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  1. Yes, this story and all of the similar ones doing the rounds today makes grim reading. Its when you realize the paying passenger is really nothing more than a line on a risk management exercise as far as these large corporations are concerned. I remember all the "if it isn't Boeing I'm not going" crowd on here. They are rather silent these days.....
  2. I knew there was a reason I hadn't posted here in over a year. Thankfully, 'Kapitan' has reminded me why. This forum used to be like minded people discussing and helping and debating. There were no 'word not allowed gamer flame wars' like many forums I can name. Shame really......
  3. Thank you! I really thought this old chestnut of 'the eye cannot see more than 24, 30 FPS" stuff had been debunked years ago but like flat earthers it keeps coming back around!!
  4. Hi Ron, object view distance is indeed a known bug on 2.5.6
  5. One benefit from 32gb ram is the ability to max out the preload radius. Since I got 32GB and set this to max I often see over 16GB use when in missions etc.
  6. Too many bugs and reduced VR performance mean I have reverted back to 2.5.5 Will wait until its a bit more polished I think......
  7. Lol, indeed. The new 'super carrier' was on my list anyway! I like the idea of the F15E but i would really like to see the Harrier a bit more polished first than it is if you know what I mean......:)
  8. Looks really good....especially at the price!
  9. Yeah, standalone natively supports Oculus
  10. I have the Rift S. Whilst its a big improvement from the CV1, compared to my 2560x1440 monitor the picture is not as clear. This is to be expected of course. The reviewer here is using a very large screen at only 1080p so going to the Rift S would probably not be as much of a shock to him. VR really is the way to go for immersion factor though. Eventually we will have the hardware to drive very high res VR headsets effectively and then there will be no comparison.
  11. I'm running a 3700X, X570 motherboard, 2x M2 drives, 1 SSD, 1 HDD, Nvidia Titan Xp GPU, 7 fans (3 on a 360mm water cooler) 32GB of 3600mhz DDR4, several RGB lights and an addon USB 3.1 PCie card all on a Corsair RM750x. It doesn't even break sweat. In fact, I don't think the fan has ever come on.
  12. I do more than game. Therefore the multi core perf is important to me. That was the 9700k at $150 more not the 9900k which I’m currently at least equal to in multi core perf. Therefore the cost would have been much more than $150 for a 9900K vs the 3700x i didn’t imply anybody thought Ryzen was bad. My last 3 builds have been intel anyway. Last point, I was referring to Ryzen Gen4 not pcie. That was just a nice bonus on the x570 chipset. The next gen of Ryzen is supposedly out next year and should slot straight into the x570 boards As for budgets and golden sinks it’s all relevant. My budget is based on 6 mouths to feed so it is what it is. Therefore value is important to me. On this particular build AMD were offering more value.
  13. Agreed with a few of caveats: 1) 9900K at 5.4 GHz requires major cooling horsepower. Not all will hit this. 2) 3700x system cost approx $150 less than even a 9700K system would have let alone factoring price of 9900K into it. (even going crazy with the X570 board) 3) Either way, its far superior to the 6700K I replaced. Sure, if budget was no concern I would have gone 9900KS and the gold plated kitchen sink to go with it 🙂 4) 4th gen should be a slot in to the X570 board so upgrade in future should be fairly cheap and easy.
  14. With latest BIOS on my gigabyte X570 Pro, the 3700X is bench-marking very well against the 9700K and 9900K. Multicore perf is better whilst single core speed is only a fraction lower. Have to say im very happy with it. The 3950X looks a right beast though!
  15. I just got a Rift S a couple of weeks ago. Previously had the Rift CV1 that I sold after 3 months with it. Valve Index may have been on my radar except for two things: 1) Price compared to Rift S 2) This is a big one......for some ridiculous reason, Valve have determined that they cant sell the Index in Canada. Overall, I like the Rift S a lot. The clarity in DCS (my main sim these days) is vastly improved over the CV1 and its fairly easy on the hardware requirements. In a sale I would say its a bargain on an already great price.
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