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  1. It looks like FSXWX has been having some serious problems lately (it went down, then some people said it was back up, then it went down again--or stayed down for me, I don't know which--and now their website, and its instructions for installation/uninstallation, are down). Here's the problem: I decided to revert to FSX's default weather files so they'd hopefully be more FSRealWX friendly (I'd saved a backup copy of the entire Weather folder before installing the FSXWX files over them, so I just copied that entire backup folder over the Weather folder, telling it to overwrite the 402 conflicts). I couldn't remember exactly which files I had to revert, and FSXWX's website wasn't there to remind me which ones I'd replaced, so I just replaced all of them. I also deleted the wxstationlist.bin file in the AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX folder, hoping it would rebuild it like I think it did last time (I did save a backup). I then started FSX, and the stations were gone. I tried copying the old wxstationlist.bin back into the AppData folder, but that didn't change anything back. I did manage at one point to revert all of the files to their original state (I think) because it did start showing the weather stations in their original positions instead of the FSXWX grid positions, but then when I started FSRealWX, the sim immediately crashed to desktop. Any idea how to fix my apparently-messed-up reversion to the original FSX weather file system? Are there any other locations on the computer that I should be looking, which I would know about *IF ONLY THE ENTIRE FSXWX WEBSITE WEREN'T DOWN*?
  2. By the way, here's one more picture--one that shows the two or three differences I see between this texture and the real plane. (Note the fact that the slanted orange area comes down to a point, rather than wrapping around the bottom of the plane--you can probably use the point at which it crosses the wing-root fairing as a reference--and how the lower slant starts just behind the cockpit windows so that it hits the middle of the first window and just nicks the bottom of the third.) https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9454168
  3. I can still see a few minor differences, but I don't really know much about what goes into making a repaint like this, so I have no idea if they're even things that can be controlled or changed easily. If I were to get into repainting, would you say that it was easier to do one's own project from scratch, or start learning by making minor edits to a preexisting project?
  4. Looking great! One detail I just noticed in the real pictures was that both the wingtip fences and under-wing "pods" (which, if I am correct, are the fairings for the control-surface actuators) are painted orange. I didn't notice that until today, though. And how easy would it be to get the white gap between the cockpit windscreen and the orange paint to be a bit narrower?
  5. Looking a lot closer to the real-world pics now! I'd like to see the easyJet logo shrunk a bit so that it's only 11 windows long, with its front end over the leading edge of the first window (not that I notice the individual windows in flight; I just think they're a good way to measure the logo for perspective), and moved a bit up on the right side so that the letters other than y are above the windows as in the real pictures. I feel like I'm being unusually picky by bringing up these sorts of details, but I feel like this could become a very popular livery among freeware simmers, even the "gold standard" livery for EZY/EZS/EJU fliers who fly the A319, if you are of a mind to post it in a place where it is publicly accessible. I would like to see it avoid anything like the issue you see in the POSKY ERJ-145 United Express livery I have, in which the company letters look very blocky.
  6. Sorry I've been away for a bit, but this looks really close! Comparing it with the picture I found on Jetphotos of OE-LQL (which is from a similar angle to your second pic), I'd say that there are only a few "height-width ratio" differences I can see: easyJet logo on fuselage should probably have its height decreased and length increased a bit (looks stretched vertically as is; if you want to use the plane windows for reference, in the real plane, the logo ends over the top of the 11th window from the front rather than the 10th). It's realistic for the bottom part of the letter y to collide with a window. Orange swoop needs to be stretched backwards (its lower edge, not its upper edge, runs across the fairing connecting the wing to the fuselage, and basically hits the rear tip of that fairing). As for the tail, the logo seems to need enlargement; the middle--not the bottom--of the word "easyJet" is roughly lined up with the upper trailing-edge tip of the vertical stabilizer. Here are two photos from which to work: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9308846 for left side of plane, and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Airbus_A319#/media/File:G-EZBW_Airbus_A319-111_A319_EZY_(neue_Bemalung)_(16000999414).jpg for right side of plane. Thanks for your attention to detail! I would like to learn to repaint planes myslef, but my current project is to learn the skill of editing instrument panels and interior cockpits. (I just added a xpdr to my default DC-3 for VATSIM usage!) I will be sure to look for tips in the paint-shop forums here when I am ready, though!
  7. That livery is already available, but it is not the current Easyjet livery. Here is a news article with a picture that shows the current livery: http://avherald.com/h?article=49705313 There are specialty versions of this livery on Avsim already (for example the "Amsterdam" tulip version), but not the "plain-vanilla" one. Thanks for your interest in this project!
  8. Hi! I've seen several repaints of the Project A319 in the new Easyjet livery, but they all are of the "specialty versions" such as the Amsterdam one. Would someone mind making a repaint for the PA319 in the plain-vanilla Easyjet livery that is currently in use?
  9. Could someone please do a repaint of the FSX default 737-800 in KLM's 100-year anniversary livery (e.g. the one on PH-BXF)? That would be cool:)
  10. I'm sure there's one out there, and I just haven't found it: Can someone please provide me with a repaint (or link to a repaint) of Virtualcol's now-freeware ATR72-600 in current SAS colors?
  11. Hi! Would someone mind doing the new Easyjet livery for Project Airbus's A319? I see it available in all sorts of variations, such as "Amsterdam," but not in a vanilla version. I found this guy's site, which has a picture of what I'm looking for, but DON'T CLICK THE DOWNLOAD LINK as it just leads to a bunch of really sketchy ads (apparently he picked the wrong service to monetize his blog--one that only opens ads and installs malware without actually letting you download the file). http://fsrepainter.blogspot.com/2016/12/project-airbus-a319-100-easyjet-g-ezda.html
  12. Could someone please make a repaint of the non-sharklet Project Airbus A320 in Easyjet's new colors? Example: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9024394
  13. Hi! I've so far found two AAL repaints of the Project Airbus A320, but I have yet to find one for the non-sharklet model (with wingtip fences) that makes the fuselage realistically colored (white, or at least very light-colored) instead of some not-so-light shade of gray. Could someone please point me to a repaint that fits this description, or possibly make one if one does not exist?
  14. OK. I was hoping for one for the FSND because it's freeware (not every aircraft out there is available in an FSX-native freeware model, even one of that age), but I see what you mean.
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