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  1. Has anyone seen what Richard Branson is up to with the 744? https://www.businessinsider.com/virgin-orbit-launcher-one-rocket-cosmic-girl-jet-2018-10 Wouldn't It be a hoot if PMDG brought this the us down the road? Andrew Jones
  2. Avwriter

    For Those of You Who Like to Read Ahead

    So I take it that GFO will roll out at a later date, and will not release at the same time as the 748? I'm not implying it was supposed to, but I was just never quite clear on the road plan for that. Andrew Jones
  3. Uh-oh, you just had to put that idea in his head, Alex, didn't you? Now RSR is going to hold back the 748 for another six months so he can implement and beta test it 😉 Andrew Jones
  4. Hmmm. Is that you hanging on for dear life just inside in the nose landing gear bay. I'm guessing it got really windy in there once the wheels dropped. Andrew Jones
  5. As long as we are bringing Elvis into this, then how about a Lockheed Jetstar? Didn't he own one of those? It has four engines too, so RSR should be happy :-)
  6. I thought some might appreciate this. http://travelskills.com/2017/02/23/united-flies-boeing-747-sfo-lax/
  7. Avwriter

    [POLL] What do you think PMDG will do next?

    No no no. You guys have it all wrong :-) I think the next PMDG project will be a brand new stand-alone flightsim platform, custom designed by PMDG from the ground up, which will include converted PMDG 777, 744, NGX, and DC6 as default aircraft. Just imagine what that would be like? It would be the sim to end all sims. Heck maybe we could crowd fund it. Surely most of us would pitch in a few hundred bucks for the above. I know I would. Fun to think about anyway...
  8. Avwriter

    777 & 747 takeoff throttle hold

    Agreed. The procedure variation in the videos is like dependent on whether the PF is the Captain or the FO.
  9. Avwriter


    Simple, the people who wrote that article made a mistake.
  10. Avwriter

    Pause at Top of Descent Distance Offset

    I agree it would be handy. Different kinds of simmers have varying needs, which often vary from strict reality, and having the ability to customize this would be great, just as you have made available many other realism options on the plane (A/P engagement, A/T disconnect during in HOLD mode .etc)
  11. Avwriter

    PMDG products crash FSX?!

    Zach: 1. Your disclaimer was a positive step, but it indicates you already expected that your post might offend someone. Instead, you should have just chosen a less aggressive title for your post, as it really does make it sound like you are blaming PMDG. You could have simply put something like "Please help; I am having trouble with my PMDG product in FSX-SE." That would have made a much better impression, and given readers a much better idea of your purpose. 2. As to your problem, it would be helpful if you provided some details about your system, and how your FSX installation is set up, so that we could begin to help you figure it out. 3. Better yet, as this is a very specific technical problem, you might be better off submitting a support ticket on PMDG's website. They are usually very responsive, and are in a better position to help you with something like this. Of course you are welcome to do both, but again, you need to provide more details about your setup (CPU, Graphics card, memory). You mentioned your OS. Which OS are you using? Have you installed any other addons recently that might be causing a conflict? Are you running any other applications in the background? Have you looked at Task Manager or Process Explorer to see which and how much resources are being used when this happens?
  12. Is it correct that when testing an unlicensed version that I should see only the CDU but not text in the screen, or should I see text in the screen too? just wanting to make sure it is working before purchase.
  13. Avwriter


    Which is why it would be so great to have a PMDG 742 with a 743 expansion to fill out the family tree. Just imagine...
  14. Just curious, If one buys a full use license for the -400, will we need to pay again to use it with the -8 expansion when released, or will it all be covered under a single purchase? Thanks.