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    Have been with flight simulators since FS98.. Recently moved to FSX in 2014. Now, already pondering my migration to P3DV2.5 or XP10..

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  1. I really hope for a PBR update on all the models so that we need not use tomato shade.. That should help in wing textures loading faster as you pan between vc and wing views..
  2. vin747

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Chaseplane does take a toll on fps.. Don't know about ezdok.. But with new chaseplane version for 4.4, don't know how that is..
  3. vin747

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I hope that 10 to 15 fps improvement is across all phases of flight.. If I'm at 20 fps on final to eham, can I expect to be at 30 fps all factors being the same?
  4. I read some notes on improving Autogen draw distance and faster texture loading.. That should hopefully solve the long frames we get on final approach.. Also faster texture loading should solve the problem of delayed wing textures loading when you switch between vc and wing views.. Is my understanding correct?
  5. vin747

    FSX'ers. Understand this please.

    yep the long frames/micro-stutters are still very much there in P3D4.. the performance is way better than FSX altho the additional headroom in performance is gobbled up by all the eye candy like shadows, reflections, tomato shade, etc.. I've said it before and i'll say it again.. the real bottleneck is the CPU and whichever sim is able to crank more out of the CPU wins in the end.. be it thru vulkan or DX12..
  6. vin747

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    I do own chaseplane and its a wonderful addon.. although, call me crazy, but I have stopped using it and now i manually assign camera views thru the aircraft.cfg file.. the main reason is chaseplane causes 5 to 10 fps drop.. i have tested this like a dozen times and urge others to try the same.. just disable chaseplane and fps should go up by at least 5 - 7.. I did report this on their forums as well.. they couldnt notice it.. has anybody else seen this fps drop? 5 fps is life and death in an already old and burdened sim like P3D..
  7. I use XP11 for narrowbody (737/A320) regional/props helos GA night lighting ortho scenery PBR I use P3D4 for: PMDG widebodies QW 787 ORBX landclass Asian mega airport hubs awesome shaders Active sky UT live The biggest weakness of both these sims is not extracting maximum out of CPU and being hard on performance.. both the sims are very close in terms of overall appeal, but the one that solves the CPU bottleneck and offers better fluidity will come out the winner.
  8. vin747

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    it's one of the best aircraft you can buy in P3D and that too for a bargain.. u get -8, -9, -10 for just under 70 bucks.. lemme tell you a secret.. it was the real reason I jumped from XP11 to P3D4.. ssshhh... don't tell anyone.. ofcourse , once i came onboard, couldnt resist and ended up buying all PMDG widebodies.. no regrets there either! i love the awesome eye candy of QW 787 but one thing i found was it was harder on fps than PMDG.. that was before the update.. i havent tested it yet after the update.. busy with the 747-8.. do you guys think the FPS has improved after the update? also, @JimYoung, I dont think that's a good way to test the FPS.. you have a min fps of 16 (probably on final, from VC) and a max of 89 (maybe at cruise, spot view).. and say that your average is 40.. both the min and max dont matter as much as what the FPS is on final in the VC view.. thats the real bottleneck and any drop in fluidity during that phase of flight can really screw up your immersion and leave a bad taste after the flight.. i hope all FPS benchmarks can be made from the VC, 10 miles out on final approach.. that's the most demanding situation in any sim, and that's the climax of the entire flight where fluidity really makes a difference..
  9. vin747

    GPU not disconnecting

    Ya, mine is a self made saved state as well.. And it's cold and dark with nothing connected.. I also deleted all pmdg panel states.. So you can try saving your state with nothing connected and make that your default state.. What you described is you had gpu connected when you saved your state..
  10. vin747

    GPU not disconnecting

    I'm on the latest version of the 747 and p3d 4.3.
  11. vin747

    GPU not disconnecting

    I don't have this panel state problem anymore.. What I did was delete all panel states and made a new panel state where nothing was connected.. And then made that my default state.. Now I'm able to connect and disconnect gpu without a problem.. MauB - maybe you can try doing that as a short term fix.. This will not be a powered state, but a complete cold and dark..
  12. I downloaded the new update and tested the 747-8.. 1. panel state issue seems to be fixed... was able to connect/disconnect devices multiple times 2. panel lighting issue is fixed.. even during daytime, the integral panel lighting is bright and makes everything readable.. 3. When I turn the battery & Ext.Power ON, and when all the displays power up, the FPS drops by 7-8.. so at cold and dark, the FPS is 34 and when displays are powered up, its around 27-28.. and remains that way all the way until engine start.. anybody else observed this?
  13. vin747

    Some VR questions/concerns

    I did some quick performance tests.. I found an FSDG Lite airport which was really "Lite' in FPS.. i was able to maintain 40+ in PMDG 777 VC all thru the approach and taxi to gate with GSX working, UTlive at 35%.. so such airports are good candidates for VR.. on the other hand i did same experiment with FT EHAM and i only had 20 fps thru the whole approach.. would definitely give me headache in VR.. so we need a VR network of airports which can all guarantee 30-40 fps for the entire flight.. The other big challenge in VR apart from performance is the resolution.. even with PIMAX 4K i only get 360p level of quality and its hard to read tiny numbers.. of course the pop up PFD helps..
  14. vin747

    Some VR questions/concerns

    Maybe with aerosoft buses, VR should be even more feasible as they are usually the best performing of all tubeliners.. Q400 performs even better, but a smaller category of aircraft..
  15. vin747

    Some VR questions/concerns

    Thanks, yes you are right.. 30 fps should be enough as long as it's stutter free.. I still haven't reached that smoothness yet.. When on final, the airport loads and the Sim stutters.. But only the big airports do this.. Some small single runway airports are fine.. Let me give vr a try in p3d.. Apart from AFS2, I thought other Sims are just not VR material as on today.. Lemme give it a another try..