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  1. Yes. Uninstall it and reinstall it on the new computer with all the sim stuff and all. BUT, You must de-activate your licence on the FMC for each PMDG Aircraft before uninstalling it. That way you wont run in trouble of serial when you reinstall it somewhere else.
  2. yes i updated it via ops center. i use the default LONG state.
  3. Hello everyone, I just came across something on the upper eicam that says ''seatbelts off'' and just bellow ''seatbelts on'' all at the same time. The actual position of the knob was ''on''. Conditions: Just a quick ride on a trafic pattern at 3000' at LFMP. (FMC cruise Alt 3000 also). Is this a somehow a feature of the 747-8 or not ? Thanks in advance
  4. I dont have documentation for now but i tought it was known and clear, tested it on a levelD but anyway. I will try to find the docs.
  5. When you disconnect the autopilot on final for example, you swich the FDs on and off again so that the directors clear on the fd and the autopilot modes are ready for a go around. The reason to do that is to fly the final without an erronous fd indications on pfd after having passed a non-precision minima.
  6. Hello everyone, I wanted to ask pmdg if is there a fix coming for flight directors. When you recycle the flight directors, you reset the autopilot and annonciator so the directors on PFD should disappear which is not the case in pmdg 747/737/777. However this is in 737 i presumed it would be the case for the 747 as they share the same philosophy. Take Care
  7. Hi Richard, As far as i know the 777 is up to date and flying perfectly fine. They will only add rainmaker and efb. But for me i only need efb for performance calculations for 773 as topcat doesnt. I use navigraph charts on i pad with moving maps. I wouldnt say no to a good study level 789 but the last one bought was good but didnt meet my standarts. I think it all depends how you fly it. If you want a change i would suggest to wait for the 747-8. For me its the sole aircraft that has a set for four engines with the practicality of a T7 👌
  8. hello everyone, Any news i might have missed about the 744 update ? i remmember Rsr saying it would come around mid june. thanks
  9. I’d come but im passing last of my easa ATPL exams in june. Thanks to you im taking it to the next level. I hope you are aware of the influence of your products on people, no doubt the new product line will be impecable !!!
  10. Hello everyone Anybody else exited fo the EFB for the 777 ? So this also means the -300 will finally have an accurate preformance calculator as topcat didnot include the -300. 🤗
  11. Hello in glass cockpit aircraft with 3 IRS cuppled with GNSS it is too pricise to live these kind of approaches. All you will do is to fallow the magenta line and check your alt points. How aver if you can get an analogue cockpit aircraft (without EFIS) with a RMI and CDI or HSI so that you will have to chase needles for alignement and direction rather than a a line on navigation display. But since we are talking about state of the art pmdg aircrafts, you can use nd with full vor ils mode without entering the whole approach on fms and fly it by the plates. This is how you learn the basics. Good luck and enjoy
  12. What ever they do, i hope it is a mid-short haul aircraft Embraer or Bombardier etc or if older models, fokker would be just perfect :)
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