selling separate products for FSX and Prepar3D. And at a quite substantial price difference. Therefore it was kinda... expected of them (I know that sounds little bit bad, but I don't know other word how to describe that).
  13. Another updates which need to be installed manually? Are you kidding me? What is the point of your micro updates, if you are not using them?... I admire your job and I am not definitely saying something against it... but reinstalling it for the THIRD time!!! I am really tired by this.
  14. To be honest, I'll rather turn down AA than disabling DL. But I will take a look at it :-)
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