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  1. Ramjett

    CR-1 Software

    I purchased the Tri also about a month ago and the same thing...never got a download link. Not being one to give up, albeit the $6.99 price wasn't spendy by any means, I sent an email to them and got a very, very quick response...within minutes...with a download link that worked perfectly. Randy
  2. Normally I have seen the "X" placed where the runway numbers are usually placed, but being a prior Naval Air Station who knows? This is the first time I have seen the "X" where a "hold short" line would normally be. Maybe there is a plan to use 18/36 as a new taxiway so they haven't removed markings yet until the taxiway modification. I don't know that for fact, just a guess at this point. Randy
  3. Everything I am seeing...and I checked Navigraph Jeppessen Charts, AirNav, and even Flightaware (not sure where on that site you found two runways listed)...shows only one operational runway at PADK...05/23. On the Google Earth image there does appear the old 18/36 runway, but access to it is "x'd" out at the entry points and you have to remember, that imagery is from 2013. The very same Google Image image is also presented on flight aware, but no imagery date provided, but even then, it clearly shows the runway numbered 05/23 and the unused 18/36, so not sure where you found "stats" for a runway 7/25, the old numbering from many years ago. Randy
  4. I have long been a fan of MSE going back to my FS2004 PNW, SoCal, NorCal, Washington DC days clear through to MSE Idaho V3 for FSX. I use MSE less now, though, for two reasons, no autogen and no seasons. For awhile I fixed the no autogen issue in selected areas with autogen annotator, but to me there was something inherently wrong with flying over Idaho in the winter and seeing absolutely zero snow. MSE was always amazing to me as I flew. I could actually spot the rock my son and I named "Elk Poop Rock" and see the clearcut area where I hunted for elk in the fall. I could overfly my son's workplace and actually spot his vehicle parked in employee parking and see my beat up old 1971 Ford pickup outlined in the driveway at my house. I moved away from MSE after becoming tired of always having to add in trees and key buildings to add realism to my approaches, but I would return and spend hundreds of dollars on their products in a heart beat if they ever "solved" the autogen/season change issue that for me is a show-stopper. Randy
  5. Hello Father Bill,


    I hope you don't mind me sending a PM concerning the Milviz C310 Redux.  I purchased it today and find it a very pleasure in all respects.  I know from comments in the Milviz forum and here that a large majority...if not all...of the gauge work is your handiwork.  My utmost respect for your skill.  However, I have a dilemma.

    I don't know if you are aware of the group called FS Economy (FSE).  If not, it is a site that lets pilots "mimic" a "Mom and Pop" charter business, typically in small general aviation aircraft such as the 310, although some tube liners and bizjets are allowed.  Each aircraft available for use in FSE has a set of hard criteria that the pilots' simulation aircraft must match exactly or the flight the pilot plans is not allowed.

    The C310 is one of the aircraft available for rental, lease, or purchase and I have "purchased" one in FSE with my virtual cash earnings.  It is only natural that I would want to fly an exact as possible simulation aircraft so I have had my eye on the Redux for some time.

    Unfortunately, the "hard criteria" set in FSE is for a four fuel tank configuration, but those tanks are leftmain, rightmain, leftaux, and rightaux.  The Redux uses leftmain, rightmain, external1, and external2, as you will know.  Since the redux does not match the FSE "configuration" it cannot be fully fueled in FSE (FSE sets fuel levels automatically when you start the FSE Client, based upon its' tanks, not the simulator aircraft's tanks.

    I must say I found it odd that the Redux uses External1 and External2 because in the cockpit the fuel tank selectors clearly say Left/Aux/Right.  Have you been approached by this disparity previously and, if so, or even if not, would you ever consider "redoing" the gauges/configuration to reflect four tanks ;eftmain, rightmain, leftaux, rightaux?

    Again, I apologize for bothering you with this, but having corresponded with you in the past...and being a very grateful recipient of your help and advice...I thought "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

    It is not critical that this change, if you are willing and able to do it, happens.  I can still use the REDUX in FSE.  I can just never put fuel in the Externals, though, only the mains, so my range is essentially cut in half with it and the immersion of handling takeoff on mains, switching to aux at a point during the flight, and then back to mains for descent and landing is "lessened".

    Your friend,

    Randy Tyndall

    1. n4gix


      Randy, I believe you intended this to be a "PM", but it doesn't really matter.

      There is a technical reason for my use of "External1" and "External2". It is because the base code of the sim (FSX or P3D) forces the "Aux" tanks to be used first, and will not allow the Main(s) to be selected until the Aux(s) are empty. This renders the fuel tank selector to be essentially useless.

      So you are saying that you cannot load fuel from the sim's normal interface?

    2. Ramjett


      Yes sir, I did mean this to be a PM.  Once you have read this you may delete it as moderator from wherever I really posted, unless you think the discussion (if visible to others) could help others.

      I understand now the reason for the tanks used.  Not sure I can really explain how the mechanics of FSE and the FSE Client connection works.  Basically, there are no "generic" aircraft to fly in FSE.  Each one has a specific registration number, installed equipment, location (last place the aircraft landed), and fuel tank configuration (including fuel state).  These are "persistent" in FSE.  In FSE, the C310 fuel configuration is as a described with left and right aux tanks instead of externals.  So if the aircraft last landed at Boise with 75% fuel (Mains filled and the rest in the Aux tanks) the aircraft can only depart from Boise with 75% fuel.  No matter what the actual sim fuel state is (i.e., the aircraft loads in FSX with 50% fuel when you start FSX), as soon as you "start" a flight in FSE with the FSE Client the fuel load is automatically placed at the last known FSE configuration, 75% in my example.  However because the sim aircraft has externals and the FSE aircraft uses Aux tanks, FSE can only put fuel in the Mains.  The sim, will place fuel in the Externals, but FSE will not "see" or use it, even if you do within use the externals in FSX.  Essentially, FSE will see you in transit, but using no fuel anytime you on on the externals.  So, when you land with FSE will "think" you didn't use enough fuel for the flight and not allow the flight to complete and be accepted.

      The redux can still be used in FSE, you just have to remember to only fill the mains.  You can, through "fudging" fill the externals, but at some point during your flight you must pause and transfer all fuel in the esternals to the mains through the sim "fuel and payload" interface.

      Clear as mud, right Father?

      Anyway, thank you for your time, your contributions to the sim world, and for the Redux.  She is a marvelous bird.  I became a fan of the C310 after watching several YouTube videos posted by a gentleman who calls himself "310 Pilot" based out of Aurora, IL.

      Thanks again father...God Bless and Keep you sir.



  6. Absolutely... Go the the VATSIM Main Web Page and find the button at the top called "Members" and click the downward arrow to see "Events" Click that button and a list of events and descriptions including date, time, and location will appear Those will be global in nature, not Western Hemisphere Regional. If you want specifically that go to the "ATC" tab at the top and click the down arrow. From the list that populates select "Regions" and pick a region in the area you are interested. Then follow the links to that region and somewhere on that regions homepage will be an event link. Randy
  7. Ah yes, but I wonder if someday it will be a factor? It's known that the 64-bit simulators handle things much, much better than FSX or FS2004, but I suspect the developers...seeing an open-ended market...will throw more and more "eye-candy" in to the pool to get that guy or gal "on the fence" to buy their scenery. Girls waving goodbye from customized terminal interior shots, the guy in 16C who keeps getting up to go to the Loo. Purchase by download an in-flight movie to watch from a selectable cabin seat while "Otto" gets you to Dubai. Firefighters practicing crash response with realistic looking flames pouring from the practice hull in the "pit". Pretty soon, you'll all be singing the same song we are and trying to come up with your own version of a "flux capacitor" to power up and go bigger, better, farther, higher with an Intel i21 octa-core and a nuclear power supply. If it starts to hum better head for the hills... LOL. And the Devs know you'll buy it...we're all hooked in one form or another, be it 32-bit, 64-bit, FSX, FS2004, xPlane11. The Devs see potential and they will tap it, regardless of how it works on your system. Randy
  8. Hey Colin, thanks for the reply...and to Scoob...sorry for the quasi-hijack of your thread. Back to Colin...I am by far not any sort of "expert" in the realm of scenery objects. To use a keyboard analogy, I am more of a two-finger, hunt and peck kinda guy when it comes to objects. I, too, have a very, very large Scenery Object Library that goes back to the days of Rwy12 when they suggested creating a "Static Object Library" under "Addon Scenery". My SOL is gigabytes full as well. Luckily, using both EZ-Scenery and Instant Scenery I can see at a glance when I have identical scenery objects in various places and from time to time I "purge" the ones not needed and make sure I have the original zip, the opened zip (in documents), and the installed zip in SOL. You seem to be describing that the specific two trucks in Scoob's screenshot "change" liveries from session to session. if so, you have a remarkable system because as far as I know a scenery object comes with one livery and one livery only determined by the GUIDTexture relationship. But, like Scoob, it is missing textures that cause a bump under my skin, so, like him I'll spend no more time worrying about it. Sidney Schwarz has long since moved on to newer platform scenery development I believe and has left FS2004 far behind, so asking him will be pointless I believe. Odd that KPDX_2010 is the topic of discussion here as just recently I tried to help another user of KPDX_2010 solve the "undulating" taxi motion of aircraft on the taxiways and runways. Turned out Pete used "Bituminous" for their texture in ADE, which is "oil-soaked" hardened ground, so acts as if you were taxiing "off-airport" in a field. Randy
  9. Thank you...wish I knew why cbrown's were red and grey? Randy
  10. I did some more looking on my system. I found three instances of FinneyGround_Vert_Logisitics.bgl...one is the zipped original download, one is the unzipped file in my documents section where I store all my scenery downloads in case I ever have to reinstall them, and the final one in FS9/Addon Scenery/Static Objects Library/Scenery. A corresponding texture folder is in each of the three above locations paired with the scenery folder. In each one is a texture bitmap called Ford_Box_Van that displays in MCX when I call up the bgl file... It looks like this... and the rwy12 thumbnail used to display the object when placing it looks like this... So...white on white is correct for my system, but that only furthers my confusion as to why it displays red/grey in cbrown's KPDX? Really curious what color it displays now in yours, scoob? Randy
  11. Glad you fixed it Scoob, Not sure why mine show white on white based on cbrown's comment. It's possible I had the old SS KPDX installed and didn't completely remove it when I installed KPDX_2010. I don't know? The bgl is reading...and finding...a texture for those trucks from somewhere, otherwise they would be all white (what my FS2004 shows when textures are missing), including tires and windows. I find it odd that your textures appear in the FinneyGround_VERT_Logistics.bgl texture folder and mine in the Portland_KPDX_Terminal_Objects_EZ_Pete.bgl texture folder, but as I explained, that bgl is simply referencing an object bgl located somewhere else, probably the FinneyGround_VERT_Logistics.bgl. I'll have to look at it with MCX. At any case, I'm happy with "white" and extremely glad you sorted yours out as well. Randy
  12. Scoob, Unfortunately I do not have a solution, but I have narrowed things down for you a bit using some of the tools I have available to me. And, just as an aside, they display correctly for me... Hopefully someone else more skilled than I can finish the search with info I have turned up. The trucks in question are within the BGL file named "Portland_KPDX_Terminal_Objects_EZ_Pete.bgl" and have a GUID of "7642d976e1a1d09fe8363ab860a3cae5". I found that by using Instant Scenery 3's scan utility. Unforunately, when I open that bgl with MCX it tells me there are no objects there, which means that bgl file just looks for the real object bgl in another location and applies it to the scenery I would suppose, but doesn't tell me where that file is located. i used MCX to open several of the more obvious files listed in Sidney's pdf text of the libraries used, but never saw this specific truck. If I had found it...and I will keep looking...MCX would have told me what textures were used and, once known, you could search for them on your system. By the way, in regards to Sidney and Pete's amazing KPDX scenery, which I use, there is one glaring mistake. The gates along the C-Concourse are backwards. Most terminals I have been to in real life and seen in FS2004 and FSX have the odd numbered gates down the right side of the concourse as you "walk" from the terminal area to the farthest gates and the even numbered gates down the left side. Portland's gates are numbered oppositely, even down the right side and odd down the left side, so Sidney and Pete's gate numbers are incorrect. I had a friend who is skilled in GMAX change that for me so the gate numbers on the outside of the concourse and the markings on the ramp surface are correct. Hope you sort this out and hope this has helped in a small way Randy
  13. Beautiful shots, as always, Aharon. The issue with CYDA is that the runway numbers were changed to reflect the current magnetic declination in the area. The default airport in FSX is numbered 02/20. The fix for that is easy if you have ever used Airport Design Editor (ADE) from scruffyduck. I just corrected the runway to read 03/21 and changed the approaches to match the new runway numbers. By the way, there are no approaches to runway 03 in place in default FSX, but there is a current RNAV approach to 03 that exists so I added that too. All done courtesy of current charts and ADE. You really should download ADE and get familiar with it. I use it pretty much on a weekly basis to fix airports that have new runways not in FSX, renumbered runways, new taxiways, new approaches...a whole gamut of things are possible with ADE. I even correct airports that have had a name change. The one that comes to mind is KFCA, Glacier Park Int'l, in Montana changing to KGPI. I also used ADE to correct the many, many runways in Alaska that have changed numbers or moved (to work for the VA you and I belong to). Randy
  14. Recently I ventured south of the US/Mexico Border in FSX Boxed Edition and discovered an odd texture issue. Some of the ground textures as seen from the air as I neared the Yucatan Peninsula starting displaying the word "WINTER" in red and "SPRING" in green. As I continued south into South America the green "SPRING" pretty much disappeared, but the red "WINTER" displayed everywhere I looked until I crossed the Amazon. Not every bitmap displayed the red or green words, but I could look in exterior view and see numerous displays in a complete 360 circle around my aircraft. This anomaly does not...at least hasn't yet...appeared in the US or north from there. Can't speak for Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia yet...haven't been there. The only change I have made to the region was to install the free ORBX SA Landclass, but that is a mesh file with no textures associated with it. Any ideas and, while I am posting, is there a way to find out which bitmap is being displayed when I see that? Randy
  15. Found this article over at HeliSimmers... https://www.helisimmer.com/editorial/goodbye-hovercontrol/ Randy
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