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  1. Clouds look even more amazing now Sim loads much faster and is smoother for me with increased FPS and less stutters!!! lands end airport is superbly done. And the tidying up of all the surrounding airports is very much welcome! No more taxi signs in the middle of runways!! only thing so far is - asobo, you forgot about the lighthouse just off lands end. also, non update specific - please let me turn off the immersion breaking menu that comes up when turning off the engine/battery. overall though from my first 30 mins flying, amazing job!!! Keep them coming
  2. Yeh same. Would love to see some polish because it’s an awesome bird tweak the touch down landing sounds fix the flickering texture on the wing lights Really it’s just these small things that are breaking the immersion for me
  3. Any news on an update? are we still waiting for this aircrafts first update??!!
  4. I thought it was due last week and they said delayed till next week (this week) 😫😒😒
  5. Is it due today? Roughly what time do we know?
  6. Hi all, Carenado mr20 is actually an awesome aircraft. It annoys me the rear seat passengers do not show however. Anyone know a way to fix this?
  7. Awesome aircraft anyone else find it annoying the rear seat passengers don’t show?
  8. Do you think it will include an optional GPS mod? 😍 also some nice greasing it in touchdown sounds
  9. When is the first update for this plane? the overly loud touch down sounds kill immersion. Also would be nice to have the comms working! any news?
  10. Mfs2020 is incredible but I am really craving the persistent, deep and immersive A2A experience I remember from p3d. All I want is a 172/182 or Comanche and everything would be perfect. I didn’t appreciate how much of my enjoyment of P3d came from the realism of the A2A aircraft and maintenance hanger etc. very much hoping they will release something in 2021
  11. Ah was my mistake with the prop rpm - have to use scroll wheel, click and drag doesn’t work. (Not using my throttle quadrant atm) it’s my new fav plane. it rains and snows inside the cockpit however 🙂
  12. Just bought this plane. Amazing Certainly flies very nicely. The best I have tried in mfs so far only issues are the overly loud touch down noises & it looks like I cannot adjust the prop rpm? The lever is locked at 0%
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