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  1. Lol, yes. But it will be very different in AFS2. Not being landclass based will be a huge change.
  2. FSX-MS

    Agreed. I love the A2A 182 but its handling is not quite what I expect. I have tried playing with the simulated force options in the control panel and all sorts. With a fair number of hours in 172's it feels far too jumpy on the controls to me.
  3. Yawn.....another ill informed post.
  4. My lights look nothing like your picture. This is with hdr on and a pta preset active in PNW region.
  5. Since it’s a 30hz monitor, why not just set vsync on and triple buffer on in p3d with frames set at unlimited? the vsync will keep you at 30 fps anyway. As for the texture loading.....are you using an affinity mask?
  6. The mad dog x looks like a must have. I take it you are suitably impressed with the beta then?
  7. Exactly. This is nothing compared to the rip off some developers have done. More than fair from the majestic team.
  8. IMHO......the Q400 is the single best addon aircraft ever made for the fsx/p3d platform. You should definitely get it. I had the pmdg ngx in fsx and to be honest it rarely got a look in after I was accustomed the Q400. the pilot edition is great, the pro version is just phenomenal
  9. The navdata is more upto date than the sim. use the simulator map option and zoom in on the eddm ils indicators. Hover over the ils indicator on the map and the course and frequency will be displayed.
  10. And the FMS in the Q400 (Majestic) isn't far from it either!
  11. @Adamski_NZ Cracking preset you have created. It was slightly too blue on my screen so did a little tweak for my personal tastes, but credit to you. Its very realistic and not too overdone. Even works well at night (which up till now has been my pet peeve at night with HDR enabled) Here is a quick shot with dusk and the preset active.
  12. I can't imagine it will be any different in terms of operation than the FSX / P3d V3 version?
  13. Object flow is already working. Its supposedly an open beta but there have been zero issues on my side. I believe its about to go mainstream.
  14. Account is still suspended?
  15. Exactly.