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  1. thetford569


    I like Eaglesoft products and I am going to purchase the Citation X whenever it comes out for P3Dv4. But, I've moved on from 32 bits as have a large amount of people who are active in flight sims. Having an Eaglesoft message board here would be like watching paint dry. Look at their message boards....nothing of any substance for quite some time. I'll check in on them when they have something substantial to show. Not being rude....just being real/honest. I hope that their 64-bit products arrive sooner than later because I am beyond ready for them. Brandon
  2. thetford569

    P3D v4.1 shutting down

    Is there an error logged in the Windows Event Viewer? That will usually tell you about crashes and something to look for. Unfortunately for me I am having crashes without any error message in even viewer but this is on version 4.2. I did not have these crashes with 4.0 or 4.1. It seems in my case it's related to looking closely at the instrument panel using trackIR during the approach to a highly detailed area. I am going to try troubleshooting to see if my hardware (which is relatively new) is being overloaded and causing a crash. I just need to start doing some hardware monitoring during flights that I was not doing before. I reinstalled 4.2 from scratch and still am having the crashes. Of course the way to chase down these crashes is to disable all add-ons and go from default one by one through each add-on but I neither have the time or energy for that. That would require multiple weeks of hours long flights to see if there is an add-on problem.....and I don't believe that there is because I am using only P3Dv4 compatible add-ons. Anyway....long answer to your question but I would check the even viewer and if nothing is there then you may be looking at what I am seeing as well. Brandon
  3. thetford569

    Lost all ATC centers

    I just had this same issue. A few days ago I re-installed P3D v4.2 from scratch because I was having unexplained crashes in flight to desktop. I never had crashes like that with 4.1 and there are no events logged in the event viewer to help me find any causes of the crash. I decided to do a clean install of 4.2 because previously I had updated from 4.1 to 4.2 using just the client, content, and scenery installers. I use add-on.xml files for most of my addons so they were easy to put back into place. After the clean 4.2 install I immediately had an issue with elevations at the iBlueYonder Nantucket scenery that I have never had before. I fiddled with things for hours trying to figure out why. There is an altitude correction bgl in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder that was the solution for others who were having the same issue as me however I had this folder in place too and it wasn't helping me......more on that in a minute.... After trying to fix KACK I decided to do another flight that I had been trying to do when the sim was crashing which was CYUL to CYYZ. I departed CYUL IFR talking to default ATC and at some point towards my cruising altitude of FL220 the ATC stopped working and changed to "Nearest Airport List" in the ATC Window. I started searching because I had remembered this post here at AVSIM and found your solution where the Scenery/World/Scenery folder entry was missing in the scenery.cfg. I landed at CYYZ and after descending below 10,000 ft. ATC came back and I was able to finish with ATC. After shutting the sim down I checked the scenery.cfg and sure enough Area001 was blank which is supposed to be the Scenery/World folder entry. I edited this in the scenery.cfg and restarted the sim. As I was editing this I remembered that the altitude file for Nantucket was located in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder. I loaded Nantucked in the sim and my elevation issue was fixed because P3D was not reading this directory!!!! What a way to figure out this problem! To me this is a Lockheed P3D bug because I have done nothing to edit the scenery.cfg prior to now other than add scenery using the library or add-on.xml files. It also did not happen to me when I previously updated using the client installers but happened with a clean 4.2 install. The good news is I have fixed the issue and my flight did not crash as before. Hopefully this trend continues! Brandon
  4. thetford569

    Every aircraft sounds like prop plane

    The Fuel Trucks, Tugs and other vehicles appear to be using the ai_singleprop01.wav file in the P3D/Sounds folder. I guess this is why it sounds like a prop aircraft all the time. I also checked the soundai folders and was unable to find a "FuelTruck" vehicle that the sound.ini files are all pointing to. I simply renamed the extension of this file to .OFF and the sound disappeared. The problem as we know is one of these vehicles can be sitting hundreds of yards away on the ramp and you still hear the sound like it's outside your aircraft. Renaming this to OFF made the sound go away however I don't know if there are any other side effects of doing this. If you use default P3D AI Aircraft then I suppose you might lose prop sounds on those. I use add-on ai aircraft and have actually added my own sounds so that's not an issue for me. Also after updating to P3Dv4.2 I noticed there are now ambulances roaming the airfield. When one came next to me yesterday it starting playing a siren sound which kept looping even with the ambulance was far away. It also was way too loud and did not decrease with distance just like the prop sound above. The filename for that sound is 10Police_Siren.wav and I also changed it's extension to .OFF to keep it from playing. Brandon
  5. thetford569

    CTD with no errors logged in P3D 4.2

    Completed my KAFW to TEX flight with no issues. Now onto leg #2. KTEX-KSJC. The only change I made was installing the beta FSUIPC 5.22e Brandon
  6. thetford569

    CTD with no errors logged in P3D 4.2

    I read through that post before however I never changed those entries to begin with so I don’t see how that could be my issue. The post says that was bad advice to change them and I didn’t so I should be ok? Pete has released a 5.22e beta version of FSUIPC that is compatible with 4.2. His earlier versions apparently were tried with the 4.2 beta but there were some changes between them and release. Anyway I am using 5.22e now and so far so good. I will know in about 20 minutes when I start my descent and see if I can complete the flight that crashed the last time I flew it. Crossing my fingers...... Brandon
  7. thetford569

    CTD with no errors logged in P3D 4.2

    Well the first time it happened at KAFW using scenery that I developed and has worked fine. It crashed twice during taxi. Then I flew from KAFW to Orbx KTEX and it crashed while I was descending into the airport around 17,000 ft. It worked just fine all the way through the flight to that point and I thought it would be ok. I was using the Carenado CJ2. I am using the older version of FSUIPC that everyone else is reporting works and they are using however I have been wondering if that’s the problem. Other people are having unexplained crashes too and the latest FSUIPC causes stutters in 4.2 which is why everyone is using the older 5.22 I think? Until Pete updates the module I won’t be able to tell if that’s the case. But it’s the only thing that I have not truly updated for 4.2. Brandon
  8. I updated to P3Dv 4.2 and I have now had 3 CTD at different times. This never happened to me with 4.1. Anyway once the crash occurred while taxiing out. The others were after takeoff and the latest was when I was about 10 mins out of my destination! How frustrating! These crashes involve the sim freezing while the little blue Windows circle appears for several seconds. Then the sim closes to desktop with no warnings or any error boxes. When I look at event viewer there is no error logged to look at. I can’t even begin to figure out what the cause is! Any suggestions would be appreciated before I go the route of a re-install. Brandon
  9. thetford569

    Went Back To V4.1 Lags Stutters no NUM PAD inputs

    I just rolled back to 4.1 as well. Can't pan the view with the hat switch on my yoke anymore or the number pad even after assigning the hat switch either in sim or with SPAD.Next. Also had 2 P3D crash to desktop while trying to taxi to the runway. Never had a crash with 4.1 at all. Event viewer shows nothing at all to determine the cause of the crash. And I also had the greyed out ATC window issue which I fixed but came back another time. I too spent hours trying and it seems too buggy.....I will wait until these things are ironed out before updating again. 4.1 gave me no issues and was the most stable sim I've ever had installed. Brandon
  10. thetford569

    P3Dv4.2 - Lost Use of Num Pad Del Key

    All the features of ChasePlane don't work with v 4.2 yet so it may not fix your issue. Brandon
  11. thetford569

    ATC Panels problem in p3d v4.2

    yes I'd like to know this too....might save some people a large amount of time. I fixed the issue by copying the ATC section from my backup Prepar3d.cfg file. However that doesn't mean it won't happen again I suppose.... Brandon
  12. thetford569

    ATC Panels problem in p3d v4.2

    Ok, I actually quoted the wrong post and with these steps I was also able to fix the issue. I deleted all of the cfg files from AppData/Roaming and ProgramData. I started P3D and let them all rebuild. I then restored all of the cfg files from the backups I had made of the files from 4.1. The ATC issue is now fixed. Thankfully I made a backup prior to installing 4.2. Now that' 3 hours of my life and flying time I will never get back.... Brandon
  13. thetford569

    ATC Panels problem in p3d v4.2

    I am having this same problem. I have done all of the above plus other suggestions and I cannot get ATC to work. I can hear other aircraft and ATC but all of the options are greyed out no matter what I do. Ugh! Brandon
  14. thetford569

    REX Sky Force Very First look

    Is the abrupt loading of weather changes happening with just the REX Weather Engine or is it also happening when using the Active Sky weather engine? I bought the product and I like what I am seeing from the cloud models and textures but I have not had a chance to make a full flight yet to see the weather change. I currently am using the Active Sky weather engine and have the REX engine disabled. Brandon
  15. thetford569

    Huge airspeed loss passing from day to dusk! Help pls.

    For those interested here is Don's response to this issue. He emailed back and forth to me very quickly and offered great support! I'm sure he will fix this in due time but for now the solution is to disable the AFLT application and either use no lights or go back to default airport lights. ------------- Thanks for letting me know. I have done a quick check and can repeat your symptoms. The problem is that when the lights come on (at dusk), Simconnect can't find one or more of the lights and goes into a loop looking for it/them instead on looking after the user aircraft. I've got a couple of other issues that will have to take priority over CYYJ. But I will investigate further ASAP. In the meantime either fly with AFLT disabled (you won't see any lights at CYYJ) or reinstall CYYJ with stock lighting.