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  1. Enko

    Not quite fair...

    Try copying the external link address, then log in to the site and paste the link? In honesty, I have had lots of problems with ORBX scenery, I have had times when the sim pauses for nearly a minutes then resumes. I have row re-installed but can't use the UK part of Europe.
  2. Enko

    FSXWX Down

    It looks as though FSXWX isn't working, cant download in the app (WX DATA initial download failed) and the site is offline. Hope it comes back, I really like it as a weather engine.
  3. Enko

    Cargolux 7617 SBKP-SBEG-SEQM

    Where is the awesome VC from?
  4. sorry they were 2 different attempted flight plans, exactly the same doing in and out of the same airport.
  5. Hi Folks, I have created a new Airport In ADE (EGZX) It shows in the FSX lists and I can go to it from FSX fly now using the current location option, all works fine. When I try to create a Flight plan to Say EGUN it calculates the flight correctly and allows me to save. The return leg however doesn't calculate the distance or ETA and hence can't be saved. Probably a noob mistake but after 6 hours trying to work it out I thought I would ask you guys. Thanks in advance. I am using ADE 01.76.6715.14291
  6. In ADE create a polygon that covers the airfield, double click after creation and choose the flatten checkbox?
  7. Enko

    FSX:SE Startup?

    Ah sorry.., settings > general >show opening screen Be in free flight when you close FS down
  8. Enko

    FSX:SE Startup?

    Settings > General and un-check show opening screen.
  9. Enko

    Adding a simple AI Flightplan

    Thanks for the help Guys
  10. Enko

    Adding a simple AI Flightplan

    Having issues with the image sorry http://gr8hosts.com/Public_Images/conc.bmp
  11. Enko

    Adding a simple AI Flightplan

    It was the FS9 plans 🙂 Love it when a plan comes together (pun intended)
  12. Enko

    Adding a simple AI Flightplan

    Thanks Steve, I will give it a shot in a Light Aircraft. I did choose Aldergrove as I knew there would be sufficient parking space, 4 hours til work finishes then I can get back to testing 🙂
  13. Enko

    Adding a simple AI Flightplan

    I ran a check and discovered some FS9 plans and converted them. Will check when I get home from work to see if it made any difference 🙂
  14. Hi folks, I have a whole bunch of WOAI FPs running without issue, but cannot seem to get even the simplest that I create to run. I have a test plan Concorde Aldergrove to Heathrow (heathrow was uber busy needed a quieter area), everything seems to be set but obviously I am missing something as they don't show up. The plan validates fine. I have a few pics below. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.