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  1. Funny thing about the 103 is that I'm having better luck landing it at top speed - which is only about 53 kts. 🤣
  2. I'm pretty sure low/high altitude airways are only available in IFR. You only get Direct GPS routes in VFR unless you enter your list of waypoints manually (which can be vexing with the default planner) or import your plan from an external planner. I haven't seen your problem if you're getting Direct GPS in an IFR plan.
  3. I think they're trying to avoid paying royalties for using any real life models. It's probably just a compromise until they can count on the sim paying for itself.
  4. There are some options to look through on the Custom weather display. I was looking at them this morning but I've forgotten if there's one there for visibility. If there is one it would be on the Custom page. Look for the flight conditions button top right of the flight planner, then the custom weather button bottom left of the options page.
  5. That would be the Esc key menu I think. There are three areas where you can adjust settings such as graphics settings, assists and key assignments.
  6. It may be a cheap and nasty option but I use the Weather program included in Win10 to determine departure and arrival runways. It hasn't let me down yet. If you look closely at the top of the display there's a little wind arrow which gives you a rough measure of expected winds.
  7. There are two red circles with silver dots in the middle just above and to the right and left of the two PFD displays. Fish around there - you'll see them.
  8. It's your Xbox user name. Choose carefully - the first time is free, but any change after that will cost you real bucks.
  9. That's the MSI Afterburner display I think. It displays a lot of useful info and manages GPU fan speeds.
  10. How do you like the mouse scroll wheel for zooming? You can also use it for panning around the cockpit, just hit the scroll button to toggle panning on and off.
  11. Just flew into Longreach in western Queensland in the WT CJ4, and man what a nice approach - pretty much flat desert country but it's this little town where Qantas first started operations back in 1922. I kept a close eye on Task Manager and there wasn't one episode where GPU dipped and CPU core 1 maxed out with the resulting FPS drop. So I'm feeling lucky in Australia, ha ha. Maybe Australia is free of those special places which cause this behaviour.
  12. I seem to be having a happy time flying in Australia - as if the SU3 FPS problems were associated with the World Updates. I'm keeping an eye on the Win10 Task Manager and I occasionally see a drop in the GPU which is associated with a spike in CPU usage and a drop in FPS. It only lasts a few seconds then it's right again. GTX 1080Ti, Ryzen 1800X, 32GB
  13. Right you are Bert. Afterburner also manages fan speeds which is why I rely on it.
  14. Search for MSI Afterburner which is the app window for Riva.
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