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  1. And you need to adjust the alt at least 10 nm from TOD. If you are closer to TOD, you need to also hit the ALT INTV button for the ac to begin descend. If you don't adjust the MCP ALT, you should receive a message in the FMC to "Reset MCP ALT".
  2. I have one and I love it. I'm running 4K with most settings on Ultra. I don't have the sim running at the moment, so I don't know what specific settings are. I do know that performance is great (not perfect) running full AIG AI, complex add on airports, real weather, and the PMDG 737.
  3. I agree with this. the FBWA320 is very deep for a free aircraft.
  4. Thank you for both of the responses. I ended up going with some knockoff MonsterTech stuff from Amazon. I would rather have purchased one of the above, but you can beat the ease of returns with Amazon - something that was important because I don't know if they will work. The thing that moved me away from lowrider was the position of the yoke. I don't have an adjustable height desk.
  5. How are things holding up so far? I have a non-standing desk and the HC TQ is too high for me. It would be nice if the yoke was a little lower as well, and the Lowrider looks like it would do the trick Another option I came across were these table mounts from Monster Tech. The keyboard mount may not be deep enough for the HC using, but I really like that they are adjustable and expandable. Anyone have experience with their stuff?
  6. Thanks all. I ended up going with a 48" C1. It is beautiful. I am worried about burn in, but everywhere I have posed this question, everyone points at the the C1 or CX.
  7. Thanks! Any suggestions for one that is available right now? I haven't heard good things about the newer Samsungs from the home theater world, and I understand that OLED is susceptible to burn in, so I'm not sure which direction is the best.. I will be flying in a dark room and about 3ft. from the screen.
  8. Hi, Title says it all. I'm looking for a larger monitor/TV for MSFS. What features should I be looking for? 55" seems to be the most popular size, but I can go smaller. Still, I definitely want to go larger than my current 32" monitor. BTW, I'll probably upgrade my video card in the near future. Thanks!
  9. I'm still getting everything installed, but the video posted on page 41 showed that.
  10. The one thing I can see getting hung up on is how to deal with a previous installation for P3D. I haven't touched P3D in quite a while, but everything is still installed. I've considered just uninstalling OCI, Uninstalling OCI and P3D, or wiping my system and starting fresh with only MSFS and OCI. What is the the easiest way to get a clean install? Not sure how difficult it is to completely remove P3D w/o a new windows install. Thanks!
  11. I find this confusing sometimes as well. Sometimes I have issues, and other times I don't. I'm sure it has something to do with my workflow or my lack of experience with real-world navigation. I typically fly the FBW A320. I create the flight in Simbrief and usually use the runways and route selected my Simbrief, When I import the route into Navigraph charts, it does include the SID and the STAR, but the approach isn't defined. This is where I can run into issues when the STAR doesn't connect to the approach This wasn't a big deal in P3D for me with the NGX, because I could easily select the next waypoint or delete the extraneous waypoints. Not sue if it is Simbrief, the aircraft, or user error, but I find this incredibly frustrating, and I just gave up trying to clean this up in the MCDU on my last flight. If anyone know of a video that shows you how to delete waypoints contained in a STAR or Approach, let me know. All of the ones I have found seem to gloss over the specific steps for modify lightplanes imported from Simbrief when things don't import cleanly.
  12. I create my flights in Simbrief, and use Navigraph Charts on a separate pc - similar to what you do, It works for me.
  13. Ah, Thanks for reminding me. I do remember seeing them farther south. I'm thinking farther north so I can fly between Cozumel, Cancun, Holbox, Isla, PDC and Tulum, Merida...
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