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  1. P3D doesn't really scale that well with SLI never mind Quad SLI. So in reality you will be limited by the performance of your card series, which in this case, a 960 is not that powerful. You also don't mention the rest of your system. P3D is still very dependent on CPU performance.
  2. For sale. Only 6 months old. Decided to get Warthog instead. Perfect condition. See link here for picture and description. $60 CAD plus shipping costs based on your location.
  3. GHarrall

    DCS: F/A-18C

    Well, Hornet got its second update today. Its now even better than it was....... I have to say that since DCS 2.5 launched my P3D installation hasn't had a look in.
  4. GHarrall

    DCS: F/A-18C

    The hornet has landed.......and man, it’s incredible.
  5. GHarrall

    Strait of Hormuz Map

    Its released! Looks great too.
  6. GHarrall

    23 May - P3D V4's Birthday

    Well, I will say happy birthday to V4. As much as I love P3D, since DCS 2.5 came out I have been using it a LOT. Its been a bit hard to go back to P3D after the improvements in DCS. I know they are different types of sims, but man, the image quality, the FPS, the flight models. And then the F18 is released next week........ P3D just feels a bit clunky at this point.
  7. Great question.
  8. The original Warthog is not exactly known for its reliability. Metal on the outside, plastic on the inside. Check the DCS site and several others for known issues with its plastic gimbal. Personally if I was spending Warthog amounts of cash on a stick, I would be looking at Virpil or VKB. FWIW, for the amount I paid, the CH Fighterstick has been great value for money. Edit - Of course, if the Warthog is now heavily discounted then it may also be a good option.
  9. Honestly, who cares what “froogle” thinks? LM certainly won’t. When the academic licence was launched you don’t think one of the largest defence contractors in the world didn’t dot the i’s and cross the t’s from a legal perspective? They know what they are doing folks! They always have. All the armchair lawyer discussion and sound bites from a guy with a YouTube channel won’t even register on the radar.......
  10. You have dynamic vegetation turned on? If so, turn it off. Huge FPS killer anyway.
  11. GHarrall

    Farewell FSW

    Rob, don't go there. You will get the armchair lawyers going on about how the average Joe cant use the academic license............:)
  12. GHarrall

    Farewell FSW

    Wonder how much DTG paid MS for the rights to the FSX platform? Must have been a large $ value. Not a good investment in hindsight.......
  13. GHarrall

    Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    The p3d issue with blurry distant photoscenery needs fixing first, otherwise this will look a mess. aerofly2 and xp should be good though.
  14. GHarrall

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    It’s a new aircraft. Except for the model, the whole thing is being redone. What’s so difficult to understand?
  15. GHarrall

    Orbx KSAN San Diego performance?

    I had concerns about Ksan but purchased it in the last sale. No problems for me performance wise with orbx SoCal and p3d 4.1. It’s no worse than the default version supplied in orbx SoCal