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  1. None, I am a little surprised by the resolution you are using. Seem it would be very wide and not very tall. That might be the problem.
  2. Sorry Looks like you already tried what I was recommending.
  3. Just be aware Duck that some of the specific info Steve is giving Asanal is for a different type of processor than you have. You have a 4Core/8Thread CPU. Rick S.
  4. I happened to think about one thing forgot to mention last night Duck. I was having a stability problem at Offset Mode=+0.085v until I set the load-line Calibration to Level 6 (75%) from Auto if I remember correctly. I agree with what SteveW said too. I would like to add that I found any AM that used HT=on increased my cpu heat by 4 to 5'c and I saw very little difference, if any, in FSX performance. I have no idea if that is normal but opted for lower temps. Hope this helps, of course your results may vary. Rick S.
  5. I run almost exactly the the same system as the OP @4.9GHz with a custom water loop. HT=off and AM=14. My FSX temps run 55 to 60'c with an ambient of 72'f. I also use offset voltage which tops my 4790k out at 1.27v. The M7F has tons of OC'ing options and you might be trying to do to much. Mine is all auto except XMP#1, Core Ratio=49 and CPU Core Voltage Offset +0.085. I have tried HT=on with AF=84 and most of the others. I have found my temps are always lower with AF=14 and the system runs smoothly and reliably. I used to set my DRAM at 1.65v but it seems more reliable set to Auto. (possibly your problem if you set it manually?) Rick S. PS. I would not use the auto overclocker except to get an idea of what your system is capable of, then dial it in manually.
  6. Rich, you might want to point out the Yoke power receptical on your example for future readers of the thread. I believe there are some users who don't realize that you need the extra external power to run multiple devices. It really seems cheap that they didn't include the power supply with the yoke; especially for the cost? I would bet the yoke and throttle alone will respond better with external power provided directly to the yoke. Rick S.
  7. Thanks Rich, one last thing I forgot to mention. Kermit; the yoke is a hub so plugging it into another hub is asking for trouble. Rick S.
  8. FWIW, I found that using the Saitek Yoke power supply (accessory) hooked to the yoke with the pedals, Trim Wheel, and the accompanying Throttle Quadrant and a second USB TQ works perfectly when the Yoke is plugged int a USB2.0 port on your computer. USB3.0 ports are problematic as is plugging other devices into the yoke. I run 23 Saitek devices with the others being plugged into 3 powered USB2.0 hubs in turn plugged into the cpu. Do not try to chain USB hubs. USB1: Yoke (Yoke, Pedals, TQ1, TQ2 & Trim Wheel) USB2: Radio1, Radio2, TPM, Switch Panel, Mulit Panel & Annunciator. USB3: 6 FIP's USB4: 6 FIP's No problems here and I have used this setup for years. I did have problems until I started using this setup and stopped trying to use USB3.0 ports. One last thing, I use an ASUS ROG Matrix 7 Formula MB and have to turn xHCI off in the BIOS to use all of my devices. You loose USB3.0 connect-ability by doing this but it's a tradeoff I prefer. Rick S.
  9. Yep, I was aware of the Zoom wheel but just didn't give it a thought with the problem described! Thanks again Rick S.
  10. Wow, that was it. Thanks Rick S.
  11. I have logged out and rebooted my system, reloaded into AVSIM and as the AVSIM site came up on my screen the normal items appeared briefly then quickly disappeared again as described earlier? hmmmmmmmm? I don't normally run anything but FSX on my FSX machine but decided I would give it a try. So, I brought up my FSX machine with the same browser etc and everything looks the way I was expecting? hmmmmmmmmmm? Ideas? If the answer is to clear cache; will that loose all of my links and auto loggon's etc? Thanks Rick S.
  12. Using Mozilla Firefox 35.0.1 on my desktop pc Jim. Same system I have used for a long time. I first noticed this yesterday and figured it was a AVSIM thing and it would get sorted after complaints were filed. This morning I realized no one else was talking about it so this might just be a "me" problem and posted. Right under the AVSIM banner was where all of the links etc were and now there is a thin blue banner under it with "MENU" on the left side and three horizontal bars on the right that when selected shows me a drop-down listing of the old icon/links one item listed per line? If I click on the banner and wait a few seconds the old links pop up then disappear quickly. Thanks Rick S.
  13. I seem to have lost all of the links/shortcuts that use to appear under the AVSIM banner like: Forums; view new content etc? If I click on the AVSIM banner they pop up for a nano second then disappear again? I have searched, looking for a way to turn them back on to no avail. Have I done something inadvertently? Thanks Rick S.
  14. ThWind81 is correct. The MultiPanel does not know where the switches are (on/off or up /down) until you actually flip anything on the panel. This only happens the first time you flip one of the switches after loading. Rick S.
  15. RickSinGA

    Task Manager- What to turn off

    I would agree with Sam's response. Sounds like you could have the gun loaded and holding it to your temple. Rick S.