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  1. Just happened to me to out of KSNA. Worked on the ground, however in the air, I keep getting same error after every re-start. Works for a minute or two, then stops.
  2. Will do! Thanks for the detailed explanation. - Rob
  3. Okay, sounds good! Thanks for writing to RT developer. All I can say is that increasing it to 60 seconds did help for me. Not perfect, but at least some aircraft are taxiing and don’t disappear on landing. Will be curious to hear his response. I will go look for thread here about drawbacks of increasing delay time. Cheers
  4. Hello Nico! So far I am in love with PSXT. It is so nice to have real traffic finally. I was wondering if it would be possible to increase the delay time range in the next update? Perhaps up to 90 or 120seconds? For some reason, there are some major airports that lag behind in the ADSB data for me a lot. For example, KMIA, KDTW, etc. Increasing it to 60 seconds has helped considerably, but I still get some disappearing aircraft due to ADSB lag. I think 90 seconds or more would make it flawless for me at these difficult airports. Regards, Rob
  5. I’m liking the new quick views. Would it be possible to have the Left Wing quick view have the same zoom level as the default & right wing view? Right now, when using the left wing quick view everything gets a lot smaller for me, because it is set to a different zoom level.
  6. Is there a way to turn up the brightness of the electric clock and also the GNS530? They are really dark at daytime.
  7. Wow! The updates here look amazing! I haven’t used P3D/FSX in over 3 years, but this collection was always one of my favorites! After playing the MSFS alpha, it looks like MSFS will definitely still need some realistic ship traffic after all. Keep up the great work, and hope to see the ships plowing through the waves in MSFS in the not-so-distant future! Cheers, Rob
  8. This video was also just released: We’re getting a LOT more planes than originally thought.
  9. Depends on how many addons you plan on adding. I would recommend the 1tb
  10. GTX 1080 16GB RAM i7 6700k not OC’d
  11. They simulate aerosols around the World. So, the sunsets will not always look the same as you move about the World with live weather. This data is provided by MeteoBlue.
  12. Exactly! Most trees look good. They have seemingly fixed/adjusted evergreens, many deciduous, etc. However, this particular type of tree (I believe a Banyan) definitely needs to be replaced with a different, more normal sized, tropical tree variety. I don’t want to say ‘scaled’ down, because Banyan’s are abnormally gigantic in real life, therefore they do not need resizing. However, they should not be the default tropical tree. The palms underneath of them look like bushes in comparison!
  13. It’s not all of the tree models. Most of them look & are scaled quite well. For example, they have already scaled down the deciduous tree size in places like NYC from recent shots at the Statue of Liberty. Months ago, we pointed out how wrong they were, and they have now appeared to be fixed. But... Certain tree models they have simulated are still way too big. Like the Banyan trees they have modeled. That’s fine, because Banyan’s are gigantic in real life. The problem is, that this particular tree type is currently showing as the ‘default’ tree type for forests in the tropical regions. It was most prevalent on the Philippine shots shown last week. The entire islands were covered in dense banyan forests, which incidentally gave the island a ‘toyish’ look. It also makes the island look relatively small, because the scale of the trees affects our own sense of scale. This particular tree model is the one that is causing issues. This tree would be great in inland rainforests (such as the Amazon or parts of Papua Neu Guinea), but for the rest of the tropics, I think the default tree models would be better represented by one of the myriad other tropical tree types that are of a smaller, more common size. Cheers, Rob P.S. - and as I’ve said before... They’ve fixed the deciduous tree scaling in North America, so I’m hopeful (confident) they will fix the issue in the tropics.
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