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  1. Well,I didn,t expect that!!….But after removing two entries from the registry from Vic,s suggestion and actually going past the aircraft selection screen from your suggestion,Enko I have wings again...I have checked in sim before and had no wings but apparently editing the registry may have done something...Thanks to all for the help..Lou
  2. Hi,Vic...Downloaded and ran Regscanner..searched for TDS and found 2...deleted those entries,looked thru my app data folders..downloaded a new TDS aircraft and put it in my P3D4.5 folder...still no wings...think we are on the right track..gonna spend more time in the registry tomorrow...Thank you for your suggestions!!
  3. Well,as I,ve already said,I have deleted ALL TDS aircraft and installed just one!!...and like you,I wouldn’t think it should involve anything outside of the one affected airplane folder...i have been trying to figure this out off and on for several months...at the present time I only have one plane folder in the sim...
  4. I have removed/uninstalled/deleted ALL TDS airplanes except for one...not sure I am willing to do a complete re install of P3D4.5 just for TDS aircraft...Was hoping someone had run into this before and could shed some light on this..Thanks for your response
  5. Hi,Charlie...Last one was "boeing737_klm" by Chris Evans....However I have tried many....I had wings until I installed one with the title changed...found it,deleted it and now no wings on any TDS planes...I have removed all TDS planes except for one (testing with it)...thanks for your help..
  6. Yes,it really is....as I said .."discovered a title without the credit...removed it and still no wings..removed ALL TDS and installed one new TDS plane with the correct title line..still no wings" I am aware about the title line but I have no wings on a plane with the credit in the title line...
  7. Hey,guys...as title states I am stumped...Installed some TDS planes and all was good..went on a binge and loaded a bunch of models and wings disappeared...discovered a title without the credit...removed it and still no wings..removed ALL TDS and installed one new TDS plane with the correct title line..still no wings....no TDS planes in P3D4.5 except just the one with good title line...any ideas? asking here because I don't do facebook..thanks
  8. any problem adding these to AI aircraft manually?? Thanks....
  9. Agreed!!....works wonders..
  10. I am adding everything outside the P3D4.1 folder using the addon xml method...Other than FTX Global
  11. Hey,Guys and gals(?)...Been using SCE and have over 2000 entries in my scenery.cfg file...All of a sudden after my last entry (2090) FSX gives me a window saying FSX won,t handle more than about 1,000 entries and shuts down.......I,ve had over 1500 for 2-3 years with no issues...anybody got any ideas???
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