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  1. Thanks. This is exactly the type of answer I hoped for, with references to the FCOM and suggested pages to read. Thanks for letting me know I don't have to wait for fuel to transfer. I could find that no where I read. Kirk Mayers Barbados
  2. Hey guys, This is in relation to the 777 I've recently started making use of ground operations, especially fueling the aircraft. Going through this always fuels my aircraft to what I want but it leaves fuel in the aux tank that's transferring to the center tank. Am I supposed to wait until all transfers or can I take off with it in the transfer process? I've not found any guidance in the documentation yet so if someone can point mt in the right direction, I'd be very appreciative. Kirk Mayers Barbados
  3. That EFB is a thing of beauty. I am not a current user of the 747-400, so I doubt the 747-8 will interest me, but when that EFB is ported over to the other airplanes, you guys will hear me howl with delight!
  4. PMDG, I think Robert may have alluded to this, but as it gets closer to release time, I'd love to hear about any new technology that's been included in the 747-400 release that may be backward compatible with the other products, particularly the 777. I will acquire the 747 but eventually. The 777 makes me very happy for now but I still pay attention to developments. Kirk Mayers
  5. I am in Barbados and I cannot access the site from any web browser. I haven't been able to for nearly 2 weeks Kirk Mayers
  6. This should put automation in perspective. Might be fun to mess with this too!
  7. The comment he made about the 747 being less automated and more challenging than the 777 is interesting. When I started using the 777, that automation he spoke of was amazing. For say, start, the 777 would switch off packs. In the 747, you have to switch them off manually. But I think I understand when folks who use the 777 say its too automated and a lil 'dry' to use. I'm a self confessed 777 nut but I'm looking forward to using the 747. It may indeed be a bit more of a challenge Kirk Mayers
  8. This feature on the 777 is quite nifty! Are there any plans to fit this to the 737NG?
  9. Ok. I got it now. I think I didn't ask the question the right way. English can be such an imprecise language sometimes. Thanks Markus!Kirk Mayers
  10. Ok. I thought I understood but now I'm a bit confused.So here's the scenario.The 747-400 pax version does not simulate the varying EICAS nomenclature of the different engine types on the 747. But the 747-400F does.If I were to install the 747-400F, I would get the varying EICAS nomenclature of the engine types on that aircraft. Would that also be applied to the pax version?Kirk Mayers
  11. Thanks for that clarification.I was on the verge of buying the freighter version but I think I'll stick with the pax version. Shame that the same thing couldn't have been done with the pax version.Kirk Mayers
  12. Maybe someone can answer this question for me.Originally when PMDG produced the 747-400, only GE engines were simulated and engine instruments reflected GE where power is set by N1. Recently, a friend of mine who has both the pax and freighter version told me that all engines types on the 747-400 are now simulated correctly, eg RR is a triple spool engine and should have an N3 indication and RR and PW power is set by EPR which is displayed.So my question is this. My software installation is current (as per the free updates). Do I have to purchase the freighter version to get these updates? Can someone explain to me the evolution of how the engine instrumentation accurately reflects the engine type and how I can I get it?Kirk Mayers
  13. Ok, I figured out what the problem was.The Load Manager does work as advertised. If I set a particular fuel quantity, when I start FS9 and switch to the 747, the fuel is the same amount I set.My problem is that I have a panel state saved and whenever I fly, I start from that panel state which would have had a particular fuel quantity when I saved it. I'm not sure how to make my saved panel state the default panel state so that whenever I start the 747, it automatically starts with this panel state.Can I even do that?Kirk Mayers
  14. Robert,The PMDG/OPTIONS/VARIOUS menu, is this from the FS9 menu bar?I currently have mine set to kgs but the Load Manager defaults to lbs and the fuel I set in the Load Manager is never seem to be set on the aircraft. So when I select the 747 in FS9, I then have to set the fuel I'd like using the PMDG menu in FS9.Anything I can tinker with to make this work as it should?Kirk Mayers
  15. BenYou know, when I started this topic, I was looking for a simple explanation for something that I guessed I was doing wrong. I didn't realize that VNAV is so complex. It actually works out great for approaches and the like as I can program altitude and speed restrictions and it all works out just great.But I see now that VNAV is actually a pretty complex topic. So complex that even real-world pilots struggle to understand it. I find that amazingI intend to purchase that Mike Ray book at sometime in the not-too-distant future. Can I ask if it helped you to understand better how to fly the 747-400?
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