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  1. I heard back again from Carenado. Apparently the file was mislaid during a website update. They will be putting the 208 optional FDE package back up on the website later today. Good news!
  2. Your first picture here shows you don't have an active subscription. It would list the Dash 8 Q400 under 'Active Subscriptions" if you did. That seems to be the problem.
  3. Any of the Jarrad Marshall ones, closely followed by Misha Cajic
  4. Seeing as Aerofly is entirely photo based scenery I don't get your point?
  5. It’s certainly on your end. Just checked Aurasim with my login and it works fine.
  6. Aurasim was / is a separate purchase. Did you get a license?
  7. Well, RealityXP left us in limbo for years with zero support for the GNS line. Im afraid they lost me to F1 a long time ago.
  8. I think the 4.0 / 4.1 version only comes with the combined 650/750 package
  9. Not a chance this happened. You can easily tell. Just put the throttle to idle and watch the insane speed bleed off. This has been discussed on a long thread from years ago. The current download exhibits all of the issues discussed.
  10. I think the model passes as 'good enough' in v4. If I could just get the FDE fix back in I would be a happy man.
  11. Yeah, its really bad without the fix Bernt did. You put the throttle at idle and its like a speedbrake has been thrown out. The deceleration is about 10 knots per second!
  12. Yes, I contacted carenado support and was told that they dont remove files from the website. Urrrm......hello.
  13. Thx but no. That’s for the default fsx caravan. The carenado mood came with a new gauge cab as well as an airfile to remove the “hidden spoiler” effect.
  14. So I was looking for the Bernt Stolle Fde and cab files for the caravan. They seem to have been removed from the carenado updates section on the website? i see there is a version for the fsx default caravan on the web, but this does not include the cab file changes that Bernt made to the gauges to remove the hidden spoiler effect. Anyone have the fde package that they could upload or share? thanks glenn