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  1. i think it's removed in the next update (update 4), check the latest feedback snapshot. Best Regards Mohamed kaafar
  2. I hope that there will be an option to remove that text in the future. Thanks Best Regards Mohamed Kaafar
  3. Hi, Is it possible to remove the text description in the cockpit while hovering over some buttons? Is it possible to to that by tweaking the cfg? Best Regards Mohamed Kaafar
  4. Guys! Please notice that the manual was updated a few days ago :) open the Manual_de.pdf and scroll down to the english section of the manual(make sure you download the new drivers from here https://devops.aerosoft.de/AS_HONEYCOMB_P3DV4.zip) Best Regards
  5. The hot fix is now available: https://www.prepar3d.com/news/2019/05/115307/
  6. Nice pics man! But Tripoli is not the Capital of Tunisia, it's the capital of Libya 🙂
  7. i think it's a star destroyer
  8. i have it and i love it! performance is outstanding too!
  9. Thanks Brian! i missed to read that the AFT stairway requires hydraulic power in order to work properly.
  10. Hi! I have a problem with the AFT stairway , every time i try to use the stairway it wont open itself completely, i'm also having problem closing it, only solution that works for me is to load another aircraft state from the menu. Best Regards Mohamed Kaafar
  11. three things i want to be fixed: * Autogen loading * Mesh popping * Dynamic lighting performance That's all i want.
  12. i really want to know what early 2018 means since almost all the developers are saying that they are going to release their products in early 2018, i hope it means January.
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