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  1. However ... It soon went back to its old ways of only running on the right tank. Having just purchased the TBM 850 from Black Square I had the same fault ! I went back into the Options for Fuel to see what I might have missed, and found that my right mouse button was slaved to the Right Tank !!! Problem is now definitely solved.
  2. Yup, I've rolled back to this version to try and cure mu CTDs. Then after SU14 I've had a couple of freezes too. So I don't think it's the whole solution.
  3. I just loaded SU14 and after my last (successful !) flight I hoped for another completed flight. It was not to be. My flight was EGMC to EGGD and the screen froze 20miles short .... at least it wasn't a CTD.
  4. Okay with my BlackSquare B58 I've now just completed a 21/2 hr flight from LOWI to EGMC in IMC most of the way and no CTD. Which "workaround" of the many I've tried enabled to complete this I don't know, and I've tried 'em all. I'm not convinced that it won't happen again.
  5. I managed to complete a night flight yesterday in the USA and benign weather, of about 2hr duration in the Vision jet (note not my normal BlackSquare B58), and no CTD .. hooray. This gives me a small hope of trying another longer distance trip across Europe tomorrow. Flying for any length of time in IMC does appear to have an impact on CTD typical ofthe OOM we used to get in FSX. At present I've uninstalled WU6, reduced my network speed to 500Mb + 1/2 duplex.
  6. I have now tried every reccommended workaround for my CTD's (including uninstalling WU6) and I still experienced a CTD approching EGGD from LOWI. I have just flown into EGGD from EGMC, no problem. So I am wondering if the length of time of the flight also has an impact on this issue. Having just read the above from mwa05, it is next on my list ....... though I've never rolled back a NVIDIA driver before though.
  7. I've tried reducing my internet speed to 500Mbs and half duplex, and I've reloaded the C++ library with update 3 (14.0.24215). I got to within 5 miles of EGGD after a few hours of flying from LOWI (using real time weather) AND ANOTHER (expletive deleted) CTD ! When will I land this plane ! Any other suggestions for workarounds I haven't tried will be welcome. I am losing the will to live.
  8. I've had 5 attempts trying to get from LOWI to EGGD and on my sixth I tried the NIC workaround ie 100MB and half duplex. I hadn't loaded an approach into my BlackSquare B38 with the TDS GTN 750 I did it by the ILS in my NAV 1 with the APR in my AP. I got to within 2 miles of touchdown (after a few hours of flying) and got stuffed with MY SIXTH CTD in a row ! When will I ever be able to land my plane again !!!
  9. I have lnm running on a networked PC, and recently I have been getting CTD's when starting an approach or towards the end of a long flight. Very frustrating. I no longer engage littlenavconnect, and navigraph simmlink and the last couple of longish flights have been free of ctd's. I suspect (and I have no evidence of this) that a recent update to MSFS has tweaked simmconnect to trip up mapping software that isn't paying dues to Microsoft.
  10. I seem to have a more fundamental problem/issue. I have copied the map theme files from the first link above (https://filetransfer.io/data-package/Oe1gNKee#link) and the second link is no longer viable; have you moved it lately ? The "Select Themes Directory" option from the Cache and Files menu found my Map Themes directory but would not list the .dgml file or the .png (unpacked from the link above) in the directory thus it says "No map themes found inside". Will an update be coming out soon to address these issues ?
  11. Hi. I have a Stamen API Key but I do not have the "Stamen API Key" option in the "Map Display Keys" screen. I have a "ThunderForest API Key" instead. I do have the StamenTerrain selected in my View/Themes. Can you help ?
  12. Bingo !!👍👍👍👍😊😊 That has done the trick. Thank you Noell for the tip. The key binding was in the Default profile so I had to save the mod as (yet another) mapping profile.
  13. Thanks for the tip Noelle but it din't work and is still the same.
  14. Hi, Has anyone had trouble with turning on the left fuel tank ? I can switch it on at start but at some point during flight it will turn itself off , and only feed from the right tank. I have to fly with the right tank set at cross feed all the time, I've forgotten a couple of times and run out of fuel when the right tank empties ... and I still can't switch the left tank to open. I just want to make sure I'm not doing something stupid before I put in a ticket.
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