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  1. Hi all, another update ! it seams all the problems come to an end shortly, i see light on the horizon, 😉 stay tuned !
  2. Just a update, they slowly moving into the "update matter", Gaya wrote in a e-mail they are about to finish LOWW v.1.2, it would be a matter of a week approx. They will release LOWW v1.2 there at the moment it will be available at the other shops. ...i ask me when LGKO is following cause this airport is also still a unfixed buggy release version here, still no refund or product move to ORBX.
  3. ...i just send a another remark about the problem as a warning to another FS Online Magazine (cruiselevel.de), they didnt aprove the commentary and try to hide the fraud same like MSFS Forum. Seams they are just another subordinate in this matter, what a shame ! I wonder if there are stil other big independent sites like AVSIM on the net.
  4. ...am not shure about it, could also a Shop fault cause of an ancient distibution system, why can ORBX support the customer with updates since 2 month allready ?
  5. @Tom_L, yes the "update problem" seam to appear also to MSFS Marketplace customers. ...am allready in contact with both companys over a longer time about the issue, both Simmarket & Gaya Simulations are informed about the problem ! Simmarket disagree about a refund cause they send the money allready to Gaya, Gaya refuse to send a updated installer to Simmarket. i will never ever purchase something again from Simmarket, i was over 16 years a customer, am completly filled up with that nerving politcs for now ! ...i asked Gaya if they trasfer my products to ORBX (the updates are there since 2 month`s allready), lets see what happens.
  6. yes, Simmarket has died for me (i was 16 years a customer), but i want justice or as gaya would maybe say "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"
  7. Hi, just a warning to all... Products for MSFS from Gaya Simulations (official MSFS Partner) like LOWW and LGKO wont be updated using the Simmarket Shop, there is no update at all since the release of update 1.1 two month ago ! Customers who buy the products wont get a refund if they was to much patient with the refund request while waiting for an update. Both companys Gaya Simulations & Simmarket wont help you in any way. Thread`s on MSFS Forum got closed and unlisted to hide the fraud ! additional infos here: EDDT, LOWW and LGKO update 1.1 [MSFS] - Gaya updates and versions info - Gaya Simulations Fourm (gaya-simulations.com)
  8. Kyle, hope we can expect a fix for the low res vc option soon, iam used to non pixelated cp lights and expect 2 to 4 frames more then :wink: JG
  9. ohh in this case the manual allow what you did, so spending more time on it wouldnt have helped, they need to fix the vc for fsx low res vc setting... so maybe some of us get rid of the "pixeled / moire effect" vc night lightning problem.
  10. ...the problem of the pixeled adjustable night lightning is an old one, the pmdg ngx and T7 have it also. If i fly my pmdg T7, i have the highres vc cockpit option in FSX settings disabled as it do help a lot against the problem, you only loose some text resolution of the displays. problem for me at the moment is you cant reduce it if flying the new 747 as it is buggy atm regarding fsx low res vc resolution setting. JG
  11. ...what you would need is the use of freedom, try something that enables your head to be inside the cockpit, enabled to move free, free from any supression. If youre brain recognice this, youre able to find the right tool enablein this.
  12. ...to reproduce this the easy way, simple make use of the low resolution cockpit option in FSX settings / airplane (dont check the high res cockpit option there). was also about to open a ticket but wanted to wait giving more important things room. ...i must admit that iam used to the the low res cockpit solution for the T7 and tryed that for this new "little girl" (the intro manuals allow you to if you have performance problems) but it simply remove the so called "moire effect" or "pixeled textures" from the adjustable cockpit night lightnings, which have a higher prio for me than a bit lower display text resolution. JG
  13. ...today i got to the same insufficient fuel problem, i loaded the saved flight, loaded fuel manualy, no problem. As i was in cruise, i prepared ground ops for the next flight using 35 minutes and 13600kg. While at the destination gate and after ground ops was done, the panel was compl. prepared, i started engine nr.2 and got that insuffcient fuel warning 1st time at all. it seams it only trigger using ground ops or adding fuel manualy using FSX interface (as i read here), i normaly disagree using FSX to refuel using addon planes which have tools for that. ...could it be that ground ops and "fsx refuel" use the same way to refuel the plane which lead to the problem ? JG
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