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  1. Hi, I think this is the thread. No need to search for me. I think I got it. Thanks!
  2. Hi, A few weeks back I was reading a thread about refresh rates, full screen, wide screed... I really can't remember the term, thread, or setting. All I can remember is there was a suggestion to change a setting in Windows (thought is was display settings), to uncheck a checkbox that had something to do with full screen or wide screen helping or assisting or something? I did it, I though it helped, but I want to undo the setting now and I can't figure out what it was. With this unchecked, if I minimize the P3D window to a smaller size than my screen, and then I switch to full screen without maximizing the P3D window, the full screen remains the size of the smaller window but the rest of the screen is black. Sorry, this whole thing is really hard to articulate. Does anyone have any clue what I am talking about here? I really just want to undo those settings, but since it has taken me so long to figure out they may not work, I have no idea what thread I was reading. Thanks!
  3. Not FDA approved, but considered safe in some states😃
  4. I think this is a pretty accurate interpretation of a key issue. Like all of the MS products in the past, LM is just providing a template for 3rd parties to improve upon. Those developers are only going to push LM far enough so that the devs can continue to sell their products for each new version. If massive improvements in the sim require a lot of new work for 3rd party developers, my guess is those developers will not push for those changes in the sim. After all, small developers just don't have the capacity to keep up with platforms that changes every few months vs incremental changes over a long period of time. I have complained in the past that the community is too forgiving of payware developers. Most of my frustrations revolve around different installation methods and even the phrasing used in installer GUI's. Even when they ask where you want something installed, they don't maintain a common folder structure. My favorite one is the Simmarket installer that creates a Simmarket directory. I'm just old school I guess. I want the name of the scenery as the folder name with two sub folders - one that is titled "scenery" and one that is titles"texture". Dev's can't even stay consistent with that long-standing standard, and they love to get cute with their folder structure an naming conventions. This is just the tip of the iceberg of how developers drive me crazy, and as I have said before, there should be standards for all developers, and a org like AVSIM should enforce those standards by creating a certification for developers that adhere to common install procedures and naming conventions, among other things. For those that are not AVSIM certified, customers should steer clear of those developers. Buying something that isn't AVSIM certified should be similar to taking a drug that isn't FDA approved. I can only dream.
  5. Thanks all. What is Jose's GTN mod? I'm assuming that I'll reinstall the Phenom (no Navigraph add on), buy the GTM from flight 1, and. what's next? Once I get that straight, are there any other Carenado aircraft in my wheelhouse that will allow me to import a flightplan?
  6. Hi, I have a credit with Carenado (long story), and I really want an aircraft where I can import a flightplan from Simbrief or ProATCx, and enter the assigned departure/approach. I have the ATR42, but I can't figure out ho to import a flightplan - only create one. The Phenom 300 has the Navigraph extension, but I haven't been able to get that work on either of my systems - two different builds, different P3D versions, no shared hardware, different OS's, multiple reinstalls on both systems. I'm either looking for a properliner that is still in commercial service around the world today or a bizjet. The Falcon looks nice, and while you can update the AIRAC cycle, the feature doesn't show whether I can import flightplans. The ATR72 could also work, but I'm not sure how the FMC works on that one. In short, it is a show stopper if I have to enter flightplans by hand. For me, it is too tedious and it takes way too much time for a parent with a 45 minute window to start a flight and fly to cruise. Thanks.
  7. I also installed it fairly recently (over the weekend, I think).
  8. Yea! I bought it a couple weeks ago:( Nice of them to do this.
  9. Hi, I purchased SKBO last fall and installed it into P3Dv4.4. I could never get the install right. It looks like it has a single scenery folder, and doesn't appear to install any file outside of the scenery folder. I gave it the highest layer number in the library, but no matter what I do, I get default buildings bleeding through the scenery (terminal and ancillary buildings). I am using ORBX global, but not terrain (or whatever they call those products). Now, I have a new system and I installed it into v4.5HF2, and I still get the same issues - new install and new system with a lot less loaded than the bloated install I had on the old rig. It actually looks worse now with only some elements of the PKSim product showing (parts of the terminal, for example. I cannot figure out how to solve this. The installer doesn't let you place it in a separate folder, so you have to go with the default install - P3D\Addon Scenery\PKSIM Bogota. Not idea, but the installation should be super straightforward. I also can't find other complaints about this issue. Any ideas what is going on here or how to fix it? Thanks!
  10. Hi, So I posted this using an old rig (4790k) running Windows 7. I have since built a new system (in my sig) that shares almost nothing with my previous system. NGXu runs great on the new system. I still have the same problem, and I am incredibly frustrated with this product. I have never been able to start a flight with it on two systems. Basic problem - if I click shift+1, 2 or... to open up a pop up window, the sim freezes. If I wait a few minutes, the window may open, but the sim will freeze if I try another window. If I don't try another window, FPS tank after the sim wakes back up. I'm holding out hope that someone will have an idea of what to do, but there really doesn't seem like there is a lot of activity here. Does anyone have any ideas, or is there another support forum for this product? Thanks!
  11. AIG has a lot of AFCADS for payware airports: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?board=90.0. Pretty sure I saw one for DD NYC.
  12. Cool. I think the things that threw me were 1. all of those files were in the scenery folder and 2. there is also a SODE folder under Program Files (x86) that doesn't have the simobjects and xml folders. My concern was that the CYEG installer didn't put things in the right place, but now that I have the correct file path, I can see that everything is in there. Thanks!
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