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  1. I ordered the 3080 last Wednesday on Amazon. Amazon, however, cancelled the already confirmed order altogether. Did anyone receive the 3080 ?
  2. Well, at least until MSFS will support VR... After that it will be "VR only" for me...
  3. Isn't there a model of a 787 in the background (behind the narrator) in the newest episode (IFR)? And I still hope for some military fighters. Boeing F 18 would be cool plus a good model of an aircraft carrier (Top Gun 2 is coming later this year 😉)!
  4. This clearly shows that MS did not abandon the VR market! I guess they would not participate in the development of a new hardware if they would not believe that this is the future. I take this as a good sign! Let’s see what MS can do to push VR to a new level. New nVidia driver features like VRSS (Variable Rate Supersampling) and DLSS (Deep-Learrning Super-Sampling) could also make it possible to use VR with lower-end (and cheaper) hardware.
  5. +1 for the smaller airports and strips. I would have loved to see if there are seaplane stations included in the default data base and how MSFS will handle them! Is there life on small airports by default?
  6. Lucky you! Maybe we also get a taste of that...
  7. Well I usually do shorter VFR flights (2 hours or less) and I'm completely happy to wear my Rift S all the time. I love to start in X-Plane 11 in a GA plane and to do a walk around (would be extra cool if you could touch and move parts of the plane from the outside in MSFS...) and then to start up the engine, program the Garmin GPS and go flying. I mostly fly over photoscenery and have dropped all my hardware beside the rudder pedals. P.S. And I love it to fly helicopters in VR. There is nothing like it! You get a sense of "movement" of the helicopter like I have never experienced it on a monitor!
  8. Sure, you are right! In the meantime I would take a picture in summertime. And maybe they can put this request on the list for later. Many happy landings!
  9. But does GSX also take care of the GA flyers or is it only for the big commercial planes? Imagine someone who would refule a Cessna from over its wings or doing a pushback of a tail dragger with two people !
  10. Maybe the moderators can clean up this thread and we can get back on topic?
  11. Absolutely, Jack! I am not trying to influence anybody to violate his/her NDA! My idea was that the alpha tester send/upload their screenshots to Microsoft and Microsoft can review them and has the sole decision if or if not they publish them. In addition to my previous post: Frankfurt in Germany (EDDF) comes to my mind.
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