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  1. Wow! What a message! I think we will find out what this means only in a couple of months or even years. Thank you very much, Andreas, for all that you did for our hobby! All the best for the future! DocBird P.S. I think that if all of us who enjoy your work would donate (only) 10 Euro or Dollars (well worth 50 or more) you could enjoy a drink or two 😏.
  2. I am also new to Ortho4xp. I did my first three tiles today in Alaska. The download of the images went well but then it stopped and sad something like: could not build overlay.... I tested it in XP and it looks pretty good but he overlay is missing. Is there any way to build only the overlay either from the default scenery or from HD V4 that I have? Thanks and many happy landings DocBird
  3. DocBird

    Beta 11.20VR4

    In the meantime VR6 is live. Release notes here:
  4. Hi Yair, I also experienced some issues with the Saitek panels. There obviously is a conflict between the VR-world. I couldn't operate the switches in VR as long as the Saitek-plugin was engaged. Try to disable the plugin and see if this solves the problem.
  5. DocBird

    X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    Beta4 brought me more fps and made the sim more smooth then before. Anyone else noticed this or is it only a placebo effect?
  6. What a pitty! You can certainly count me in if there is a donation procedure or crowd funding for this project.
  7. Thanks, Jan, for clarification 👍
  8. I am somehow confused: I ran the installer this morning and found that (afterwards) I now have two CDG-Airports in my Custom-Scenery-Folder. One is named AEROSOFT Charles de Gaule and the other LFPG - Paris Charles de Gaule. The later one was obviously installed today while I ran the installer. So, why are there two different sceneries and why are they in the Custom Scenery Folder when LFPG is now updated with the default scenery?
  9. Here is a short video of the new LFPG - Charles de Gaulle Airport. Not bad for "default scenery", not bad at all 😉
  10. I always use one airport in a region that is not installed on my HD. Since I don't fly in the south pacific region I didn't install the terrain there. I for example can chose Guam and see nothing but water.
  11. DocBird

    pb9 is out

    Thanks, Jan, will do and report back. Many happy landings! Till
  12. DocBird

    pb9 is out

    Is any one else missing the (default) airport in Innsbruck (LOWI)? I can see the runway but no taxiways (well the lines are there!) but not buildings...
  13. Indeed! Wouldn't it be nice to have a "gateway" for the libraries?