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  1. David, have you tried moving your add-on sceneries to the top of the list in the Scenery Library? FSX will prioritize the scenery in order - first has highest priority, second has second highest priority, and so on. I'm wondering if you have other sceneries or even default scenery that right now have higher priority than your new scenery.
  2. Over the last year or so Steam changed its application and interface to auto-detect controllers, but it may interfere with FSX:SE, which was not really built or modified to suit Steam (other than F12 for Steam screen shots). In the Steam app, go to Settings-->Controllers-->General Controller Settings. Uncheck everything except for Guide Button Focuses Steam. Then save your settings and try running FSX:SE again. For FSX:SE itself, make sure under Controls you check to enable controllers.
  3. Thank you Angels40! Sounds good. I will use FSUIPC to assign Y.D. On and Y.D. Off to one of my controllers so there won't be any doubt in my mind if it is on or not. I appreciate your assistance!
  4. Greetings! Does anyone know for sure if the yaw damper for FSX's default Boeing 747-400 does not work? There isn't a switch for it in any of the panel views, I can't click on it in the virtual cockpit, and I don't see any change when I use the default Ctrl+D keystroke. I am just double checking because I am learning how to fly it and am following a third party sim 747 checklist. The in-sim kneeboard doesn't mention yaw dampers and neither does the in-sim flying notes. I am aware the default aircraft are quite limited, but I like to start small when I learn how to fly a passenger jet. Thank you!
  5. It is Scenery.CFG in C:/ProgramData/Microsoft/FSX-SE.
  6. You can run FSX on any external drive. Keep in mind it will be a bit slower than running it off an internal drive since it takes additional time for data to be transferred to and from the external drive. If you are concerned about your internal drive space, you may want to look into upgrading the storage of your internal drive. SSDs are far preferred over traditional drives.
  7. The default location (Program Files) is aggressively protected by Windows's anti-virus components such as Windows Defender. So third party programs may have a hard time modifying your installation since its attempts may be blocked by Windows without you knowing it.
  8. I recently had to do a clean reinstall of FSX. Don't listen to the naysayers, it runs just fine in the latest version of Windows 10.
  9. Have you tried starting TrackIR as an administrator? It can't hurt to start FSX as an administrator as well.
  10. Always happy to help another FSX user. Anything over 25 FPS is good enough - the human eyes don't really benefit from more than 30. I have a Saitek Logitech radio panel, multi panel, and switch panel. I have tried the default Saitek drivers myself, but I find SPAD.neXt to be far more reliable and customizable. It's payware though, but worth every cent in my opinion. A FSX license is also good for the new MSFS, which is awesome as I recently got the latter. I have heard the freeware Lorby AxisAndOhs works well too, but it looks like it will become payware. Perhaps it is just that the 318 and 319 is more resource intensive than the 320 and 321, if you have difficulties with the former and no problems with the latter. Being an older 32 bit program FSX can use no more than 4 GBs of RAM and the more you load for your flight and the more complicated and visually intensive your aircraft is, the less memory to run the sim without stutters or crashes you will have available. This is part of the appeal of the new MSFS and other more recent sims - they are 64 bits and possible memory usage is virtually unlimited now. So recently more intensive aircraft and scenery have been going to, for example, Prepar3D v.4 and v.5, rather than FSX. Not saying you should "upgrade" - I just wanted to be sure you are aware of FSX's limitations, particularly with intensive third party add-ons. FSX is still my main sim until MSFS gets a lot more upgrades and add-ons.
  11. This likely won't fix all your symptoms, but have you unchecked sceneries you are not using for a particular flight? I would give these guides below a read to be honest - you may have overlooked a few things to try. https://www.avsim.com/files/file/41-avsim-basic-fsx-configuration-guide/ https://www.avsim.com/files/file/93-avsim-ctd-guide/ After following the suggestions, try a flight in a default plane. If it improves, try reinstalling the Airbus and see if you still have the same issues. You did use the Windows Programs and Files option to uninstall, right? Not simply take the SimObjects folder to the Recycling Bin? In addition, are you used boxed FSX or FSX:Steam Edition? If the latter, is that Airbus a Steam DLC or was it not purchased through Steam's store? Uninstalling Steam DLCs isn't as simple as it used to be. Reply and I can get into that if you'd like. Finally, if you continue to have issues, system specs would be helpful. Search "System Information" in Windows. All that are really needed are "Processor" and "Installed Physical Memory (RAM)." Are you using a laptop or desktop? If a desktop, do you connect your monitor to the computer's default graphics port or to a video card's port?
  12. LOL that was fast Fielder! 😄 I am happy for you! Blue skies.
  13. I personally got MSFS 2020 as the DVD set, and I would NOT get it on Steam. Best to get it directly from the Microsoft store if you go the online-only route. I only got the Steam edition of FSX because it was on sale for $5 several years ago and I fell in love again with the genre LOL. I hope you can get the customer support you deserve. If (I hope not!) it is for naught you could always get FSX Gold and use the instructions I posted above to back up the stuff you want to save (logbook, etc.), uninstall FSX:SE fully, and get up and running on Gold. I believe Steam made some CFG file tweaks that were popular with Gold users for years so that is part of the attraction of SE, that you can get up and flying on modern computers without too much fuss. In theory, anyway.
  14. It looks like the default controls are incorrect. It says Num 0 for left rudder and Num Enter for right in the keyboard settings. Believe it or not, you need to reassign the key press for right rudder. When you select Change Assignment... for Rudder (yaw right), it will say "Enter" on the keyboard input and not "Num Enter" as you see in the default keyboard control. It must have been some programming error - they thought the key was called Num Enter. I just realized now that the Enter/Return key on the main keyboard layout is not used by the sim by default. It controls the right rudder as well (after you reassign it). There must have been some sort of programming issue that prevents the Enter/Return and Num Enter keys from being recognized as separate key presses.
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