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  1. Nice pics man! But Tripoli is not the Capital of Tunisia, it's the capital of Libya 🙂
  2. Lbt564

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    i think it's a star destroyer
  3. Don't waste your time looking bro! Buy it
  4. i have it and i love it! performance is outstanding too!
  5. Lbt564

    Problem with AFT stairway

    Thanks Brian! i missed to read that the AFT stairway requires hydraulic power in order to work properly.
  6. Hi! I have a problem with the AFT stairway , every time i try to use the stairway it wont open itself completely, i'm also having problem closing it, only solution that works for me is to load another aircraft state from the menu. Best Regards Mohamed Kaafar
  7. Lbt564

    The Maddog at dawn

    great pics Niklas!
  8. Lbt564

    Any news on 4.2 update?

    three things i want to be fixed: * Autogen loading * Mesh popping * Dynamic lighting performance That's all i want.
  9. i really want to know what early 2018 means since almost all the developers are saying that they are going to release their products in early 2018, i hope it means January.
  10. Lbt564

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    let's hope they release boston soon, weird since they previewed it in May and it looked like it was completely done at that time!
  11. Lbt564

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    hmm, when did flytampa say that the release of las vegas or boston was planned before the end of this year? i'm a frequent flytampa forum reader i never saw a statement from the developers
  12. Lbt564

    Any late 2017 leftovers?

    i hope to see: - Skyforce -Flytampa Boston Happy holidays to you guys!
  13. Lbt564

    Rex present Skyforce.

    i was actually shocked when i saw the old video when they released they page, but the problem is the lack of inflight screenshots.
  14. Lbt564

    Rex present Skyforce.

    what do you mean with this? "The PTA preset still needs to be enacted within the PTA tool to become active in Prepar3D." do you mean that the preset must be loaded in the PTA GUI before you select it in the skyforce interface?