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  1. I find that it displays a selection of most frequented airports, airports I go to most often. I remember FSX and earlier versions used to display the last arrival airport, but a lot of things changed with MSFS.
  2. For what it's worth, I found I had much better frame rates on my G2 when I switched off the G2 headphones in favour of the main PC audio output. You should find this option on the Windows/settings/mixed reality page. You won't need SteamVR unless you have the Steam version of MSFS. If you do have the Steam version, first you boot Windows Mixed Reality and then SteamVR. They should slip together quite easily.
  3. Your Xbox credentials are the same as your Windows ones, so you are already an Xbox user. Try signing into the Xbox app with your Windows login. Microsoft are doing this Xbox/Windows crossover thing from now on.
  4. Yeah, I had this last night. It looks like it has something to do with connectivity. Repeated attempts to launch seem to be the work around, and then check network status when successful.
  5. I've got a 6900 XT. It's about 9 or 10 GB in my experience.
  6. You log into Windows every time you boot your computer. If you have an Xbox account under the same name your Xbox credentials will be the same.
  7. Yeah, there's something more to it. I'm getting higher frame rates with the RSR enabled, but this could be because the image sharpening is disabled when the RSR is enabled. I'll have to do some more testing. When I look at the Adrenalin popup in game I see the upscale status warning that it is inactive, so what I'm seeing must be due to some other factor as you say. In any case the RSR tech looks like it will deliver a performance boost when eventually it is fully implemented.
  8. I did some tinkering with the Radeon Super Resolution implementation and I was impressed with the results. I've got a 5900X and a 6900XT at 4K with the Adrenalin 22.5.1 driver. First I enabled Super Resolution in the Radeon Adrenalin software and set the screen resolution in the sim to 3200 x 1800. Then I set the render scaling to 120 which is equal to 4K, and that's all it took! I've got V-Sync on so I set the frame rate limit to 100% monitor refresh rate which is 60 Hz. When I got into the sim I was getting 60 fps most of the time around my home airport - YSTW, and it dropped to as low as mid 50s when I looked around at the scenery or when flying over the local city - Tamworth, NSW. The textures were a little softer in the distance but that only made it more realistic because it looked like a soft haze. So, you don't need a Nvidia card to get the super sampling functionality.
  9. Yeah, I edited my post after you quoted me. I'm running at 4K. I updated my driver about a week ago for the X-Plane demo, so it is the latest stable version. I don't know the number from memory.
  10. I've got a 6900 XT at 4K, and I tried both DX11 and DX12. Frame rates were looking good on DX11, I was getting high 50s around my home airport with tops at 60. I'm pretty sure this is better than what I was getting before SU10. On DX12 there may have been a slight improvement in fps, but it was minimal. In spite of this I'm going to stick with DX12. It looks good and I saw that magic 60 fps more than what I was getting with DX11.
  11. The space bar is a handy way to shift view for a visual approach. I think Asobo designed their cockpit views for the different phases of flight and the space bar was specifically for a good view of the runway.
  12. Your graphics card should have a second port for another monitor if you happen to have a spare lying around. Little Navmap won't display within MSFS but it works really well on a second monitor. It gets all its nav data from within the sim, so its data you can count on, and it will track your flight as you go. A real winner to be honest.
  13. You may not have to meddle at all. If I recall correctly SAM was enabled by default when I looked at the BIOS on my X570 motherboard. I wanted to make sure it was, so checking it was one of the first things I did. They called it Resizable BAR too which I thought was odd. I thought that was the Intel name for it. I've got a 5900X, and a 6900. I doubt it adds any more than 2 or 3 FPS but every bit counts, ha ha. I'm getting about 50 FPS plus or minus a few depending on the scenery load.
  14. I'm getting this with Win 10. I've got an optical speaker connection but I'm not prepared to sacrifice my connection just for a little blip very occasionally. It gave me a fright the first couple of times but it's easy to ignore now.
  15. If you've had a good look at Farming Simulator 22 then you may suspect, as I do, that they're laser scanning animals now, and that they look really good. Asobo have been using this tech on their planes, so it's not unbelievable that they could laser scan a kangaroo or two. 😄
  16. If you've got a stick or yoke then you can cycle through the default cockpit views with the left and right hat switches. One of the best cockpit switches in my view.
  17. The Top Rudder is a great Asobo plane, but it is payware - about $20 or so. It's a taildragger with a top speed is about 50 knots which is great for sightseeing.
  18. Look in the Start menu, scroll down to Windows Administrative Tools and expand that. You should find the Event Viewer there. Open up the Custom Views tab where you'll find the Administrative Events. Take note of the time at which the CTD occurred and search the list of events for that time. Click on this and view the panel below. Look past the reference to flightsimulator.exe and there should be a reference to another faulty module which may indicate where the problem is. Search google for solutions to such a faulty module or report back here for advice.
  19. I think the Event Viewer is a good place to start looking for CTD answers. You should find something interesting in the Administrative events if you look closely.
  20. I got a couple of planes, although neither of them were on sale. I got the Milviz Corsair, and the Carenado c170, both of which are nice taildraggers.
  21. Look for the Tower symbol in the in flight menu displayed when you mouse over the top centre of your screen. That'll be the ATC dialogue box.
  22. It's in the Assists menu, isn't it. The Assists got scrambled in the latest update, but if you look through them carefully you'll find a setting to display the HUD the way you like it.
  23. Looks like Puddin hasn't re-booted his computer in a long while.
  24. I noticed this in the Milviz Corsair which I just bought a couple of days ago and which I posted about here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/610947-milviz-corsair-cockpit-view-problem/ I've just had a quick look through a number of my other planes and I couldn't see the same behaviour in any of them, so it could just be something about the Corsair. In any case the effect I'm seeing is when I'm trying to return to the main cockpit view from the cycle of close-up cockpit views (what you call the IFR view I presume). When I hit the up hat switch I get the VFR view and I can't get out of it with the buttons I've been using in my other planes. I can get out of it using the mouse scroll button and I was suspecting that the Corsair had been programmed this way before I saw your post, but now I'm suspecting it could be another SU7 problem of which there seems to be many. How does hitting the scroll button work for you?
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