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  1. Awesome thanks for the answer! I’m a Playstation guy myself, but may have to switch to XBox just for this. Of course, I will get it on PC too. But I would also enjoy nothing more than just laying on the couch in the evening and exploring the World.
  2. Just curious what XBox this will be releasing for? XBox One, Or is there another XBox coming out soon?
  3. ual763

    August 15 2019 Update.

    One thing that has always word not allowed me off up to date is that there never seems to be anyway to standardize controls to what would be a close approximation to the real life control movements. Surely, there could be a way for developers to set a baseline control sensitivity based on the real aircraft. To which the software would measure the axes on a users hardware setup and then calibrate the sensitivity accordingly to match the real thing as closely as possible. I remember setting up control axes in the past by going through their entire range of motion. But then you still have to set the sensitivities. It’s frustrating not knowing what is right and what is wrong feeling when setting up a new joystick and/or yoke.
  4. ual763

    August 15 2019 Update.

    XP11 is a game. The only part of it that may be considered an engineering tool is Plane Maker. But, as I already said, besides a very small fringe of experimental aircraft builders, Austin’s customer base IS the simmer (gaming) community. It’s not like Cessna, Cirrus, Piper, Diamond, are using XP11 to design their aircraft...
  5. ual763

    August 15 2019 Update.

    Exactly! People keep saying nobody will be able to knock LM off of their high horse because they are LM. Well, LM, may be a multi-billion dollar business, but MS is a trillion dollar business. If they wanted to get the game certified by the FAA or EASA, they most certainly could do it at the flick of a switch, considering the amount of resources they have. And even if it won’t be certified for commercial use, it will still hurt LR & LM quite badly. Let’s not pretend that the majority of P3Ds customer income comes from the US Govt. It doesn’t. It comes from users like you and I. We are the ones who drive new development features. If all of us move, P3D will no longer have the income needed on the game for LM to justify updating it. It will become very stagnant. At least not to a standard as good as MS. The govt. doesn’t care about nice visuals. At least not enough to keep throwing money at LM to bring them up to par with MS. If it was made available to them at the same or lower price (considering the resources MS has), the govt. would simply jump ship over to MS. So yes, LM does need to be afraid. As for LR, yes, Austin likes to tell people it is used for real aircraft development. But, this is such a small fraction of his user audience that it doesn’t really matter. Besides a few fringe experimental aircraft designers using it, it is completely home simmer oriented. Without the income flowing in, XP11 will become very stagnant as well. Without us, his multi-million dollar business goes down to a maybe hundred thousand dollar business. I’m not meaning this to be spiteful, but it is the sad truth. Microsoft simply has the resources to quash LM & LR both if they so choose.
  6. ual763

    August 15 2019 Update.

    That is a parking lot
  7. ual763

    August 15 2019 Update.

    It really is a wonderful thing that MS is making the World look this great on a vanilla platform! This should mean a LOT more planes and airports for all of us, as developers will be forced to shift all resources to planes or airports. If not, they face the prospect of being put out of business. Simply will be no need to buy region sceneries, or lighting/environment enhancements anymore. Also, I have a hunch that most 3PDs will eventually shift over to this new sim as the majority of home simmers move over as well. P3D and LR will continue with their govt. and corporate contracts, but the majority of home simmers will no doubt make the switch over to MSFS. Which means the VAST majority of 3PDs will be forced to move over as well if they want to be where the money is. All this means a plethora of airports and airplanes for us all to enjoy on ONE stable and amazing platform! To say I am excited is an understatement. P.S. - Back to the point about focusing on airports, the companies will furthermore be more inclined to focus solely on the confines of the airport perimeter as the surrounding areas will already look fantastic. This means either a.) Much more detailed work done within the perimeter, or b.) less time spent developing airports. All of this contributes to more airports rolling off the assembly line in a timely manner 🙂
  8. It was boring, because the scenery in sims up until now has been terrible. There was no feeling of actually flying. If this is based off of real images, it will actually be something people want to do in the sim. And even in the non-3d image areas, it appears we will have 3d grass, great 3d trees, and really the whole nine yards. A lot of users will likely be able to see their own homes! So this will really be revolutionary for low and slow flight. Especially if the sounds of the environment and physics of the balloon are modeled correctly.
  9. ual763

    What missions do you want?

    I want a default hang glider and to get a running start on top of a mountain to which you must make your way down to the grass landing field in the valley below!
  10. Weren’t these essentially just slow airplanes that looked like a blimp though? We also had schoolbuses that could take off... I don’t think any sim has modeled the physics of lighter than air aircraft yet. At least not properly.
  11. Thanks, it was definitely worth it.
  12. I’ve wanted to fly one in Flight simulator for as long as I can remember. I think FS9? had a few AI blimps IIRC, but never any that were flyable.
  13. You’re not wrong there. It’s been about 15 years since the last time I was in a balloon. Now, gliders/hang gliders, you definitely hear all changes in wind. But for balloons, the ground “environment” sounds are important to the experience. Cheers, Rob
  14. It would get buried rather quickly. I feel that these are extremely important aspects that should make it into the sim. Besides, everything in these forum pages are at this point a “want” because we don’t even have the beta yet. There is no support at this stage, only wants/speculation.