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  1. Yes, t does. Not by a lot, but it's an almost free improvement. And sweetspot os wider too. A bit less comfort because of thinner padding though...
  2. Update: the wide one is much better, just played Medal of Honor for 2 hours, feels good.
  3. I had no problem whatsoever printing this on my 4 year old DIY printer (Tevo Tarantula kit, modded, heated bed), no supports, columns snapping where they should etc. Will print the wider one too.
  4. I 3D printed a replacement gasket for these, and glue-gunned it on top. Works OK. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4700782/comments I will print a wider version and test it too. The regular one is still a bit tight.
  5. Makes sense, but the instructions say disable all MSFS ATC. What would the correct settings be so I could use MSFS just for taxiing and parking? Also, just out of curiosity, are you planning to switch to MS Azure voices? They do sound so much more natural...
  6. Question about Pilot2APC with MSFS 2020: If to use it I have to disable all MSFS ATC voices and options, how would I know what gate to taxi for, so the jetway would extract and connect and the marshal would show me where to park? Is there a way for this part to work with Pilot2ATC somehow? Or does it mean the part with marshals and animated jetways is not working with Pilot2ATC in any way?
  7. Here's how the straps are built. I've 3D printed my DIY ones in the same manner as commercially available ones. Because why not? I also integrated a magnetic holds to the bottom that snap to a stock rig that I also 3D printed, so I have a solid gun frame for 3D shooters and could easily swap clips etc. I don't have a photo while I'm flying but here are them snapped to the gun stock. The idea is if I let go - controllers stay on my hand, I don't need to actually hold them. Well said. Exactly what I think about that. To each his own, but once I've tasted true VR cockpit, I can't go back...
  8. I just had a look at my scenery in VR. Despite VR not yet working really well on my system, those parallax office windows look so 3D in VR, I'm surprised. They really have depth to them, even without moving. Need better performance though, to really enjoy a dense area in VR. But there's no turning back now, it's so beautiful...
  9. Exactly!!! I used X-Plane the same way - a DIY controller mod to have it strapped to my hand, so I don't have to "hold" it. Very immersive that way, you can see it in my video. Now that I tried VR in MFS with its mouse, I can finally say a real verdict, based on practical use. And it's the following: It's horrible! Just making a mouse pointer understand I want it in a specific interface window is a challenge. Operating knobs and levers is simply torture, compared to controllers (once you got used to them). You can't do anything quickly or precisely enough. I will end up assigning keys to all I can and then assigning VoiceMacro commands to press the keys - even to operate flaps etc. This is going to be faster and more convenient than a mouse. I don't understand how people can like this mouse interface. What are they comparing it to? A blindfolded pinata hunt? I bet they don't really try the controllers in a good implementation sim more than a few minutes. It takes b it of time to get used to them I guess. And nobody has straps to use them properly in a sim. One you do it right, it's a night and day difference from what we have now in MFS. I really hope Asobo will implement controllers soon. I miss them so much! The worst thing is that beauty of MFS has really killed the X-Plane for me. I can't enjoy it anymore, it looks too dated. I'm a visual person, a designer. It pains me to see the old graphics, knowing what it could look like...
  10. This may be useful: I had random USB-related HMD disconnects - blue screen, audio stutter then reconnects in game usually but tracking craps up. And it happened often. My ASUS Prime x570 chipset motherboard has this known problem with x570 - it doesn’t recognize G2 in any USB port. The only solution is either a PCI USB 3.0 card (which I bought), or a powered USB 3.0 hub (works with my monitor bilt-in hub, but I got the card anyway). But The blue screen disconnects happened even on this card and on the monitor hub! I found that the only thing that cures it is changing all BIOS PCI settings to GEN3 from GEN4 in advanced settings. Even if a single one (for a GPU slot or any PCI slot) is set to GEN4 - I got the blue screens again, even if the setting is for an unrelated slot (not GPU and not USB card). I read about this solution form the x570 chipset not recognizing G2. It doesn’t help my system to recognize G2, but it does help with disconnects, apparently. I spent hours on figuring this one out.
  11. Well, I have 3080 (one of the better ones, EVGA FTW3 Ultra), Ryzen 3700X (overclocked to 4.3Ghz and liquid cooled), 64 Gb RAM, fast 2Tb SSD (plus fast 512Gb ssd for system), and Reverb G2 and the VR performance is ranging from "vomit comet" to "meh" - I'm getting high 20-s to low 30-s. And that's really bad, considering a pretty high-end PC. The most graphically intence Half-Life Alyx is butter-smooth at Ultra settings. And I know you can't compare, but it shows that there is nothing wrong with my system. But MFS isn't running well. I'm not even talking about the lack of controller support, the performance is bad. 50+ FPS on 4K at 100% render scaling should not translate to 20+FPS in G2 VR. Something is definitely wrong here, and I don't think it's my system, because I'm not alone...
  12. Can you please post all your settings? Including driver version, OXR settings, MFS settings etc? I’m not sure what can be wrong with my system or settinngs to not get the same results some other people are getting. And I do have one of the better 3080s supposedly: EVGA FTW3 Ultra, higher clocked and better binned then most… I wonder what can be wrong… I’ve never seen anything above 31FPS. Usually, even in 152 lessons - high 20s... Also, what do you use to measure FPS - dev mode counter is not visible in VR
  13. Nice. It also needs a vibration feedback and a more ergonomic trigger to be a perfect solution.
  14. Of course controllers are not a replacement for a yoke or a joystick, that's obvious. I only use right controller to control everything in the cabin, including throttle, flaps, gear levers etc. while my left hand is controlling the yoke or joystick. Here's my DYI VR setup. It works really well in XPlane. Until hand tracking with haptic feedback (gloves?) is a reality, controllers are the next best thing. With yoke/joystick of course. And there should be both a mouse and a controller support, so there is no problem with choosing whatever you like.
  15. Hand tracking would be great, but controllers are better than a mouse. I have right controller strapped ro my right hand, and I don't have to actively hold it. So I only grab levers it pull switches or rotate dials or operate throttle. I can also help on the yoke, although this is a bit strange to hndle, as both controller and yoke are too thick together, but it works for a bit if I need it. Other times i can relax my hand and it works pretty well in XPlane, very immersive. I can also type ot handwrite down basic ATC instructions to my notepdad (try that with a mouse LOL), operate charts including zooming etc. and it all works OK. Not ideal, but very immersive and still so much better than a mouse. Nothing copares to reaching and grabbing the gear lever and pulling it up, feeling it lock.
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