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  1. PhilipN

    Saab 340 Silver Airways

    OK. I was hoping for one for the FSND because it's freeware (not every aircraft out there is available in an FSX-native freeware model, even one of that age), but I see what you mean.
  2. Hi! I've been noticing that Silver Airways runs a lot of flights around Florida in the Saab 340. There's only one freeware FSX-native model out there (the old FSND one); would anyone like to make a Silver Airways repaint of it?
  3. PhilipN

    Silver Airways Saab 340

    Well, I'm at a stage in my college education where free is the best I can afford (Certainly nothing by PMDG) :/ I was just hoping that someone with better art skills than me had done or would want to do a Silver repaint for the one in the link.
  4. Is there a Silver Airways repaint for a freeware Saab 340 out there? (Particularly an FSX-native one such as FSND's) If not, would one of you FS artists be inclined to make one? The file can be found on this page: Here are three pictures of the real-life livery:
  5. Hi! I Googled for solutions but neither of the two that were suggested worked (I've tried setting my default flight to a cold and dark trike and turning off the ELACS2 switch during takeoff). Anyone else found another solution?
  6. I downloaded the large Project Airbus A318/19/20/21 multi-livery pack (I think off Rikooo or somewhere), and it seems to have just one thing wrong with it: When flying an ILS (but, so far it seems, ONLY when flying an ILS!), the HSI needle deflects in the wrong direction! Is there a fix for this other than manually turning the OBS 180 degrees from where it should be every time I start to fly an ILS?
  7. PhilipN

    Request: ASA TDS739 (scimitar)

    ...And here's the livery I'm talking about: Another view, which shows the inside of the upper winglet: (The inside of the lower winglet is basically painted in the same scheme as the upper.) Like I said, this is my first time posting in the paint request forum, so that's why I forgot to give links the first time around!
  8. PhilipN

    Request: ASA TDS739 (scimitar)

    Bump;) Here's a link to the model download--I'm specifically requesting (if anyone wants to) a standard Alaska Airlines livery for the scimitar version, that will work when it is used in FSX.
  9. PhilipN

    Problem with Frankfurt v8

    I'm pretty sure that this is the only EDDF scenery I have installed. I also tried a newer scenery addon that really just had the two BGL files that you copy into /Addon Scenery/Scenery, and it seemed to have the same problem.
  10. I've been trying to use this file ( to update the Frankfurt airport in my FSX (non-SE), but while it adds the new terminal branch with stands A58-A69, it doesn't get rid of the old buildings that were there before, so they block off access to a bunch of the stands. Any way I can fix this? I do have the scenery areas activated and in the correct priority order.
  11. Hi! This is my first time requesting a repaint, but I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find this one even though I flew on one in real life just a few weeks ago: A freeware 737-900 (or -900ER if available) with scimitar winglets, in standard Alaska Airlines livery. The only freeware model of the 739/739ER with scimitar winglets that I know of is the one by TDS. FSX compatible, please:)