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  1. Guys I am curious what the best method for Anti-Aliasing is in XP in its most recent state. I am currently on 11.20vr3 and have a 1080Ti. I was flying around in the FF A320 and normally run 2x SSAA+FXAA. However I see people running 4x or even 8x in sim with a 980Ti. I tried going to 4x and my displays looked amazing in the FF A320, however I noticed if I looked in certain parts of the cockpit it would drop to 21-19 or lower. However in outside view the frames are awesome even at 4x I have a strong system (See Sig) and get great fps in all situations at 2x. Im wondering if I make some changes to Nvidia Control Panel or use Nvidia Inspector can I help things out? My native resolution is 3440x1440. Thanks guys.
  2. Oh god, thats awful. I would be rotating the wrong way EVERY time.

    The price has gone up and down, recently was 499+ Price is adjusted in the CL posting.
  4. So far I changed the page file back to OS control and things have stabilized, so fingers crossed right now. Wonder why / how did that mess things up?
  5. Stock and MisterX6 sceneries and one HM Mesh pack for the PHX area. I have a RAM readout on my keyboard and its never over 60%, the Vram I changed the texture quality to high, you really think it exceeds 10+ gb?
  6. Hey guys, I am looking for some help on this, I have tried all I know so far. I am very frequently getting the two above warnings/errors all the time and I never used to. XP11.20vr3 IXEG 737 or FF A320. Intel i7 6700K HT On 4.80Ghz, 16GB Ram, SSD, EVGA 1080Ti 11gb. Settings are in the snapshot below and my native resolution is 3440x1440. I have no idea what else to try, I have no scripts running in FlyWithLUA, and nothing else that I can think of that would be interfering.
  7. So glad this thread popped up, redownloaded.
  8. I didn't realize the effect had to be enabled to also hear the sounds, is this correct?
  9. Any updates so far? I think we are well into Qtr 1 now.
  10. How is your steering assigned? In P3D, FSUIPC? Is it via steering tiller, or rudder axis? Is auto rudder ticked? It is also normal for rudder to adjust nosewheel steering substantially less than tiller, if thats how you have it configured and are above 35kts.
  11. For sale is a Brand New in Box, VR Headset from Samsung. The resolution and view angle is far superior then the Occulus Rift or Vive. Virtually no screen door effect. I am asking $480. New is $500 plus the tax. This is a brand new unit and I consider this final price a steal. I have it up on Craigslist as well, click here for more info. Mods, read the rules i didnt see anything about attaching a link with more detailed info. If not allowed I apologize. Angelo Cosma
  12. He is probably asking because updating to 4.2 breaks the FSL A320 and you can no longer fly it until FSL pushes an update.
  13. Following.
  14. I didn't really see anything in the thread that would suggest a workaround for the spoiler extension / deployment.
  15. Even if you set a large deadzone in the "Spoiler Arm" position along the axis in FSUIPC, FSUIPC still polls the physical hardware axis position. So when the system detects strut compression and tire spin up, the Speed Brake will move to UP, FSUIPC will reread your Saitek lever and prevent it from moving and the sound will loop over and over. I have tried many ways as well to get it to deploy normally, and like you had to give up and just use good ol Shift+/... Sadly.