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  1. Yup, I'm constantly getting CTD too (see topic below). Seems to happen soon after I start my descent. I'll try removing the .dat files (above) and see if it helps.
  2. I'm having difficulty in landing an aircraft. No matter where I fly, or in what aircraft B58 or Dahler TBM usually), during a descent, I get a CTD. I'm up to date on all updates and drivers and I prefer to fly within AH2 and use LittleNavMap too (both on networked PCs). It doesn't seem to matter how long the flight is, or what the weather conditions are. I'm running out of ideas on how to accurately identify the culprit. Is it something wrong in the autopilot, lack of memory (I've 4GB on the GPU and 32 Gb on the CPU) or what ?. The only consistent point where it CTDs is that I'm descending to an airport.
  3. Well I've eventually manged to complete the KCIU - LPHR without a CTD ... at the 4th attempt. At approx 3 hrs into the flight I "saved" the flight, quit MSFS (and had lunch), came back and loaded the saved flight. It took a few minutes to re-configure the aircraft, speed, nav etc. It helped I could fly direct to FRS at the start of the STAR to LPHR. I've got 32Gb cpu RAM and 6GB gpu RAM but it looks like anything more than about 4hrs flight time and the dreaded CTD will get you.
  4. Having said that. I've just come across the dreaded CTD (three times in succession) trying to complete a "direct" flight from KCIU to LPHR. All about 4 hrs (ish) into the flight just before TOD to start the STAR. The strange thing is when I flew LPHR - KCIU I had littlenavmap create a route with multiple waypoints, whereas on the return I flew direct to the STAR. Whether that is significant I do not know. I seem to remember a similar problem in FSX that could be worked around by pausing the flight and then resuming.
  5. I expect you've found out yourself now. Having had the CTD a couple of times I realised I was in "external view". I now fly most everywhere in high flying jets in "cockpit view" and not had a problem since, you can't see much at 43k anyway. In slower lower smaller piston twins it is not an issue.
  6. I'd hadn't changed the setting "Flight Conditions" in "World Map" for ages, but yes you were right. It changed itself after the last update, unless my faculties are failing ..... possibility! Obviously you can no longer change the weather status after initialising ?
  7. I've not been able to generate Live Weather for a few days. I've been trying to sort it out and tried most remedies found across the internet to no avail. Has anybody got any ideas on how to get my Live Weather to function again ?
  8. Hi Dutch1 Work your way through these two Understanding the Network Module and SimConnect (Part 1) - YouTube and Understanding the Network Module and SimConnect (Part 2) - YouTube because you still need this stuff on the client PCs. Then go to the Lorby_SI link above and modify the simconnect.xml file in the MSFS folder on the server/host PC.
  9. Thank you very much Lorby_SI. The tweak to the SimConnect.xml worked a treat. My AH2 MSFS is now fully functional working across my network and I'm a very happy bunny. Thanks again
  10. Thankyou for this information. I'll let you know how I get on.
  11. Hi, I understand that MSFS natively initialises SimConnect or am I mistaken ? Has anyone activated SimConnect for use across a network to use 3rd party software on client PCs ? How different is installing it on MSFS from installing it on FSX (which was a pain) ? I haven't been successful yet in using 3rd party software across a network but the glaring exception of LittleNavMap proves it can be done, albeit with their own LittleNavConnect plug-in. An idiots guide to initialising SimConnect with MSFS would be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. I have had a windows update reset my local network and give my PC's different ip addresses. It's easily fixed by editing the SimConnect config file.
  13. My default aircraft in the Baron G58. I can usually switch the fuel tanks on using the mouse. The latest update seems to have completely screwed operating these (floor mounted) valves. Does anyone know how to switch on the fuel ? Cheers
  14. I deleted the Ctrl+Shift+F1 mapping on all devices within P3D and it still happened. I had been trying to complete a (lucrative) task in AH2 from EKRA and had that application running on my other networked PC during all my efforts. If I changed airports (within P3D) the issue was still there. I've now cancelled the AH2 task and my issue has disappeared (I hope, I have been premature in my hope before). I doubt if I will ever get to the bottom of this but this is the weirdest issue I've had (so far) with FSX/P3D where it would appear that a SimmConnect(ed) application produces a spurious signal/command that shuts down the turbo
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