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  1. Hi guys, I just downloaded this yesterday and first boot went fine, but when I was prompted to choose a database I hit the cancel button by mistake and now I get a Database Empty notification at the bottom of the screen, and can't see where to load a one. I have FSX:SE and P3Dv4 installed on my machine but would prefer the P3D database. Probably something very simple, and I did look at the documentation but couldn't find anything useful. Thanks to Alex for the fine work!
  2. There will definitely be a market for old planes as there is in both FSX and P3D, and others. I'm a big fan of old planes.
  3. Down: 13.86 Mbps Up: 1.00 Mbps Regional NSW and as good as can be expected without connecting to the NBN. NBN FTTC connection should be available before MSFS releases (if that's going to help at all because so far they don't have a good reputation).
  4. Looks like it's up again. Just logged into the Insider area.
  5. On the control panel list of installed apps I see p3d v4 client, content and scenery, but there's another installation which doesn't have a name besides p3d v4 professional. Can I uninstall and update this one? I've got p3d v4.5 client, content and scenery, but the other one is v4.3. I started with the original v4 so this one got updated somehow, but I don't remember how.
  6. I had been simming a lot less before the announcement, but the more I find out about FS20 the more excited I've been getting. So, I've gotten right into P3Dv4, and I've even brushed the dust off good old FSX:SE. FSX makes for an interesting comparison with the new sim, but what really stimulates my mind is it's longevity. No doubt the new sim will also cast such long shadows.
  7. I'm sure the ActiveSky guys would love for Asobo to fail with other kinds of clouds. It seems like MS are only too happy to encourage 3PDs.
  8. If you're playing Horizon 4 on PC then your Thrustmaster will work with MSFS 2020, but not with Horizon 4. If you're playing Horizon 4 on Xbox then you're stuck with the good old Xbox controller if you don't want buy a racing wheel. Try posting in the Hardware and Peripherals forum if you have any questions. Your Microsoft credentials will get you posting on the Forza forums. https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_topics65_Hardware-and-Peripherals.aspx
  9. I'm pretty sure scenery designers will find something to fix in the new sim. Look at the trees for example, they're pretty generic so far, so providing a greater variety would be a start. I doubt all 40000 airports will be so highly modelled that airport designers will have nothing to do. MS seems to be determined to provide a place for 3PDs to thrive.
  10. I fly with a Saitek yoke, throttle and pedals. Not the top of the range gear but they featured in the Global Preview of the sim a couple of months ago. They have promised that a range of flight gear will be supported. I doubt that your Xbox car racing controller will be among them. Check out the Forza forums for info regarding Horizon 4. https://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_forum18_Forza-Horizon-4.aspx
  11. Yeah, but there's nothing like drooling over the latest gear to get you enthused for the new sim. I'm going to set aside about $4500 AUD for a new rig sometime in 2021, but if the xCloud server is going to do most of the rendering them my R7 1800X / GTX 1080ti could be good for a long time.
  12. If you want a nice view of the terrain as you fly there seems to be a great landing gear view under the fuselage.
  13. The developers have said that an Xbox edition is in the works, but will not be available when the PC version is released sometime next year. They've said that they want to focus on the sort of sim a PC will make possible for them, and port it over to the Xbox at a later stage.
  14. I had a dream a couple of nights ago about seeing the sim close up. I was flying over Seattle and I had stalled the wing so that I was falling to the ground, and as I fell I saw about three distinct transitions as the LOD adjusted to being seen progressively closer up. And sure enough when I got down to about 50ft there were people walking on the streets and all sorts of the trivial details we see around us. I see my sims in my dreams quite a lot, i suppose. It's a gratifying reflection of how enjoyable they are.
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