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  1. My default aircraft in the Baron G58. I can usually switch the fuel tanks on using the mouse. The latest update seems to have completely screwed operating these (floor mounted) valves. Does anyone know how to switch on the fuel ? Cheers
  2. I deleted the Ctrl+Shift+F1 mapping on all devices within P3D and it still happened. I had been trying to complete a (lucrative) task in AH2 from EKRA and had that application running on my other networked PC during all my efforts. If I changed airports (within P3D) the issue was still there. I've now cancelled the AH2 task and my issue has disappeared (I hope, I have been premature in my hope before). I doubt if I will ever get to the bottom of this but this is the weirdest issue I've had (so far) with FSX/P3D where it would appear that a SimmConnect(ed) application produces a spurious signal/command that shuts down the turbo
  3. Thanks for the reply w6kd. It is a Ctrl+Shift+F1 command that's doing it. I've just got to track down where its coming from.
  4. Hi, The weirdest thing has just happened. The fuel flow in the engines in all my turbo props (from whichever third party) stops soon after they are fired up. It could be 1 min, 30 secs, or 5 mins later. Pure jets and reciprocating engines are still fine. The last time I landed I whacked it into reverse thrust using a mapped key on my Saitek Pro X52. Since then I can't get any turbo prop going. Has anyone any ideas on how to identify where this issue would actually lay ? I've "repaired" all three .exe install files from Lockheed Martin and I'm wary of having to do a complete uninstall/ re-instrall. Thanks
  5. I'm having concerns about installing this gauge. I love the (Flight1) GTN 750, based on Garmins' own product, and have been using it for years BUT I'm old enough to remember back in the 80's and 90's that there were many litigations against smaller software companies stealing the "look and feel" of popular software. If this gauge has been sanctioned by Garmin then I don't have a problem. Does anyone know ??
  6. This could very well be what happened. It would have been helpful if either STEAM/MS explain this at the point of sale, or have this as a FAQ in the (un)Help(ful) section, because you can never get the answer you need from the Help section when you need'em.
  7. Thanks for the info and insights Chock. I've just ordered the 500Gb SSD in preparation for the DLC from MS, I hadn't realised how cheap they were ! I was tending towards MS, and the no hassle updates from the word go is a bonus, so your helpful nudge sealed it. Peter
  8. I have just decided that as there have been a few updates (I never buy V1.0 of any software) now is the time to get to grips with MSFS 2020 after 15 or so years with FSX/FSX:SE/P3D v4. My first experience has not been good. I had to get a refund from STEAM as they supplied me with the Standard version instead of the Premium Deluxe Bundle I had paid for. This was a DLC package and it took 22 hours to download, with the USA update another 2 hours on top. Then to find out I'd got the wrong version and tried (and failed) to grapple with the unHelpful support process within Steam : then decided on a refund. My question is : Would it be best to sell my soul to the devil and use the DLC from Microsoft themselves OR buy the 10 DVD box set from a third party supplier ? All answers welcome Peter
  9. Thanks for the quick response. I missed the relevant chapter when scanning the index in the user manual. Looks like I've got some studying to do now to use it effectively.
  10. Hi I did try Little NavMap a couple of years ago but failed to set it up on my network. I thought I'd try again as it might now be easier (?). The issue is that the Little NavMap on my client PC thinks it is attached to XP11, it says this in the title bar (Little NavMap 2.4.5 - XP11/N). The main menu option Tools-Flight Simmulator Coonection (3rd option) works when I attach via Little NavConnect to my server/host PC running the simulator (P3Dv4.5), it painted my aircraft at the correct place. However when I try to use the main menu Scenery Library - Load Scenery Library the only option I get in the "Simulator" option is X Plane 11. I've deleted the directory and re-downloaded and unzipped three times so I'm beginning to think that there is a hidden/buried configuration item somewhere that just ain't right.
  11. Hi. I'm also having trouble with gauges that use SimmConnect (Flight1 G500/600, and the GTN750 has gone temperamental)ever since I tried to load the FSX:SE Beta, even though I rolled it back when it didn't complete the install (locked file). I do have the SimmConnect.dll in the top level FSX directory. Is there any other checks I need to do. Nb. I already have ASN, AH2 etc on a separate PC across a network and they seem to be okay, it only seems to be the gauges that use it local to my server PC that are stuffed.
  12. I've just had a similar problem after a failed beta install of FSX:SE. After the failed beta install (locked font file) I returned to the latest Steam version of FSX and things haven't been the same since. Not only does the native G600 cease to work but the Flight1 G500/600 has failed too. I did find that switching the aircraft battery on and off helped to start the instruments (GTN750 and G500/600) but the G500/600 does not update. I've uninstalled the gauges and re-installed likewise with the aircraft (Seminole) but still the error persists. This is also true with the Chieftain, that has similar gauges.
  13. It seems that the last couple of minor(?) updates have upset my network adaptor, or at least they ain't friends no more, 'cause it keeps issuing a new IP address and plays havoc with my SimConnect files. Bah Humbug !
  14. There is some info here that may help. Once you've got the configuration sorted it is well worth the effort to have AS16 on a different PC
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