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  1. Mine updated okay with a 1080ti. I think it needs the 450 driver to take full advantage of 2004. Currently on 446.14 with no significant issues.
  2. 9900K has larger L3 cache 16Mb Vs 12Mb than 9700k. Thats about it. Definitely HT off. NH-D15 for me also. EIST on so that volts low on light load.
  3. I gave up testing with Prime long ago and just use Realbench. Even that produces more heat than P3d V5. Try my settings if you like. MSI z390 motherboard.
  4. You can try my settings if you like. My system is very similar. HT must be off. CPU Ratio. 52 CPU ratio Dynamic AVX offset. 0 EIST enabled. Enhanced Turbo on Core voltage mode: Adaptive + Offset Core volts 1.31 Offset mode + Core volts offset. 0.02 Load Line Calibration; Mode 4 This allows voltage reduction on light load. Temps with P3D V5 60 C. With Realbench peaks around 80 C. Been running like that for about 18 Months.
  5. Ive found the MSI z390 Ace to be excellent with regular driver, bios and software updates. Been running my 9900k at 5.2Ghz for the last 14 months.
  6. 9900k L3 cache 16Mb. 9700k 12Mb. Also many posts (and my own experience) suggest HT off for P3D.
  7. The question has been discussed many times on this forum. My Noctua NH-D15 single fan cools the 9900K at 5.2Ghz (HT off 1.3V, C States all active) to less the 70C P3d and less than 80C on Realbench 2.43. You have to adjust the fan curve appropriately for max cooling at full load. Disadvantages compared with a water cooler: Very large heatsink. A second fan may foul the memory. A bit more stress on the MB if you move the PC regularly. Not as elegant. Brown fans are ugly but can be replaced with other colours. Advantages compared with a water cooler. No leak risk. Significantly cheaper. Pretty sure there is an alternative from Noctua that reduces the memory fouling and is similar in cooling performance but I've had mine for several years on different CPU's.
  8. Ditto. 5.2 on air all cores, HT off. Single fan on Noctua. Temps 75C. Volts 1.3.
  9. Is the bios loaded with default values. Install OS with defaults set and then drivers.
  10. You may wish to consider things other than the type and complexity of the aircraft. 1) Do they have a support forum? 2) Can you access all parts of the forums and evaluate their response to issues without purchasing? 3) If you can access the forums then how rapidly do they respond to bugs and agree to fix? 4) Is there a requirement to use your real name as your forum name and does this concern you? 5) Do they have a support contact and how quick is the response? 6) Do pilot that actually fly the aircraft visit the forums to give suggestions and report bugs? 7) Are there videos on you tube you can use to help you? 8 What documenation is provided? 9) Are liveries free or paid for?
  11. Ive used the Msi board. You don't need water cooling. See last pages here:
  12. I agree regarding the S but I had the cooler before the S version came out. By way of an update, I've settled on 5.225Ghz (HT off, no AVX offset) now. The Msi Dragon Centre has a hardware monitoring tool that more or less reflects the actual Vcore on the DVM (under reads by 0.02 volts). Vcore is now 1.27 to1.3 volts max. temperature up to mid 70's C. i could probably tweak the fan curve to improve that at the expense of slightly more noise. 'Idle' volts around 0.7 to 0.9.
  13. I think he has mounted it vertically because the first fan on the Noctua will foul the memory when mounted horizontally - at least it did for me, hence I only use one fan between the two sets of fins.
  14. I've finally finished tweaking my 9900K and settled on 5.1Ghz (HT off, AVX offset zero) at 1.28V on the DVM. 5.2Ghz was probably achievable but not worth the voltage bump to say 1.37. I found to my horror that the Vcore that is shown on HW Monitor and CPUZ bears no resemblance to the voltage read with a DVM.The CPU volts were actually 1.4 when CPUZ shows 1.17 so beware. With respect to the cooling solution the NH-D15 with a single fan easily cools it at around the high 60's to low 70's C. Even at 5.2Ghz the temperatures are in high 70's. The MB CPU fan controller doesn't even set maximum fan speed unless temperature >80C. Heatsink is mounted transversely for airflow across the case rather than vertically as in Rob's photo's. MB is Msi z390 Ace. Case is Coolermaster H500. All testing with Realbench 2.43.
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