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  1. 1251452

    Your age?

    14, started simming when I was 10 with fsx. Moved on to PMDG and the like at 11. It's nice to see some other young people around here!
  2. Ok, lesson learned. I will do that in the future. Thanks for the replies, 1251452
  3. All the perf data in the perf init is there, I tried adding constraints into the legs page, but nothing. I think my mistake was that I entered straight into rte 1 a completely new route, when I should have loaded into rte 2 then made active. I sent pmdg a support ticket, and that's what they said to do. Thanks for the reply, 1251452
  4. Hello everyone, I was flying from KLAX to VHHH and had loaded in a route before T/O. Everything was working fine until I saw that the route I had loaded was not the most efficient due to strong Pacific Winds. I went back to simbrief and reset a new route unchecking plan stepclimbs. When I went into the route page and requested a new route, everything loaded fine except for the VNAV data. The route was there and I could change the altitude in the VNAV cruise page, but none of the data was on the route. The Perf init page was still in order, but I couldn't arm VNAV. It kept saying VNAV perf unavailable. I searched this around a bit, but could not find a solution. Thanks in advance! (copied from ticket) 1251452
  5. I would go to both and try them in the order of IVAO then VATSIM. IVAO is a great network to get started on as the rules are less harsh and is more noob friendly. Once you've mastered the basics on IVAO, then you can transition to VATSIM and up the realism. Jumping straight into VATSIM is a bit intimidating. (I know I was when I started) Hope this helps, 1251452
  6. Maybe the reason they didn't do anything is that you didn't say PLEASE. Ground crew needs respect too...
  7. The initial program installer, or the config manager?
  8. Ok, thanks, I am using the FSX version. I will add it as soon as I can.
  9. To get everything to work, you need to do a complete reinstall of FS2Crew? When I ran mine (just reinstalling the panel cfgs) there was an SDK error and the copilot could not read the position of the switches.
  10. Yes, that is a problem. FS2Crew can now only click some buttons, but can't read the state of any switches. I assume they are working towards a fix with their new "rebooted" edition.
  11. Is your parking brake on? :rolleyes: 1251452
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