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  1. Best of luck and don't forget.... Just above those dark clouds, the sun is shining and the sky is blue.....⛅
  2. Happy New Year from CYUL!
  3. Nope, nothing here...
  4. Like I say, I see nothing of this in mobile version.
  5. Can't tell you updated it nor do I see any abbreviations on initial post on my Android device.... Lighten up dude.
  6. Come on Kyle, "Advanced Fighter Jet" is hardly gibberish! Geez....
  7. I agree. Regular winglets look better.
  8. Happy Holidays Team PMDG. May 2018 bring happiness, health, continued great software sales and an X-Plane 11 jet!?
  9. I've got a feeling Rotate will sell quite a few MD-11s.....
  10. Or X-Plane!!!
  11. Love the A310!
  12. That's for sure!
  13. Just picked up the CYYZ scenery from GloballArt for X Plane 11. AWESOME.
  14. It is already available for the three sim platforms... Talking about XP 11?? Sorry mtrainer, didn't notice this was an old post...