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  1. BMG50

    4.2 update glitch?

    Agreed!! wonders..
  2. BMG50

    New Syndrome - Simulator Fright

    I am adding everything outside the P3D4.1 folder using the addon xml method...Other than FTX Global
  3. Hey,Guys and gals(?)...Been using SCE and have over 2000 entries in my scenery.cfg file...All of a sudden after my last entry (2090) FSX gives me a window saying FSX won,t handle more than about 1,000 entries and shuts down.......I,ve had over 1500 for 2-3 years with no issues...anybody got any ideas???
  4. Thanks,Gerald...Just realized that and came back here to edit my question and saw your answer....Thank you for all your hard work...installing now..
  5. I would like to know also...downloading part 2 now..
  6. BMG50

    Glad to have you back!

    my gf (ex wife) left home to stay with her sick mother and Avsim went down....Darn,I,ve really missed Avsim!!!
  7. Just downloaded.....Thank you for you work,also.....I spend a lot of time messing with AI so any sound files you create are welcome...
  8. update.....I guess the search engine does not like the underscores maybe.....I used just one word instead of the whole ship name and now have all bgl,s installed...
  9. It is not a package but a bunch of folders with AI traffic bgl.s....UPDATE...As I said earlier,I had been using the default search engine in w7 looking for the ships/boats....I have found several by going thru all your AI ships one at a time and have found several the search engine did not pick up....Will post again later if need be....Thanks for your help,and again,thanks for all your efforts on Global AI...
  10. Hi,Henrik..First,thank you for such a great contribution!!...Yes,I have the AI ships you listed...I have all your downloads installed and working in FSX...While visiting another website there were some addon ai ship traffic files that I downloaded...Those files had traffic bgl,s,a readme and an editable text file....The readme says to just add the traffic bgl and that's all you do as long as the user has your Global AI Traffic boats installed...However,when I look at the editable text it is calling for ships and boats that I do not have in my Boats folder..I have all of your downloads and used the default search feature in w7 and they also don't show as being in your downloads.. thanks for any ideas..
  11. I have checked multiple times,including the W7 search feature....I also searched in the complete downloaded Global AI (unzipped) files and still no luck...any other ideas??
  12. Hello,Guys..I am scratching my head over missing(?) ships...I downloaded some traffic bgl,s for ai ship traffic from some site...The readme says to simply put the bgl in the scenery/world/scenery folder and that is all if you have of the Global Ai Ship traffic files installed....I have all of the Global files and updates installed..The edit files have ships listed such as:AI_Vany_Rickmers,AI_Stena_Hibernia,AI_Cap_Melville,AI_Maersk_Deva and many others...I re-download the complete Global AI Ship files again and double checked against my installed files and I seem to have all the files installed...Any ideas will be appreciated..Thanks
  13. And some of us ARE "old farts" rather we admit it or not..LOL