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  1. Hi, I love this software so much that I just subscribed for Navigraph and fsaero data. After following all the steps in fsaero setup guide, I think I've updated it successfully and fsaero entries show up in my Secnery.cfg file. But I'm still not too sure since there is no way to tell the revision of nav data used in LNW. Just wondering, is there a way to confirm that LNW now is using the latest data? Should I reload scenery library in LNM after fsaero update? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I'm getting too confused with all these different SID/STAR database... I used LNM to form a flight plan and exported the rte file to my PMDG 737NGX. But both the runway number and available STAR at my destination are different from the ones in PMDG FMC... What's the difference between sim's approach database and Navigraph's update for PMDG FMC? If I use the fsAerodata to update LNM, will I solve this problem? THANKS!
  3. thanks, I'll try to reduce the saturation to see if it helps
  4. I was just wonder why no one is mentioning this big event....
  5. Here is my screen capture https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33658774/Desktop2017.07.25-
  6. The thing is the entire road surface is orange...from high altitude they look like strips of solid orange, which are far from being realistic imo.
  7. Probably the only aspect about night lighting I don't like is the orange street/high way lighting. I've tried using the FTX global lighting tool to set the smallest amount of orange light. But it is still too much. Is there any way to turn it to yellow or white? Thanks guys!
  8. Thanks for reply. It seems to me that 737 is much more optimized, it flies like a dream. I got constantly 35+ fps on landing and taking off at a major airport. How I wish 777 and 747 are optimized to the same level...
  9. I kinda lack the motivation to download all the installers... For those who have updated already, are there any performance gains after the updates? I did not have many problems with PMDG other than Low FPS with 747 and 777. So don't really feel like upgrading.
  10. Hi guys, Just stumbled on this new online VA called Simbuddy (https://www.simbuddy.com/virtual-airline.php) looks very legit and cool. Has anyone used it? How is your experience? What other online VA or applications do you recommends? I've been using AH2 for sometime, but it is really not meant for airliner and is too buggy to use, at least for now.
  11. thanks for the excellent instruction, i've set it up and will start enjoying them soon.
  12. hi, excellent screenshot! a few questions regarding the ASCA sets, on your website, it says "This will provide you with 11 day sets for dynamic change with ASCA. Please don't forget to activate them in ASCA Wx Influence Configurator." How do I know that it is a 11 day sets and every day is different? And how to activate them in Wx Influence? Can you elaborate? Also, in the ASCA manual, it says "Wx profiles/assignments are NOT USED for FULL DYNAMICS Theme Mode." so I guess you can only use Global Automatic Mode?
  13. the price of almost $100 is absurd imho....even more expensive than orbx ftx, but make minimal visual differences. i'd rather stick with the old ultimate.
  14. does the AFM2 tool included in NG work with the old Ultimate? can it be downloaded anywhere?
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