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  1. Does that mean a Navigraph customer can still download an AIRAC update file and manually insert it in the aircraft's files rather than using the AIRAC updating application often incorporated by other developers?
  2. Late to the party, but thank you Chock for the detailed analysis of working with E-Jets up close with accompanying photos. I am working for Swissport for a few weeks (teacher's summer break) and every morning we position, load, and push back an AeroMexico E190. I haven't had the opportunity to open the cargo door yet, but fortunately the cargo bay is NOT carpeted (or had its carpet removed?). The E-Jets are probably my favorite aircraft to sim. As a P3D v.5 and MSFS user, like some of the posters here, I dream of a much better simulation of the series in post-FSX sims. For now Virtualcol's offerings will have to do.
  3. Some thoughts: 1) Have you tried running FSX:SE as an Admin? Find fsx.exe and right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. 2) Have you tried reinstalling it with no other add-ons? I am a little unclear as you listed add-ons you use with FSX:SE. 3) Is Steam installed in a Program Files folder? If so, can you relocate it? Windows' Program Files play havoc with FSX:SE. 4) By "reinstall" did you follow the procedures as outlined by Dovetail Games? https://dovetailgames.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/47/14/
  4. I love it for FSX:SE and I am waiting for it to be updated for P3D v5. If you have specific questions about it, post here.
  5. For future reference, fsx.exe can be found at /Steam/steamapps/common/FSX (or FSX-SE if you already have another FSX in the system). I am glad Verifying Files did the trick.
  6. Accu-Feel has turbulence settings too. Disable those and see if you still have issues.
  7. Awesome, I recall doing that but had totally forgotten at the time of my post. Thank you very much!
  8. I did not. I was using it this morning before I saw this thread. I am now wondering if update notifications are disabled for beta users?
  9. Greetings! This morning I installed the latest beta of AS for my P3D v5. However, I no longer have the alias to run AS for v5 directly, and installing the beta does not show the v4 and v5 aliases on my desktop like the first time I installed AS P3D. So now when I run AS P3D I get that dialogue asking me if I want v4 or v5. I'd like to skip that dialogue and just run it for v5. How may I do that, please?
  10. Thank you! I would not have known without reading your post. Is there a mailing list or something I can join for product updates like REX has?
  11. Yes, I get that from time to time. LM are aware of it and hopefully the upcoming hotfix will address it. You could turn off text information and see if it helps make your sim more stable.
  12. I consider an automated restart to involve an automated shutdown of the application. 🙂
  13. So FSX:SE shut down by itself without any explanation? Well it could have been just that one flight - it does happen even in the most powerful computer running it. Consider saving your flight at every waypoint, or get FSUIPC version 4 and use its payware feature to auto-save your progress. I am using P3D v.5 now but still love FSX:SE for the years of enjoyment it gave me.
  14. Try right-clicking on the installer and select Run As Administrator. It may be a Windows permission issue. I have Windows 10, FSX, and REX WWA. It's worth the effort. I loved it and I am waiting for it to be ready for Prepar3D v.5.
  15. This. Don't spend a penny on Early Access unless you 100% wouldn't mind if the product you get is all you will ever get, and you wouldn't mind at all if the developer decides 5 minutes later to walk away from the project with all that money. The allure of Early Access is for customers to get this, in any condition, right now. It is icing on the cake if the product actually gets completed as intended by the developer.
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