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  1. "Depth and Motion" isn't supported by any vendor at this time. That's why it keeps reverting out to Depth only 🙂 Depth Reprojection is an improvement of the typical "late stage reprojection" (NOT ASW) meaning it transforms the image rendered by the game right before it is displayed in your headset, by using the most recent tracking data. This makes the headset tracking feel smoother, especially for objects immediately close to you. Having the Depth (instead of not having it) helps with correcting the perspective better and more naturally. It does not affect frame rate, and therefore moving objects in the scene do not feel smooth with it and might still look like they stutter or teleport. Motion Reprojection (or ASW) is a form of reprojection that creates new frames to match the refresh rate of your headset (in other words, it emulates your headset running at full frame rate by filling the blanks left by the game running too slow). These new frames are created by propagating the movements in the scene to make objects and scenery look smooth. It is combined with the other form of reprojection above (with or without depth) to also make head movements smoother. Motion Reprojection requires a more powerful GPU and consumes more resources. Uncertainty in motion propagation can lead to visual glitches (object shapes being stretched out or compressed). The "Depth and Motion" option (that again, does not work with any headset today) is what is called AppSW, an advanced form of ASW where the game provides better hints about motion in the scene, to avoid the visual glitches of ASW mentioned earlier. You may combine both forms of reprojection, ie enable ASW in Oculus software and also set Reprojection Mode to Depth. I find there is little-to-no reason to not enable Depth Reprojection, unless for some reason it affects your FPS too much. Whether you want to use ASW or not is up to you and whether you can live with visual glitches or not.
  2. Beware, that article you linked is a clickbait title and a whole lot of fake news. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/mixed-reality-blog/microsoft-committed-to-hololens-2-and-mixed-reality/ba-p/3732405?attachment-id=58518
  3. Omg this is the same YouTuber spreading misinformation again. My post on the flight sim forum (link above) is the sole source for what works/what does not work.
  4. See details here: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/psa-openxr-toolkit-is-not-expected-to-work-with-su10-during-beta-phase/528867?u=mbucchia
  5. This statement is not correct. There is no incompatibility with DLSS, the issues today have to do with DX12 (but DLSS and OpenXR Toolkit are working fine together with DX11) and foveated rendering.
  6. This can't be released until @RXP writes the magic compute shader that will improve the performance of our prototype even further! 🙂
  7. It's a known bug, where FFR is being incorrectly applied to the menu window. You can temporarily disable FFR while in the menu. Well try to fix it, but it's not trivial.
  8. Hey! I'm with the OpenXR team at Microsoft. This Jiggle View option is for developers only, it's used to test frame timing and reprojection during app development. You certainly don't need to use it with the game!
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