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  1. I was just ruling out destination airport as a probable cause since it was default airport. Some airports like Palm Springs have a 1000 animated wind turbines in the background which can cause all kinds of fps issues. So this was not the case with the default airport I had chosen.
  2. Again, I have mentioned this many times. Fps as a whole is high but sudden drops in fps happen with Fbw which give that jerky effect. If fps was consistently low then I can dial down my settings and manage. But if it’s at 50 and drops to 35 every minute or so then that induces jerkiness.
  3. Yes fps was never the issue. It’s the fps spikes that cause stutter. Or smooth frame time is what we need to look at. Thing is I use gsx and fsltl with other planes too and don’t have these momentary fps drops. I understand this is a very difficult issue to track down. Some have it , others don’t.
  4. Are you also using gsx fsltl aiflow and aiground? Maybe it’s one of those programs that don’t play well with Fbw.
  5. Stutters were present during taxi to takeoff and also on final and touchdown on a default airport which should have been easy on fps. Also fsltl was at minimal setting during landing. Latest Exp version.
  6. Ya I’m not on discord anymore. It’s becoming hard to login to discord these days with so many verification questions to sign in. We have investigated this quite a bit few months ago when I sent you videos of fps spikes etc. but not sure I can spend that much time again. Mostly why I got fenix to satisfy my airbus cravings. Let me know if I can share info thru emaiL. That works for me.
  7. This is based on one test flight only that too with FSLTL.
  8. Sorry to burst your bubble but the stutters are still there. Much improved but still present and noticeable on the ground. Exp version.
  9. Does this happen with all your planes? Reason I ask is this same kinda thing used to happen only with Fbw A320 for me. Never happened with any other plane. So got fenix instead for my airbus craving.
  10. so my must haves in MSFS: 1. decent AI behavior without any shenanigans.. 2. Flyby and tower views 3. Audio headset key binding 4. better car LODs.. they keep disappearing too soon.. 5. better slew mode + camera control during slew mode except item 1, rest are minor fixes.. goes to show how far MSFS has matured since its launch.. loving every moment of it..
  11. To quote Michael Jackson: "You're not alone.. " I actually upvoted this feature request on MSFS polling site.. It is a must have cool feature!
  12. can you do something similar in MSFS? I will buy you a dozen beers.. seriously..
  13. just completed a TBM flight.. I did see one AI on the TCAS finally.. granted, I was flying in a less busy area.. let me make a few more flights and see if i can spot more..
  14. But we may not need the steps shown in the video anymore with new AAU update. can someone confirm if tcas is working on G3000 or G1000?
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