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  1. Good to know, so I will install it in parallel to test it until the add-ons are migrated
  2. Other question I have, can we have both P3D v4 and v5 installed? I'm just about to install mine to test and would like to confirm it
  3. I hardly believe LM would change the whole sim SDK / API from DirectX to Vulkan, for sure they will move to DX12, but moving to DX12 doesn't mean it will gain performance, if the resources (CPU, GPU, Memory etc) won't be well addressed. A framework just don't do any miracle just by using it, you must optimize it. DX12 didn't show your full potential so far, some AAA titles using it, you actually find worse performance than DX11, like Battlefield 1, Battlefront I and II, Tomb Raider and many others.
  4. I'm using the Dispatcher, but it's terrible, I can't insert the values
  5. I use PFPX to generate my route, payload, fuel etc For PMDG it's super easy to setup the same results that I get from PFPX, but on QW it's weird, I need to insert the balance to cargo areas and take care to balanced CG. Is there a way to make like PMDG? That I insert the payload amount and the fuel amount, the aircraft calculates itself the best way? Thanks
  6. I'm trying to update my Navigraph to 1806 but I'm getting this error: "An error occurred while trying to copy a file: Out of memory." It's happening with all products I'm trying to update. Anyone knows what is happening?
  7. I meant selecting it directly from Stratup screen, not starting with F22 and then the PMDG 747. Will try that then. Thanks
  8. I'm getting CTD everytime I load 747 v3. I always load 747 directly and it's ready to fly, then I change to cold and dark, when the countdown is about 9 seconds I get CTD.
  9. Really hope MD11 will be on what you're working on, it will unexpected since already stated you won't.. but listening to the community could have you change your mind.
  10. It's my dream to see my GTX 1080 Ti reaching 100% on P3D, it gets only around 40% to have around 20~30 fps
  11. I use ATOM, which is more complex than Notepad++, but I installed Notepad++ just in case, it doesn't even recognize the encoding and give me NULL to all characters, any other way to edit it? Do you know what is the encoding used by LM?
  12. Hello! I'm trying to install IVAP v2 on P3D v4.1 and I found my SimObjects.cfg file this way: https://ibb.co/k1Ckow If I insert the Entry 10, the file format will be corrupted, because inside P3D the aircraft selection becomes blank. See the inserted entry how looks like: https://ibb.co/eXrgvb And all my CFG files looks like this. Thanks in advance!
  13. For previous version we had a patch to merge Soft Clouds with REX 4, will it be possible?
  14. The performance you mentioned, are you overclocking the 1800X to 4Ghz? What OC did you have with 4770k? Nice information to provide, I believe XP11 will have faster support for + cores because they already said they will move to Vulkan API
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