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  1. For the Approach Phase to activate automatically the D must be magenta. If it is white it will not activate automatically. If you cross D with speed selected rather than managed it will be white. For destination data there is usually a scratchpad reminder well before T/D.
  2. Because the managed vertical mode is not working it just loads the constraints from the database but doesn't calculate the predictions for waypoints between the constraints. With managed climb I can't say I have noticed an issue although if it is lightly loaded I would expect a high rate of climb . With descent, again, there is no management of the vertical profile so it pitches to maintain the required speed with idle thrust at the moment. That's how I interpret the current behaviour.
  3. Happens to me too although not necessarily a leak: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/performance-degradation-after-extended-period-of-play/434197
  4. Same for me: A320NX EGPH to LGSM. Started around 30 fps and would have finished around 12 fps. I managed to get it up to 16fps by selecting the external view a few times to finish the flight. 1080ti, 9900k, 32Gb RAM. Will try the live traffic trick next time.
  5. FBW A320 hangs on loading for me. DA62 Improvement Mod similar. The whole PC hung at one point which is unheard of on my machine. Flyinside Bell47G works okay.
  6. I am also waiting to see if DX12 generates any extra VRAM requirements. Not yet convinced 12Gb will be enough.
  7. It may be worth reviewing their current and planned work in detail before making these staements.
  8. As far as I know the only one continually updated at present is Development. The Experimental was last updated 4th May. See here: https://docs.flybywiresim.com/start/installation/ There is a Custom Flight Plan Manager version around somewhere but It doesnt run when you load it (LCD's and other displays de energised) so its probably not for general use. I believe they said it would be added to Experimental at some point soon. There is so much amazing work going on that it is difficult to keep up with it.
  9. If it helps anyone, I fixed the problem as follows: 1) Empty Community folder 2) Go to Settings, Apps, Microsoft Store, 3) Choose Advanced options, Reset (the store) 4) Reboot 5) Go to Store and hopefully the update will appear after a while 6) Install update and check MSFS loads, 7) Restore Community contents. You may get away with not doing anything to Community.
  10. Thanks for help. I tried the official site as suggested but it eventually takes you back to the UK Store where I get an update installation error. MSFS starts okay and is still I notice that the Content Manager thinks that none of my community folder items are installed even though they are all in the folder. I feel a reinstall from a disk image coming on. The whole MSFS structure is appalling in my view. Last time I had a similar issue (could not reinstall MSFS from the store) I had to reinstall MSFS and the whole operating system from an month old disk image.
  11. Just checked again; It always starts windowed for me probably because I always exit in windowed. It's the first time that 'Checking For Updates' has not pointed me towards the store to update. That seems to be normal for this update. Checked the store numerous times. Logged out and in to Store. The only option in store is 'Manage'. Still
  12. No amount of rebooting, logging out and in to Microsoft Store store or removing Community folder contents will make 1.15.10 appear so stuck on 1.15.8. First time I've been unable to update MSFS. Further suggestions appreciated short of a full reinstall.
  13. https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/tree/autopilot/docs
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