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  1. thx for the head up regarding voting and the workarround 😉
  2. i ask me what they do with all the personell data, i dont like that to mutch... a bit sade for the wonderfull scenery, think i would buy it from a trusted shop instead.
  3. does it still ignore CRJ-700 or DC6B max pax numbers regarding airliner pax missions ? ...am not using it anymore cause lowest pax numbers generated for airliner pax missions was about 150, so the smalest airliner one could use for this missions was something like a A320.
  4. just forgot to mention, it realy deserved it, the - Leonardo Maddog !
  5. oh its not the plane only... i feel gohst`s on board from time to time when i fly it, did i set the cabin alt correct ? ...It turn then into something very special, something parapsychological like 😅😱
  6. PMDG 747 PMDG 737 A2A Planes FBW or FSLabs A320 SimSkunkWorks F104 Starfighter
  7. It is a LOD thing also, if you go closer, it works as expected. Would thing they did that as a temp. work arround until model animations are fixed for multiplayer.
  8. with the rel. build i had frame issues after disabeling the flight engineer, after some time frames dropped to about 10 to 15. After re eanbeling the flight engineer all was instant smoth again. Didnt testet with the current build yet.
  9. DC-6A (freighter), cargo stay`s visible if the plane is empty, this bug wasnt before...
  10. for the follow me Ranger try: \Community\ivao_x-csl\SimObjects\Airplanes\IVAO_ZZZC\flight_model.cfg -> static_cg_height=1.539863
  11. yep... same here, ive allready adjusted most of the cg-height`s allready, must have missed the car`s.
  12. i see some hoovering and some of the parked ai do bounce ! ...hope the Starfleet wont do those anti gravity experiments again.
  13. outch... but to be fair, i still like it ! edit: ...maybe the day is coming (with the SDK) and it have shared cockpit like (maybe better) their bus`es had... how realistic would that be then ?
  14. you dont need to switch "alt hold" to off, it captures the glide very well and start to sink accordingly, i just make shure the gs is allive when i switch over to approach.
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