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  1. This linked forum article regarding Airbus flare logic may help those learning to land her. "In flight mode the stick commands a load-factor. Which means it will be impossible to flare the aircraft, because as you pull on the stick, you'll be commanding a positive g-load. Because of this the Airbus has a flare mode which activates at 50' RA. At 50' the pitch angle is stored (memorized). At 30' the aircraft commands a 2° nose down (it takes 8 seconds). The pilot would gently counter this by pulling back, resulting in a nice flare and no increase in the auto-thrust. If the pilot did not float for way too long (they should not), the plane will touchdown before the 8 seconds pass, further eliminating the need to push forward on the stick to keep the nose gear planted. The logic reverts to ground mode when two conditions are met: on ground for 5 seconds and pitch angle <2.5°."
  2. 1/2 refresh in nvi does zero. The resason: p3d does not do true full screen. It’s a borderless window. The special nvidia vsync modes have to have a full screen application to function. I think this has been beaten to death over the last few years. Now, unless 4.2 suddenly has a real full screen mode?
  3. A10C is incredibly in depth. For what you want, the F15C would be perfect. Nice flight model but lighter on the systems. Lots of fun though!
  4. Its actually open beta 2.5, not alpha. But still...... Release version is only a week or so away so I cant imagine they will be able to fix a ton of stuff in that time frame. Unless they delay the release version of 2.5 of course.
  5. So to get it to look like the promo and 'wags' videos you have to run deferred shading set to 'ON' Once you do this, the Nvidia driver profiles do nothing at all, nada when it comes to AA. All the people on about MFAA and FXAA in nvidia profiles are getting pacebo effect. Yes, the FPS goes up but its because in reality they have no AA applied at all! I'm very happy with my performance and eye candy level. 2x MSAA, 16x AF set in game. 4x and 8x kills perf at least on my 1070 'high' graphics profile but with civilian traffic set to low, shadows to 'flat', 512 res displays. Vsync on and pretty much pegged at 60 fps.
  6. Seems really good so far!
  7. This always makes me laugh. Does anybody really believe a professional software company that caters to a small, tight knit community would actually ship software installers with a virus? It would be the complete downfall of the company both professionally and financially. Unless your distributor is “pirate bay” I don’t think you need worry. 😉
  8. The guys are right. Full screen in p3d is not real full screen. It’s a borderless window. You are wasting your time running an addon for this.
  9. Well, I have heard the stories of how hard ED are to work with. I think Milviz have been quite vocal about it. Shame really. You would think DCS would want to be the biggest sandbox around for combat simulation. Seems they are more geared to self protection.
  10. They couldn't get the co-operation from Boeing for the 'E' only the 'C' hence why we are getting a 'C' model. Third party development appears to still exist? RAZBAM just released the AV8B Harrier........
  11. That trailer is fabulous. I'm going to have to do it. Been waiting for this.............
  12. So, if you are having difficulty getting it to zero out, the calibration feature is just what you need. Ignore the rest of it.
  13. Not in dcs. I would have to check but I think that only happens if you run control manager in mapped mode. I leave it in direct mode. i also use fsuipc exclusively in p3d so not sure how they show up if you have controls enabled in p3d. Certainly in dcs each controller shows up with its correct name.
  14. I have win 10 and have ch control manager installed. I have zero issues with it. I don’t use profiles though, just use it to calibrate my setup which works really well for the ch gear and far better than Windows does. Pedals, pro throttle, throttle quad and fighterstick. My pro throttle works fine in dcs.
  15. Do you have openlc from orbx? If so then you have to disable the flytampa lc entry. It’s a known issue.