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  1. Hello Mr. Foti, any chance you are running a promotion besides your bundle packs? I see many developers doing something for April 1 and working from home status. Just curious as I plan to pickup the 747 CDU and EFB for PMDG here soon to go along with my already owned NGXu server. Much appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Yes I see that AMD is required for FreeSync, but I'm not too bothered about that. The native refresh rate is 75hz, I usually game at 60fps or less, and thinking 1/2 refesh rate for P3D / X-Plane, is 37.5 fps which my system can hold all day long. I am coming from a 34'' and I really love 21:9 so I would like to keep that size increase. That being said, do you think that Acer is a good move? I have also been told to ditch the gimmick HDR as the nit count is too low to matter?
  3. Yeah I thought so, but the 21:9 aspect is really what I am after and the sim pit location cannot support a TV.
  4. They offered another similar display, but after being lied to, waiting over a month, and being stuck on a small 1080p screen for so long I asked for a refund. Then I can put all this behind me and purchase a new one now.
  5. I'm still reeling from the last phone call I was on so I will keep this short. I Sent my LG 34'' 21:9 Curved display in for Service March 14th. I have been promised a 10 day turnaround. I have called and called, first they said they needed a part. Then they told me the tech hasn't worked on it yet. A full month later and now I got to the bottom of after telling them to cut the crap. Well, you could see it coming, LG LOST IT. They shipped it to someone not even in my State and its now gone. After raising hell I now have $1500ish to spend on a new display. What should I get? https://www.pcmag.com/review/349921/lg-38uc99-w Or https://www.pcmag.com/review/352427/acer-xr382cqk Or something even better that I am not aware of. @Rob Ainscough Thanks for letting me vent guys. I paid over $1000 for this 34'' back when it was new. The original display was the 34UC97-S.
  6. Let me know how you like it. I was curious about that one as well.
  7. DTG said they plan to eventually have the full route on the NEC.
  8. No sorry I dont spend any time in the cabin, dont even know how to get there lol.
  9. Input your weights in INIT B, fill out runway and flap information. Then you can left or right click (don't recall which exactly) VR and V2 and they will populate. V1 does not auto calc, I always take the VR number subtract 1 and insert that into V1. If the runway is wet I subtract 10.
  10. I use both sims, love both. In my opinion I feel more like I am flying in XP vs P3D. I do hold a couple ratings so I have flown real world also. I appreciate opinions, comments, and a lively smart debate about each platform. Both have their own Pros and Cons. That being said, I would still like the opportunity to give PMDG my money to have an airliner of there's installed into my XP11 directory. The day I get to do that I will jump for joy, that is a fact.
  11. Well here is something odd or rather surprising. I changed the visual effects from Maximum HDR+SSAO to one increment left of HDR. Then I was able to set my AA to FULL RIGHT and still achieve 30 fps in the VC. What is surprising is that HDR+SSAO takes such a huge hit. Sure I would love to have it enabled and just run 4xAA but even this was too much on the FPS. Weird, maybe one day? Is this the trade off balance we must accept I wonder?
  12. Guys I am curious what the best method for Anti-Aliasing is in XP in its most recent state. I am currently on 11.20vr3 and have a 1080Ti. I was flying around in the FF A320 and normally run 2x SSAA+FXAA. However I see people running 4x or even 8x in sim with a 980Ti. I tried going to 4x and my displays looked amazing in the FF A320, however I noticed if I looked in certain parts of the cockpit it would drop to 21-19 or lower. However in outside view the frames are awesome even at 4x I have a strong system (See Sig) and get great fps in all situations at 2x. Im wondering if I make some changes to Nvidia Control Panel or use Nvidia Inspector can I help things out? My native resolution is 3440x1440. Thanks guys.
  13. Oh god, thats awful. I would be rotating the wrong way EVERY time.
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