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  1. Well, I will go back and try again, thanks. Looked again and viola! I swear that was not available yesterday, told me no drivers. Thanks again
  2. I have been out of FSX for quite a while for many personal reasons and tried to load it up without success yesterday. Let me explain that FSX lives on set of ssd's that I have to switch from WIN10 to WIN7 in the BIOS of my computer whenever i want to play FSX. That had always worked without any problem until I switched to a RTX2080super from the old GTX980. I have recently been runing XPlane 11 on the WIN10 side and I am about fed up with it's ability to eat my resources and figured I would go back to FSX. Anyhow when I switched to the WIN7 side I could not find any Nvidia drivers that were compatible with RTX2080s? Is this correct? If so, is there a way to migrate FSX to the WIN10 system short of having to reload it and all of the mod's and payware again (that would be a near impossible task to find everything from years ago). Am I missing something? Unsure of the correct forum, please move it if necessary. Thanks Rick S.
  3. Opps. sorry. I misread your post. Seeing Windows 10 thinking DX10. Cannot help with your real question? Rick S.
  4. No problems here, I would suggest you may need to use SPAD. Rick S.
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