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  1. Is this Asobo/Microsotft's way of making a statement about global warming?
  2. In case someone else experiences this problem. Reinstalling the mod seems to fix it, but it looks like I will have to reinstall it before every flight to prevent it. Andrew
  3. Additionally, if you fly for a VA that frowns on pausing, they will ding you because it shows up on their flight trackers as a pause.
  4. once you load you flightplan, then use the dropdown menu to select a gate/parking spot.
  5. I have really been enjoying this mod, but I am having an intermittent problem that is driving me nuts. I do not know if this is a problem with the mod, or if it is a peculiarity of the Airbus that I just don't how to handle. Sometimes, after loading the plane at the gate, and bringing up the power, the altitude selector window is stuck on 00100, and I cannot change it. I have tried pulling the knob to engage selected mode, but it has no effect. If I continue with preflight, the problem continues, and I usually just end up having to shut down the whole sim without flying. At other times, the plane loads up without this problem, and I can input altitudes at will, and continue with my flight. Please help me figure this out. I am using flightplans created in Simbrief and am running FS2Crew Pushback Express. Has anyone else had this issue?
  6. Just to add to the above, in addition to V/S above the numbers, it says Level Change. I want to get it out of this mode, so that I can enter my first assigned altitude from ATC. I am sure that this is an Airbus thing, and not a bug, but I would really appreciate some help.
  7. I am sure that I am doing something stupid here, but for my last couple of attempted flights I cannot seem to get the AP to allow me to enter an altitude (the window just shows ---100 and vs up above it). I never touched the VS knob. It seems stuck in some sort of managed v/s mode, even when I click the altitude selector for engauge altitude select mode. Before it was working fine. What am doing wrong? I am used to Boeings, and am still trying to get my head around the airbus system Thanks
  8. Ha ha. Technically, though, it is no longer Precision Manuals Development Group. Their name is now officially, just PMDG, kind of like how Federal Express officially became FedEx a while back.
  9. Ralph was a giant in his day. 747 Ready for Pushback was one of the first real study sims for MSFS, and it remained popular long after it was out of date. Ralph was also deeply involved with Globe Cargo VA, which originally was built exclusively around 747RFP, but later expanded to other study sims as well. His work touched many people.
  10. Has anyone seen what Richard Branson is up to with the 744? https://www.businessinsider.com/virgin-orbit-launcher-one-rocket-cosmic-girl-jet-2018-10 Wouldn't It be a hoot if PMDG brought this the us down the road? Andrew Jones
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