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  1. duckbilled

    Which gate is which?

    Since we are on the subject, I believe I was able to also see what airline codes are used at each gate. AFter the first time I saw that, I was never able to see them again. I see the representation of the AFCAD and the gate numbers. When I hover I can see the size but it is super finicky. You have to put the cursor in a very specific spot. Isn't there also a way to also see the parking codes (airlines)?
  2. duckbilled

    Bahamas Scenery Pack 1 available for download

    Got it. Thanks!
  3. duckbilled

    Bahamas Scenery Pack 1 available for download

    Is this is: or something else? I have been following the Photosim labs project on FB for a while, but I have never asked for any details. The shots have been impressive.
  4. duckbilled

    AI Guru's needed - Some, but very few landings

    1. AIG AI manager is only available for P3D and should only be using FSX flightplans. They did have a 37 min rule issue with one of the older builds - that's what got be checking out the arrivals. 2. I'm using traffic explorer in traffic toolbox so it show me every aircraft in the bubble. That's how I know I am getting so few en route aircraft.
  5. duckbilled

    AI Guru's needed - Some, but very few landings

    I have been using some version of UT since 2003, and UTL it was in beta. It was working fine, but as I mentioned, I cannot pinpoint when arrivals began to thin out. I only noticed it when I was testing.
  6. duckbilled

    AI Guru's needed - Some, but very few landings

    Nope. Seems to be happening either way. Have you played with AI Manager? All it really does is install paints and traffic BGL's. Not sure how that would change anything, but let me know if there is something different with UTL. I used BGL traffic and UT2 together for years.
  7. duckbilled

    AI Guru's needed - Some, but very few landings

    Thanks. I have plenty of acceptable parking. In addition: 1. It has always been by understanding that when there isn't enough parking, aircraft land then disappear. The issue here is that they never even show up as en route on traffic explorer even after letting the sim run for quite a while. 2 I am getting all of the expected takeoffs for after a little bit, a lot of the occupied gates free up.
  8. I have a post in the AIG AI Manager forum about this, but I don't think the manager is the issue. While testing the AI Manager, I have been paying close attention to take offs and landings - something I don't really do anymore. I have been watching traffic explorer and I am seeing a ton of take offs, but very few landings. For example, I only saw 3 landings (3 en route aircraft landed) from 9am - 9:30am on a Friday. At the same time at KORD, I let it run for 40 minutes and also saw very few. I have observed this with UTL traffic and the newly installed bgl traffic. All limits are maxed in UTL and P3DV4.3. I am not running both, but most of the major airlines are BGL now. I have not flown for 3-4 weeks (only spotting), so I don't know if this is a recent development. When I do fly, I distinctly recall, over the course of several years and more recently, that I can spend a lot of time sitting at the hold short waiting for landings at major airports, so the difference is very noticeable. So I don't have to repost all of the info, here is a link to the thread at AIG containing additional details and screenshots from settings pages and traffic explorer. Anyone know what could be causing this? If there were no landings, that could be one thing, but there are landings.
  9. duckbilled

    AI models and repaints

    I have been using some version of Ultimate Traffic since 2003, and I have downloaded and installed 1,000's of, if not tens of thousand, models and paints over the years. My last major traffic refresh took over two weeks, and I think my wife was ready to kill me by the end. After that I lived with outdated traffic, but I had filled in most of the missing stuff in UT2. Since FS9 models don't work in P3D, doing a major refresh like that is even more challenging in V4, and considering I have a young child now, I don't have the time. UTL is still a great product, and I'll keep running it for airlines that are not available with the AI Manager, but for me, the AIG AI Manager is game changer. Also having all of the special paints automatically is very cool. I'll probably end up copying out the converted models from the AI Manager directory and use them as a base to install paints for the airlines that will remain with UTL. Even having all of those converted models in one place saves a lot of work.
  10. duckbilled

    AI models and repaints

    Kinda - If is is an FSX model it will likely work in P3DV4. FS9 models work fine for the most part in FSX, but not in P3DV4. The folks at AIG have converted a bunch of them to work in V4. and have also created an installer for their packages (currently in public Beta) AIG AI Manager: P3DV4 Model list: Light maps also have to be modified. I think, but I have never understood why and never understood how to do it. I'd suggest using the AI Manager, or a paid solution like UTL.
  11. duckbilled

    Installing Traffic Toolbox issues?

    I'm assuming you are on 4.4? Mmm. I really don't want to install 4.4 yet - just don't feel like updating add ons right now. I wonder if the 4.4 traffic toolbox will work with 4.3. Can you think of anything I could screw up by having 4.0 and 4.4 SDK's installed at the same time?
  12. duckbilled

    Installing Traffic Toolbox issues?

    Can anyone confirm that I have to have the traffic toolbox from 4.3 to install it in 4.3? The only SDK I see on the P3D site is for 4.4. This has me stumped. If it in't the version issue, I have no idea why it won't show up in the Tools menu.
  13. I could have but I'm on 4.3. I didn't see a download for the 4.3 content, just 4.4. I'm sure it was there somewhere, but knowing the full folder name was a lot easier and was also successful. Thanks for providing it. Also, I would have never realized that it was actually the AIG AI manager that hosed it had I updated the content/client.
  14. Thanks. Well it is still there and the folder appears to be intact. I way working with the AI Manager and for some odd reason the aircraft.cfg got messed up. Perhaps it was when I tried the renumber flightsim option? Either way, AIG did back it it up so the F22 is now visible to P3D
  15. duckbilled

    Installing Traffic Toolbox issues?

    Ah. I am on 4.3, but looking at the path, am I correct that I am using the 4.0 SDK and that is the problem (the path is copy and paste out of windows explorer)? Didn't realize I needed to update the SDK as well.