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  1. Hi Peter,First off, I'm a big fan of GEPro. Amazing work you do!As for your multiplayer issues, I asked one of the more techy guys on the team to look into it.I agree that the Free Flight lobby is a zoo. It's interesting to me that nobody is using any of the other lobbies. I wonder if people even notice they exist?Stay tuned and I'll try to get you some answers to improve your multiplayer experience.Mike
  2. When Ferd first showed up, I told him, "Ferd, Microsoft is a tough place to work. You'll feel overwhelmed much of the time. Too many projects, too many tasks, too many meetings, too much email to read. If you want to succeed here, just remember this: no matter how tough things get, keep moving and don't sink!"A few weeks ago over dinner at Ponderosa, Ferd confided to me that all these months he thought I had said, "Don't think."Now all is clear. ;-)Mikehttp://informationmike.spaces.live.comhttp://www.fsinsider.com
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