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  1. I'm getting CTDs after a few minutes of operating the program. Haven't nailed down the cause yet.
  2. Was able to trigger the same CTD albeit a bit differently, I opened a second window using the "[" key and zoomed into the Captain's PFD/ND, but I never used the pop-up option. The MSVCR120.dll flagged error code occurred at 3.2 hrs over the Atlantic.
  3. While not perfect, here is my attempt that allows the GTN into the VC in place of the WX radar. Still testing with the autopilot coupling. [Vcockpit03] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=1024,1024 visible=0 pixel_size=512,512 texture=$primary_panel3 //gauge00 = Metro_IIIC!M3_WX_RDR_BDX_82, 20, 120, 1000, 768 gauge00 = F1GTN!GTN750VC, 35, 150, 990, 710,UNIT1
  4. Not necessarily. I agree that you cannot remove anything that is part of the 3d VC model, but I was experimenting with swapping the weather radar display screen with the screen of the GTN. I managed it get it to appear on the upper left corner of that screen, but I haven't found the proper pixel size to get it onto the full wx radar.
  5. Has anyone come up with a way to add the Flight1 GTN into the aircraft VC?
  6. Jim, my affiliation with Imaginesim is strictly as an afcad contractor. I don't have any control over their distribution of press copies, so I can't speak to that. I agree that a forum would be great, but it seems that they're providing improved tech support via facebook, for what it's worth.
  7. I feel the need to point this out as another Avsim thread raised an important issue about blogger/reviewer compensation that deserves a larger audience because most consumers, marketers, and bloggers are sometimes ignorant of U.S. federal law and regulation. I happen to be a compensated developer, but my main occupation is practicing in this area of law, so I thought it would be helpful to post this simple PSA. The U.S. FTC has interpreted the Fair Trade Act to require that bloggers must disclose when they receive compensation, including free copies, for a product review. Violations can result in up to a $16,000 penalty per post, depending on many factors such as the offensiveness of the copy; both marketers and reviewers are subject to enforcement. Consumers may also be able to sue individually or as part of a larger class action. Here is a snippet from the linked FTC guidance: I am not making any conclusion about anyone on Avsim or other flightsim sites, developers or commercial publishers. I merely want to point out something that is often misunderstood. Please also do not consider this to be legal advice, as I do not intend this post or any response to form an attorney-client relationship. Speak with a licensed attorney to assess if, whether and how you should disclose. Compliance can be simple; make the appropriate disclosures and everybody benefits.
  8. Looks like they'll pay you to buy the A319/A318.
  9. Can anyone confirm if this can be tweaked to work in P3D v3?
  10. Rabble rabble rabble !lawyers! rabble rabble rabble I would hazard a guess that it has more to do with protecting their trademarks and intellectual property, among other justifiable reasons.
  11. Hi all, I'm considering a build that will upgrade my screens from a single 24" to three monitors. My current card is a GTX680. I'd rather not upgrade my card now if it can be avoided (6 months +). What size screen should I select if I plan to sit 24" from the monitors? Can I still run FSX in fullscreen? Are there any adverse effects to three monitors? Thanks!
  12. MS FSX. I don't remember get any decompile errors that the others have seen. Happens when I start FSX at an airport using SID/STAR/Approach files. Will email you some of my files.
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