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  1. I watch mine constantly to check my new flight plans. I have to say that not one has ever shown a dislike of being followed and if the plan parking, taxiing are correct, land and park every time. Watched or not.
  2. A++ Great freeware. I use OBS works perfectly. I have my hotkeys set to ctrl+alt+1 to record and ctrl+alt+0 to stop. I also frequently do a replay after say landing and record that from diff viewpoints as well as recording full flights.
  3. From experience, if you do not have sufficient parking of the correct size (or larger) or there are open taxi links, or errors in your taxiways then the AI will not land.
  4. Never installed this back to my new P3DV4.5 installation last year. Downloaded the installer from here http://www.realairsimulations.net/ Works perfectly fine. Allowed it to install to my addons folder as the installer suggested. I am going to de/re install see if installing to my SimObjects folder affects anything.
  5. Would depend on the aircraft I would think. What aircraft are you referring to?
  6. I choose to compile with the "missing" ones. Seems to work fine 🙂
  7. Here you go bruv https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DAkb5QL7ntBjL9mDQs_UsadGPJKQ1RYI
  8. Make sure you check the planes inside the sim. I run P3D 4.5 and my TDS 800 MAX aircraft repaints frequently appear without wings in the aircraft selection screen but are fine in the sim. Just my 2 penneth.
  9. I had a play with the Tom one just to see
  10. Didn't check the link diligently enough, sorry about that not a huge fan of Rik0000 but, how about this one https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/viewdownload/86/186
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