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  1. Yeah I'm with Dick on this one, but it just goes to show the subjectivity of it all. Bottom line is what you as an induvidual enjoy the most. I love good photoscenery, and for high altitude tubeliner work, for me, its a must. But for super low and slow work into little quirky airports with my old beat up Cub, Orbx can't be beat. Dave since it sounds like your pretty new to all this, I'd say go on over to the Orbx website and download some of the free areas. This will give you a good idea of the Orbix 'look' and if its your cup of tea. Chris
  2. I think its gonna depend on what type of flying you do. I have global as well as all the PNW areas and SAK. I fly mostly in my home state of California, and global was a big disappointment for me for the majority of my simming over the desert southwest including Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. MSE has been whats kept me in the hobby. However I do enjoy once in a blue moon going to somewhere far off like Israel and crusing low and slow over all the buildings which you obviously don't get with with MSE. Or cruising low and slow with the Cub over trees in Canada every now and then, and Global is the ticket there. So I dont regret getting it, as far as generic textures go it knocks the socks off the stock textures. I look at all the Orbx stuff as art, sp its gonna be very subjective, when I'm flying in the Orbx world I feel like I'm in Secondlife or OSGrid without all the people and lag lol. Orbx is quality stuff for sure, and if you have the funds, like 3D art or MMP Virtual Worlds, and don't need exact landmark accuracy for real world training, Id say go for it.
  3. Yes and his last paragraph could be used as a textbook example of circular reasoning and logical fallacy.
  4. If I had a 190,000.00 Duke delivered to my front door your damn right I'd nit pick it to the bone, just like any other responsible Licensed GA pilot taking delivery of an aircraft, whether as a gift or not, would.
  5. Well I finally settled on 0.5 myself. Feels pretty good now. Fly's great and the wood burl panel was worth the entrance fee alone for me
  6. No need to get defensive there mate. I build and run commercial level flight simulation facilities in California, and people often ask me what I recommended for home simulation setups, software, hardware, addons, etc., and your products , A2A, and PMDG always get first mention.
  7. Yeah that though just came to my mind. So with V1 if there is wind you don't hear it over the airframe then?
  8. So Rob is it something on my end causing wind like noise in a cold dark cockpit ? Don't get that with the V1's though.
  9. Am I the only one getting a low end wind/rumble type sound sitting in a cold and dark cockpit?
  10. Ok is this it? http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/10000-sunglare-vc-tweak-re-purposing-fsxes-lensflare-effect/
  11. Ahhh ok coo! Will google it and try it out. Was beginning to think I was the only one on the planet this bothered. Big thanks for the tip!
  12. Good question. I have no real life time in one either, but V1 felt more natural compared with my real Cessna time, but maybe this is how the real ac is. Using Saitek Cessna rudders with stock Win 7 drivers. Also I'm able to do a left standard rate turn coordinated without any rudder input at all, is this normal in this aircraft?
  13. I'm getting the same spotlight shooting out from the sun in V2 as I do on the Legacy. Turning off VC Window Reflections and VC Window dirt gets rid of the problem, but I'd rather have some kind of reflections when flying. The Legacy, Duke V2, and Lionheart Fairchild are the only aircraft in my large hanger that display this phenomenon. Since I fly mostly in California, mornings and late afternoons, and the weather is clear more often than not, this phenomenon is bothersome to me personally as the sun is always in line of sight. Is there any way you could talk to your texture guy about an alternative reflection texture that doesn't do this? Brilliant aircraft otherwise as usual
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