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  1. thanks everyone for the help! I created a new Microsoft account to play MFS, but idk where is it. I'll contact microsoft support...
  2. Hello! I'm going to reinstall msfs2020 (because of beta) but i don't know anything about my MS logged-in. I´m not sure if i can create and sign in with another MS account (even if i will lose all profile data). My question is: Will MSFS give the option to sign in with any other account? Thanks, Gil
  3. Hello everyone! I'm about to buy Fenix A320, but I'm afraid my pc won't be able to run at a solid 25-30 fps. Pc specs: Intel i5- 10300H Quad core, GTX 1650 max Q design (4 vram) and 16 RAM. Please tell me 🙂 Thanks
  4. Thank you so much!!! You solved my problem 🙂 Good Flights, Gil
  5. Hello everyone! I calibrated the TCA (Captain Pack Airbus Edition) with Thrusthmaster's Youtube tutorial. When I started the Msfs2020 and flew the A320 the flaps and spoiler levers were inverted. In the quadrant, the spoiler and flaps levers in position 0 were "full" in the simulator. At position 4 (full) in the quadrant, in the simulator they were at 0. Can anyone help me? I would appreciate it! Thanks
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