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  1. I’m surprised not many have heard of little nav map. It is an absolute gem for flight planning and flight tracking. One of the best freeware out there. Will never do a flight without it.
  2. Thank you. Just wanted to confirm that. Let me try again in a few flights after SU10 and report back. I believe we get an updated G1000 after SU10.
  3. I looked it up. Looks nice but i prefer 16:9 aspect ratio and also bigger screen so that I can read the tiny PFD on CRJs 🙂
  4. Budget not really a constraint. Can go to 55 inches and bigger but will sitting 3 ft away will that give me headaches? Anyone with 50 + size can chime in?
  5. Ok some good inputs here. I’m choosing LG because it has game mode which supposedly reduces input lag. Any advice here on using tv as monitor vis a vis latency etc. there are some cheaper brands like Xiaomi or TCL that offer 50 inches at the same cost of LG 43 inch. So that’s another dilemma.
  6. Thanks Richard for quick response.. follow on question - is 43" the sweet spot for size or should I go bigger.. I sit only about 3 ft away from the screen.. so don't want to get headaches etc..
  7. When I say can 3090 handle 4K, I mean, can it maintain 30 FPS like its doing now with 1080p? If its CPU limited, then maybe it should.. anybody moved from 1080 to 4K recently on SU9/SU10 can chime in?
  8. I have a RTX 3090 (see sig) and a 32" 1080p and have had great performance in SU9. Will probably be even better with SU10 DX12.. I run the sim at a notch below ULTRA and FPS locked to 30.. it rarely drops below 30, that too, only in JFK sorta airports with AI traffic.. But have always had a nagging feeling I'm not getting much out of my 3090.. so looking at a 43" LG 4K TV.. my 2nd monitor is 1080p 21" which I use for charts, etc. Can the 3090 handle 4K with fully loaded payware addons, HIGH/ULTRA settings? I run a 10900K @ 5.3 gigs, but suspect I might be CPU limited.. my GPU sleeps at 60C/30% most of the time.. I'm asking this question in the context of MSFS SU10.. so didn't think it belonged in hardware forum..
  9. I don't think anyone understood what I was saying.. lemme try again.. I always do manual landings and switch between outside view and scanning instruments.. and I can judge the flare by looking out.. but the attitude indicator tells me how many degrees my flare was at touchdown.. I check this during replays to improve my future landings along with touchdown rate, speed etc.. having FD ON will insert that purple crosshairs on top of the black crosshairs.. I only want to see the actual aircraft's attitude (black crosshairs or inverted V, more like ^) , not the FD's purple inverted V which is basically what the AP wants the aircraft to do.. so anyway, turning the AP off and FD off does not remove the purple ^ in the G1000.. but i'm able to turn it off in other planes like CRJ for instance which helps me judge my flare angle.. because now i'm only looking at the actual attitude and not having the purple ^ obscure my black ^..
  10. On a slightly different topic, is it possible to turn off the FD on the G1000? I found it wasn't possible.. I need to turn it off during manual landings so that it doesn't block my view of the attitude indicator when I flare..
  11. yes there is a thread on this topic.. the link where you installed google map mod has a proper uninstallation procedure which you have to follow.. it involves running some script or something to restore back to original state.. dont have that link with me now, but its a reversible process thankfully.. read those instructions again from that link..
  12. Wait, what?? are you sure about Gsx releasing this month? how come I haven't seen any news on this.. I check these forums 10 times a day!
  13. camera sdk was partially opened up I guess. that's why FSrealistic pro was able to make use of some of those camera effects.. 3rd party apps like chaseplane can give us tower view and fly-by views which are not natively available..
  14. ya I have both those mods and love that feature they implemented.. if freeware mods can do it, why can't they include it in payware mod?
  15. and yet somehow every major payware aircraft simulates this strapping down in cold and dark state.. so it has become a common expectation from users and we get surprised only when a payware product doesn't have an full cold and dark state..
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