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  1. Ramjett

    Question regarding 737 Max8 for FSX

    Hammer, This is a known problem with the TDS 737 series. A quick Google search would have found you the answer. When I read your post I remembered there was something "different" about the TDS B737. The model has a center of gravity that is so far forward that it is difficult to rotate the aircraft without adding in an obscenely large amount of trim with the trim wheel or a button on your joystick or the default FSX Hotkeys to get the trim in the "takeoff" zone. Just tried taking off with no trim and hit 250 KIAS at the end of the runway with no rotation possible despite full up on the joystick. Whenever I fly one of their aircraft I always open or look at the throttle quadrant. Notice the green band on the trim wheel on the left and right edge of the quadrant? Put the white "blip" in the center or slightly down from center region of the green band and she will rotate at 120 to 140 knots easily. This is a normal part of any takeoff checklist, but with other aircraft models not always as critical as it is in the TDS. Randy
  2. Ramjett

    Captain Sim -12 Hour Sale

    Hey Aharon, I kinda guessed by you forum name who you were๐Ÿ˜ƒ Just finished my first "semi-successful" flight in the CS B707-300. I say semi-successful because I got everything...I thought...properly set up for a flight from Boise to Denver and made the flight just fine using the CIVA INS, hit all my waypoints, managed speed and altitude, pretty much flawless approach to 35R on the TOMSN arrival. But...I killed all the passengers. I thought I had the all pressurization panels set up correctly and the panel said my cabin altitude was 6,000 feet, but they died anyway. Energency oxygen came on by itself and the LH Bottle light illuminated right around 18,000' MSL during the climb and nothing I could do changed anything. Pax were already dead so I just continued on to Denver to make sure I could handle the rest of the systems. Now back to the books to keep from killing passengers every flight before I try to do some ASA Vintage Aircraft flights... LOL Randy
  3. Ramjett

    Captain Sim -12 Hour Sale

    I stopped using Captain Sim when they sent me a "No support for FS2004...Get the FSX version" to a ticket I submitted for the FS2004 version of the C-130. I have since moved to FSX as well, but still use FS2004. Still, for $12.00 each I couldn't resist and bought the B707 base, the C-130 All in One, and the B-52 Driver. Even with a "No support for FSX...get the P3Dv4 version" reply to any tickets I would submit the price was good. Randy
  4. Ramjett

    For Douglas DC-8 Enthusiasts

    Good to see I am not the only one with a key interest in the older tubeliners and the INS. Don't stop at Jetliners, though. I have many of HJG's wares, but also have a great many of the CalClassics and the Carousel-IV-A INS works well in them as well. You must be taking shorter hops than me. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Even with a two CDU system I am constantly during the en route portion adding in the next series of lats/longs or dialing in a VOR and inputting it's lat/long to update the C-IV-A. In the Concorde with the C-IV-C it's a constant flow of movement between all three CDUs, entering, updating, checking. For a real hoot, search the Library for the "Bubble Sextant" and navigate by the stars. Yep, it works in Flight Sim and the Celestial Navigation Tables are still current on the web to get the declination, azimuth, and prominent stars or planets. The US Military Aviation community still teaches it to their navigators and there is still a provision for aircraft, while navigating celestially, to be as much as 20 miles off course between hourly fixes before ATC will jump in and provide correction. Randy
  5. Two moments for me that come to mind, both involving Iceland. In 1988 I was in the U.S. Air Force and had orders to be the Chief of Transportation for Air Forces Iceland on the Air Force side of Keflavik Naval Air Station. Left Mountain Home AFB in September and had flights from Boise to Denver to Chicago to Philadelphia where I would catch the contracted "Rotator" that flew service members to Iceland and back. The "Rotator" was a direct flight eastbound because of winds, but almost always required a fuel stop at Goose Bay westbound...because of winds. Anyway, on the flight from Denver to Chicago and on to Philly the DC-10 was packed with NFL Film crews and quite a few Philadelphia Eagle players who had just played against the Denver Broncos the day before. Quite an enjoyable flight and a lot of interesting football stories that day. Just as an aside, it was the same scheduled flight that a few months later in July 1989, the whole world would see the news coverage of the crippled DC-10 trying to make the landing in Sioux Falls, Iowa. Second iceland story. As Chief of Transportation I got the call when distinguished visitors would come to Keflavik for one reason or another. It was my task to arrange rentals and baggage transportation and a host of other things a Captain in the Air Force is not usually expected to do. ZZ Top was scheduled to do a USO Show for the Navy and they rode the "Rotator" like every other service member and their families was expected to do. They got off the plane after a six hour flight and spent quite a while in the lounge, signing autographs and just mingling with the crowd. As the de facto head of the Passenger Terminal i just kind of hunkered around on the fringe of the crowd and watched. I also had a ticket to their concert...I thought USO Shows were free...not in Iceland for the Navy. As they were getting ready to head to the various vehicles that were going to take them to Reykjavik and their hotel when three Shore Patrolmen (Navy Cops) walked up to Billy Gibbons, had a few hushed words, and then they all disappeared behind a locked door. A short time later they all walked out and and got escorted back to the single boarding jetway at Keflavik NAS, got back on the "Rotator", and flew on it back to Philadelphia. The were kicked out of Iceland for trying to sneak marijuana in to Iceland in the equipment trunks. I had to eat the cost of the ticket I held for their concert...they were pretty upset about being asked to leave Iceland by the Commanding Officer, NAS Keflavik. Randy
  6. Sadly, there are those of us who cannot run xPlane11 or P3Dv4 on our systems. I know, the age of the Dinosaurs died long ago, but Jurassic Park cost millions to build and a high end system to run P3Dv4 or xPlane11 is my "Jurassic Park". Just as sadly, I own several...talking several here...FS2004 and FSX "legacy" products and, as we all know, CS will not support the FS9 stuff at all. Their suggestion used to be "Buy the FSX version and we'll try to help". Can't wait for my first "Buy P3Dv4" suggestion from them... ๐Ÿ˜ˆ They could at least still provide customer support for the products we bought from them to get them financially to the stage where they could go "P3Dv4". Ford Motors Corp still supports my 1985 Ford F-150 4X4 thank goodness. Randy
  7. Ramjett

    Bull, I cry FOUL !

    I have always preferred a simple "T" hanger...yes, I misspelled it on purpose...I'm a rebel. ๐Ÿ˜„ Randy
  8. Ramjett

    TAS on cruise power charts & BMEP drop

    A little off the topic, but since Kyle brought him up, one of the chapters in his book "Fate is The Hunter" begins with a quote something along the lines of "A rulebook will not cushion the sudden impact of metal and stone". I always found that a good "course" to follow. Randy
  9. Bruce, I don't have the STEAM version so I am shouting in to the wind here, but I recently read in a forum somewhere that STEAM was having issues verifying the identity of computers connected to the owner STEAM accounts and locking their accounts. Is it possible that is the issue? Honestly I rather doubt it unless STEAM recently updated the FSX-SE installation. I do have STEAM, just not FSX-SE and I know the STEAM games I do have are constantly being updated when I connect. Using the disk version, however, ILS IOND 26R is there for me in the default GPS in the default B738 as an approach choice at KIAH and the Boeing turns on to the localizer and flies down the glideslope just fine. With Denver now showing up with missing runways I would almost bet your paycheck...not mine though ๐Ÿ˜€ ...that it is a problem in your install. Randy
  10. I use both FS2004 and FSX. For FS2004 I have REX installed but have never purchased the FSX version. In FS2004, using the REX textures, I have water textures the way I like them and...for those waterways I am personally familiar with...as close to realistic as possible. In FSX I am struggling, especially with inland waters like lakes and rivers, to see anything realistic. The waters all look very, very dark...bordering on black. And no, it's not missing textures. If you get close to the surface you can see some dark, dark blue color, so not completely black. I looked at the texture folder to see if I could replace the way the inland textures looked, but the only water texture file I could find was "water.r8", which I could not edit. I also use ORBX FTX CRM and thought perhaps it had altered the textures so I see more blackish water than bluish water, but I could not find a water texture anywhere in the ORBX files, so I'm thinking this is default textures used by ORBX. Here is what I should see when I approach Anderson Ranch Dam Reservoir in Southern Idaho... And this is how FSX looks... I'd like the second screenshot to look more like the real picture. Ideas? Randy
  11. I recently "discovered" FS EarthTiles in my search for a photoreal scenery application that worked easily with both FS2004 and FSX since I use both in my flying hobby. Creating FSX photoreal was a breeze, but like many in this thread, I found all my FS2004 photoreal showed up with grey textures. I searched all nine pages of this thread for the answer to the problem and never found anything that worked, so I went back to the user.rtf doc and read it page, by page, by page, especially the part about the .ini file format, as I was sure something was wrong there. That was when I noticed something I had missed each time before. When compiling the scenery for FS2004 the FS2004SDK copy of ImageTool that you place in the FSET folder must be renamed from ImageTool.exe to ImageToolFS2004.exe (just as you must rename the platform specific resample.exe to either resampleFSXSP2.exe or resampleFS2004.exe) for the scenery to compile correctly. Once I did that rename I have had 100% success compiling FS2004 Photoreal Scenery. it doesn't look as crisp as the FSX sceneries, but it is still exponentially better than default scenery. After adding in autogen with the FS2004SDK Autogen Annotator the result is very, very nice, even at ground level. Randy
  12. Ramjett

    Moments of Inertia (MOI)

    It does and I completely understand, but that still begs the question of which set of numbers is "more correct" in emulating the real world aircraft? What you need to have to "complete" your model and make your choice is input from someone who has flown a real world DA42 or at the least an entry from the DA42 POH that explains takeoff settings. For instance is a "no flaps" takeoff on a longer runway a normal procedure? What was your trim setting vs a normal "takeoff trim" setting? I get the impression you are using numbers that give the aircraft model a typical "flight simulator" profile and not a typical "real world" profile because using flaps and trim is "the way it's done" in flight simulator. Regardless, I'm glad the numbers worked, no matter which set you used. Glad I could be of help. Randy
  13. Ramjett

    Moments of Inertia (MOI)

    Ha Ha, got it. I had scrolled down to read the post and didn't scroll back up far enough. Thanks guys. Randy
  14. Ramjett

    Moments of Inertia (MOI)

    @idude, Let us know how they compare idude, if you will. I, personally, am curious. @lodestar, Thanks for the link to Tom's MOI post. Much appreciated. The second link to an FSDeveloper post speaks of a pdf document to download, but I don't see a download link anywhere. Probably just me "looking" but not "seeing". ๐Ÿ˜ Randy
  15. Ramjett

    Moments of Inertia (MOI)

    idude, I did the MOI calculations two different ways for you. Try them both and see which one seems to best fit your project. First I did them using the formula in the ESP you linked which, as mentioned, is very "generic" in nature and a good starting point. Using that formula here are the values given your weight, length, and wingspan data... MOIPitch=3009.20494 MOIRoll=3267.191406 MOIYaw=5280.88774 These values will get you close, but I have been using a different method to calculate MOIs for a number of years ever since I discovered a "talking paper" on it by a gentlemen named Tom Goodrick. For the life of me I cannot find the link to his paper, but I did copy and save the pdf to my documents folder, so I constantly return to it to use his method instead of the ESP method and the aircraft almost without fail will fly better. First a little background so you understand why I use his method. Tom Goodrick collaborated with Professor Roskam who taught aeronautical engineering at Kansas State University. Professor Roskam has written several papers on the topic and gives lectures to NASA and to many aerospace companies, including and especially Beechcraft and Cessna. His method is based on dimensionless radii of gyration for basic aircraft types which are given in tables he publishes. Based on his formula these are the "revised" values I got... MOIPitch=2048.390333 MOIRoll=3207.050522 MOIYaw=5026.476015 Notice one thing, though, MOIP is less than MOIR is less than MOIY in both sets of figures. Tom Goodrick, using Professor Roskam's knowledge suggested that you should almost always see MOIR < MOIP < MOIY which is not the case here. However, I suspect this is because the wingspan is almost double that of the length in the aircraft. Anyway, hope this helps. Try both sets of data and see how she flies... Randy