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  1. Welcome to Avsim Beau - nice to see another experienced hand on the roster.
  2. Highmike

    Will GTX 1050TI Cut it for V4?

    Not sure if you can compare it to the 1080 Ti which I got for about $1200 AU. If it's comparable then go for it - it's pricey but worth it. Whenever I approach a large metropolis, which is virtually everywhere, I can't help exclaiming "Look at all the DATA." That's what 11GB VRAM will do for you. To put this in perspective I've got P3Dv4 and I've also got a Ryzen 1800X CPU - 8 core SMT enabled, and I expect that both a Samsung 960 Pro and 32GB System RAM will be a great help too.
  3. Highmike

    cannot map Saitek controllers with P3D v 4

    Do you have your throttle quadrant USB connected to your yoke or directly into your computer? I've got a Saitek Pro (Logitech) yoke and the throttle quadrant PS2 connector plugs into the yoke so the throttle buttons are numbered 15 through 20. I only just got mine a few weeks ago, so maybe the new ones do it differently to yours. The other thing I remember is that I think you need to install a Saitek driver to map your second throttle quadrant. I've only got the one so I never had to properly investigate the matter. http://www.saitek.com/uk/down/drivers.php
  4. This is a great thread guys. I've just got back into the scene after a few years absence. I bought into P3Dv4 and found that there's not much in the way of planes to choose from just yet so good old Carenado/Alabeo will have to figure fairly largely on my horizon for the time being. I was searching Google for a topic like this and hey presto, this one turned up on my favourite flight sim forum. So, to assist me with my Carenado/Alabeo choices (and any one else for that matter) I've compiled this list of your suggestions so far:
  5. This is good news as I plan to get this one on Thursday. I had already read a number of good reviews of it and I saw it mentioned a couple of times in the Favourite Carenado Plane thread on the Carenado forums: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/518359-which-carenadoalabeo-airplanes-do-you-fly-on-a-consistent-basis/ I suspect this topic will be moved there before long.
  6. Highmike

    AviatorCast Podcast on DTG Flight School

    Looks like a typo. This one works for me: http://www.flyaoamedia.com/aviatorcast-podcast/aviatorcast-episode-83-flight-school-from-dovetail-games-w-stephen-hood/
  7. Highmike

    Crash Modelling......

    My apologies to anyone who may have been offended but it occurred to me that if you want a wishlist of features you'd like to see in the sim then wouldn't it be better to start a new topic? Better yet a dedicated Dovetail FS forum.
  8. Highmike

    Crash Modelling......

    OT guys. Please show Martin and all those interested in what he has to say the respect they deserve by not rail-roading this topic.
  9. Hi guys, and thanks Martin for this opportunity to correspond with the DTG development team. You're so welcome here. Will multi-monitor support be a feature of the new sim as was the case with FSX?
  10. Highmike

    Congratulations team AVSIM

    3 minutes?!! Whew! Well done guys.
  11. Highmike

    RTW Classic

    Hi Phil, I think you might to be too late to grab the hop list for an event which looks like being more than 10 years old now. On the bright side I think you'll find that flying around the world is the unavoidable nature of flight simming, so I would just pick up from just about anywhere and somewhere in Italy would do just fine. If you want more of a challenge then try to follow the route in the RTW Race forum this year as they will be taking off in a couple of weeks from now. FSX is a huge improvement over FS2000 so there's plenty for you to do and see. You'll also find a huge number of third party products which you can buy or download from the Avsim library so really you've got a lot of catching up to do. Anyhow, good luck with it and welcome to Avsim.
  12. There's an important question of motivation here though. It's a life and death situation - it's make it work or die!
  13. I'd say yes. The procedure wouldn't be that hard to follow - after all we get enough practice. And as long as nothing goes wrong - abnormal procedures could be tricky. I'd say the really hard part would be controlling your anxiety. The adrenaline could be a killer.
  14. I second Bry's sentiments. Racing is a natural extension to the FS experience but one which relatively few of us get the chance to enjoy. The RTW Race is probably the Premier FS racing event on Planet Earth today, it's heart pounding as Bry says, but it's a great honour to be among the few brazen participants who endure its hardships. Out of the four teams there are probably no more than sixty or seventy participants in all the world, so it is honour and glory to all.