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  1. and how come the biggest issue on A310 (fast WASM compilation and resulting bad fps) is not even on that list under A310?
  2. I agree, the A310 is a very addictive plane.. it's like a cute baby 777 or a chubby 767.. 😄.... and has been modeled exceptionally well by inibuilds..
  3. haha.. far too long in a good way.. can always lean on pmdg for reliable addons across many sims from fs9 days.. not a big fan of RSR's PR or their annoying "full name required, first and last" in almost every post they answer on their forums.. but their products are good for regular day to day simming..
  4. @guenseli Looks like you have taken down your fast alpha scripts from flightsim.to.. maybe you are uploading an update? Thanks for working on the FCU knobs.. Can you also include the lights in your next update? I want to map them to my honeycomb alpha yoke light switches. I got this list from the inibuilds support forum.. but have no clue how to convert these Lvars into an AAO script.. that stuff goes over my head.. 🙄 A310_BEACON_LIGHT_SWITCH (0 = Off, 1 = On)A310_LANDING_LIGHT_L_SWITCH (0 = On, 2 = Off)A310_LANDING_LIGHT_R_SWITCH (0 = On, 2 = Off)A310_TAXI_LIGHTS_SWITCH (0 = T.O., 1 = Taxi, 2 = Off)A310_RWY_TURNOFF_L_SWITCH (0 = Off, 1 = On)A310_RWY_TURNOFF_R_SWITCH (0 = Off, 1 = On)A310_NAV_LOGO_LIGHT_SWITCH (0 = On, 2 = Off)A310_POTENTIOMETER_24 (0 = Strobe On, 2 = Strobe Off)
  5. no, static AI is well, static.. so its parking positions dont change dynamically.. you have to know which gates are free vs occupied.. i do that home work before getting into a flight.. nowadays i use FSLTL though instead of latinvfr AI..
  6. Yes, fuel planning estimates are given in simbrief/PFPX.. importing winds aloft should give better fuel predictions in FMC i guess.. Its all those little features that make it great for long haul.. like the TOD pause you mentioned and many others.. A310 is great, so is FENIX.. but both are still new products and are not yet polished to the extent of PMDG who have been in this business for far too long.. They know how to optimize for fps, and what key features to offer and what to drop.. I also love the ground equipment etc that pmdg offers, which is great alternative just incase GSX bugs out in a particular flight.. Not to mention the other features like historical weather etc in P3d which dovetailed so well into pmdg's long haul experience.. I measure every airline with that pmdg benchmark.. FENIX and A310 do surpass pmdg in some areas like cabin modeling, textures, etc., but for serious long haul flights, pmdg is still the way to go.. you don't wanna get into a 14 hour flight and have a CTD after the 10th hour and lose everything.. with pmdg, its like money in the bank.. your flights are saved perfectly with full panel state recovery.. so waiting for their 777s and 747s..
  7. umm.. I w'd rather do my really long hauls with something dependable like PMDG 777/747 series.. lemme explain - for any real long hauler, few basic things are required which have been staple of pmdg since fs9 days.. we need accurate and comprehensive panel save states.. without that, forget about long hauls.. next we need intuitive sim acceleration like in pmdg.. then we need stuff like winds aloft import features so you can do accurate fuel planning.. finally some quality of life features like remote mcdu, efb to mcdu data transfer etc will be icing on the cake.. thats why i still lean on pmdg for my regular long hauls.. A310 can easily get there if these features are on their charter..
  8. if that's because of AIRAC conflict, that doesn't bode well for me.. I have an outdated airac from simbrief... 🙄
  9. @virtuali thanks for the regular updates. Awesome product ! is it possible to add wheel chocks to an aircraft that doesn’t have such an option in its efb? I know gsx can place cones around the aircraft and knows intimately every coordinate of the aircraft geometry. So it should be possible to detect the tyres location and put some chocks around them. Just a suggestion. the ini A310 doesn’t have any ground equipment yet like gpu or chocks. So was just wondering.
  10. Can someone find out how to do time accel or sim rate increase? It’s a must for long haulers. Sim rate bandit mod can do it if inibuilds has allowed it and not put a cap on it.
  11. V1 simulations did a live stream with A310 flying out of inibuilds Klax. Guess how the experience was.. 😆
  12. Init b page works fine for me. I know it’s fps heavy but I fly the A310 mostly in Africa or middle east, Pakistan and India. These are the only remaining main operators. So in these places fps is pretty good. don’t fly this in lax or egll that’s asking for trouble. Also no A310 operates in developed countries anymore except may be air transat and they seized ops after Covid. A310 freighter may still operate in developed countries though.
  13. Now we need some good AAO scripts for mapping hardware controls. @guenseli where art thou? 🙏
  14. Looks absolutely gorgeous! anybody figured out how to get wheel chocks on this during cold and dark? I couldn’t find it as part of ground equipment in the EFB while watching their YouTube video. Still downloading su11 so can’t test for myself yet.
  15. ya I have AAo scripts for fenix.. works great with my honeycomb yoke and bravo throttles..
  16. I hope the Fbw A380 doesn’t have these mysterious stutters. I have investigated this issue so deeply with devs and no solution yet. Gave up and bought fenix.
  17. Fenix doesn’t have these annoying stutters. It’s one of the main reasons I paid for a n airbus when we have a high quality freeware airbus. But having paid for fenix I’m enjoying all the other goodies it brings on top of Fbw mod. fenix is about 5 fps lower than pmdg on average. Just something to be aware of when you buy it. Adjust settings accordingly.
  18. Always plug main gpu to monitor. You can choose integrated gpu for fenix but I think it takes care of it internally. If you plug IGpu to monitor then you will get less than 10 fps.
  19. better to wait for ADIRS to align and for boarding to complete, before you fill the PERF page.. the fuel prediction numbers for every way point etc get calculated only after ADIRS aligns.. until then the route navigation that you put into MCDU is incomplete..
  20. I'm a flightsim junkie, forever in rehab..
  21. I have a static desktop wallpaper and still get this hard pause every 60 or 80s only with the Fbw neo. All other planes are okay. Go figure!
  22. In my engineering company, there's a saying: "All models are wrong. Some are useful." Any simulation only tries to mimic reality.. so, taking a balanced approach to get decent accuracy (+/- 0.3 deg of AoA in this case) and then hitting the other major targets that impact 99% of the simmers (IAE, Sharklets, smooth landings) will be the best way forward..
  23. But other planes still fly and land smoothly in this imperfect MSFS atmosphere. So it can be done whether you fly by the numbers or not.
  24. When I said issue happens only with Fbw planes I meant the freeware neo not fenix which is also a Fbw plane technically. 😀
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