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  1. I've just had to re-install my Duke V2 (using the new installer) but I'm getting an Aircraft Initialisation error that alleges the Winglets are at fault. Does anyone know anything about this fault OR how I can get my favourite bird flying again ?
  2. thecanarian

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    I've just had to re-install the Duke V2 using the new installer, but I'm getting an initialisation error from FSX:SE re winglets. Has anybody seen this … and more importantly has anyone got a fix for my favourite bird !
  3. thecanarian

    Naming Private Networks

    I have a small private network at home connecting 2 PCs via a BT hub. I can see one of my PCs on the network schematic, but not the other. It appears that I have 3(?) names networks (don't ask me how this happened … lost in the mysteries of time). These are Ethernet, Ethernet2, and Ethernet3 all Private Network. Now my main PC connects to Ethernet2 and the other to Ethernet and I believe that this may be the fundamental reason why I can only "see" one PC on the schematics. It did seem that the old "Homegroup" facility was able to overcome this issue to a large degree. I can see a facility "Network Reset" does anyone have any experience with this as it seems a drastic action. I do use the applications (AS16, AH2) on one to pass data to the other so a rock solid network is important to me. I hope someone can help. Peter
  4. thecanarian

    Re-Install of SimConnect

    Seems like I was an .msi short of a full load. There's also a simconnect.msi file lurking in ...\LIB\ that needed to be loaded.
  5. I'm now at my wits end. Preamble: I had to overwrite my existing 32bit Win 10 OS on my client PC with the 64bit version to get the upgrade to 1709 to work (that's a long story by itself). I took this as a good opportunity to only re-install the applications that make my networked configuration of FSX:SE on the server PC fun, namely AS16, AH2 and PFPX. I have Installed and Repaired the simconnect.msi files from the folders RTM, SP1 and XPACK a couple of times now. I've made sure that the simconnect.cfg/ini/xml, files are all in the right (ad nauseam), all with he correct server IP address and Port no .......... and still nothing connects. I've punched holes in the Windows firewall and my Bullguard firewall and given read/write access to the relevant folders across the network (via Homegroup ..... no problems with Homegroup its now behaving better that it used to when the client PC was 32bit). I've even un-installed AS16, then "repaired" simconnect, to make sure it was on my client PC before AS16 was loaded again. What I would like is a way to determine if SimConnect is actually starting on my client PC, and if (as I suspect it ain't) an foolproof way of getting it to work. I hope someone can help
  6. thecanarian

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    However .... I've just spent over 90 mins with an agent from MS to try and fix why none of my internet browsers (4) would connect to either Google or Bing ... so I've rolled it back to 1703 ... again.
  7. thecanarian

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    At long last, just before I gave up hope of seeing my wife again, I've got the 1709 update 16299.125 build installed. At first glance the errors from the drop down menu are gone, and it appears it will fly FSX:SE, I'm far to knackered now to fly ... I've run out of hours.
  8. thecanarian

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    Has anyone tried loading update KB4051963, released today ??
  9. thecanarian

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    Just a thought. Has anyone updated to 1709 and NOT had any issues with FSX:SE ? Is it only a few or many ?
  10. thecanarian

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    The Windows support site do say they are aware of the problem, but more importantly it also affects a financial application called the Bloomberg Professional service. I expect if BIG money is involved it will be fixed, pdq, asap.
  11. thecanarian

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    Yup. I have two machines (networked) and on my secondary (client) machine I have AS16, PFP and AH2. I noticed that it was 1703 and that no updates were outstanding, but I foolishly clicked on the "Check for Updates" and it took off downloading 1709. I have Win 10 Home on both. I've switched off the facility for one machine to update the other and so far my server PC remains at 1703. A general question : If you do roll back to 1703 after updating to 1709, how long have you got at this version number before it gets automatically overwritten ? And another : Is it for Windows to fix 1709 or DTG to adapt FSX:SE ?
  12. thecanarian

    FSX-SE no longer compatible with Windows 10

    I haven't any of the above issues at the moment. I've just checked and the last update was 1703 in July. Is the suspect update (1709) only available in the USA ? (I'm in the UK). I will certainly watch my machine like a hawk now and not accept a W10 update until its resolved.
  13. thecanarian

    Blurry ground textures problem

    To update this topic : I've just used the facility within the Steam front screen (click on the Steam desktop icon) and navigated to Games List/Right Click on the FSX entry and chose Properties/Local Files/Verify Integrity of installation. This check came up with over 8000 files that needed re-acquiring .... time for a cup of tea. The blurries got cured but then I had scenery morphing. The cure for this is found on the Orbx forums but it just requires a new terrain.cfg copied from the Orbx/Scripts/FTXCentral/Work folder.
  14. thecanarian

    Blurry ground textures problem

    After many months/years of not having this blurry problem it has now reared its ugly head again. Particularly after sustained high altitude cruising. I'm using FSX:SE and I note that the fsx.cfg is now missing from the user folder C:\user\your name\app data\roaming\microsoft\fsx:SE. ( it is still there in the .....\fsx folder) I have a fair amount of ORBX scenery, an i7, win 10; whatever, the point being it has handled the scenery set up, GTN 750, and add on aircraft okay until just recently. The work around I'm using at the moment is to "save" the flight, exit the flight, then reload the saved flight. Its a bit of a pain but it does the trick. Is there a way to tweak a FSX:SE installation if I can't find/access the fsx.cfg file ??
  15. Thanks for this info Lownslo. I've tried a quick check flight in the Duke V2 with both GTN's assigned to your affinity settings and it seems to have done the job very nicely. Thank you Peter