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  1. I believe VNAV will be fixed when WT "refreshes" the G3000, along with a bunch of other enhancements. WT refresh should occur during Jan 2023, and FlightFX will incorporate the latest G3000 into the V Jet in Feb 2023. Hopefully, sooner? This is going to be a great product! Bill Clark
  2. Godwisper, If you are familiar with SimBrief, you can save some effort by loading a flight plan directly into MSFS using the Simbrief downloader. I created the following flight plan (Catalina Island to Santa Barbara) in SimBrief: LAX VTU GOLET I used the RVAN (GPS) RWY 07 Procedure with GOLET Transition. The flight plan will load directly into the G1000Nxi, there is no need to manually enter the departure/arrival airports or the two VOR's as MSFS automatically loads them into the A/C. If you look on YouTube, there are videos showing how to use keyboard to input data. However, I am not sure if the G1000Nxi will accept airways from SimBrief, maybe someone can respond to that? As to VR, the cockpit is very nice, and as far as I am concerned, it is much easier to fly the plane in VR. The one comment is the landing at Santa Barbara, the A/C seemed very light, there is no heft to plane when touching down. Bill Clark
  3. I have been flying the 510 on a number of flights recently, my observations: 1) Takeoff run - I'm quite surprised at the Mustangs acceleration on takeoff....it makes me feel like I am in an F-18. 2) The initial climb rate, if I set the FLC speed to 150 or 200 kts, I see 6,700 feet/min, which is sustained for a period of time, but drops off to 4,400 at 10,000 ft. This is well above the real plane climb specs, I believe? 3) If you want to efficiently climb to the the high flight levels, take a look at page 7 of this pdf file that can be found in the link below here where it states 150 kts. I tried a higher speed like 200 kts and the rate of climb was unacceptable after about 27,000 ft (150 appears to be the sweet spot) NOTES ON FLYING THE CITATION MUSTANG https://aerocitygroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Notes-on-Flying-the-Citation-Mustang.pdf 4) If you set a cruise altitude to 10,000ft, the G1000Nxi will not hold this altitude, it will show something like 9,300 feet for example. Not sure if this is an MSFS, 1000Nxi or Mustang issue? Summary - developer needs to assign Beta tester to aid the team to iron out performance issues over the A/C's flight regime? Bil Clark
  4. Made my first IFR flight in the Mustang From Sam Diego International to Palm Springs. The flight plan: KSAN 09.BRDR7.JLI TRM RNAV (RNP) Z RWY 13R KPSP This particular approach is quite interesting, given its curved nature. The flight went well, and the G1000Nxi worked flawlessly, as there is no detectable degradation in my first experience. I did notice that the climb rate seemed excessive, maybe more than I remember when flying the F1 Mustang many years ago. I will check it out tomorrow. Bill Clark
  5. The Cessna Citation Mustang is days away from release: C510 Mustang Release on Sept 30, a few days from now. https://cockspur.eu/ I had the Flight1 version of this jet in FSX and P3D I believe. The Cockspur version will have the G1000, and I believe they support the G1000Nxi. This plane is great for both small and large airports. Really looking forward to it! Bill Clark
  6. Matt, You are right, it is it is a problem with default and 3rd party airports. However, I can manually capture the Localizer and later the GS, but it doesn't always hold the GS on the flight path. Sometimes I have to use v/s to descend down to recapture the GS. You have to be careful when lowering speed, flaps and gear, which can upset the ILS stability. Hopefully it will be fixed in SU 10? Bill
  7. Hi All, I am flying the Default Beechcraft G36 in MSFS with the addon Garmin G1000Nxi on a flight from KSAN to KSFO RW28R. My issue is, when entering Approach to RWY 28 R at KSFO, ILS Frequency for runway does not show up the "Primary Frequency" Box, which is empty. I have the latest Navigraph data base installed and running SU9. Any ideas on what is going wrong, is this a database issue? Bill Clark
  8. Where can you get the radial sea planes?
  9. Donka, I just discovered that a few minutes ago...........Tobii is built into Sim Update 8. This device works very well with MSFS, "Out of the Box" with no changes. Thanks for your response. Bill Clark
  10. Thanks Car147, I set up Tobii Game Hub .exe for both Inbound and Outbound Firewall entries and I still can not access Flightsimulator.exe. The message I get is: Flighsimulator.exe The file cannot be accessed by the system Bill Clark
  11. I have the Tobii Eye Tracker successfully working with DCS World and P3D, however, when I attempt to use the Tobii software to find the Flightsimulator.exe, if fails? It appears that Windows 10 is blocking this app, as when I enter the actual path thru all the folders to Flightsimulator.exe, it gets blocked. Any idea on how to overcome this obstacle? Bill Clark
  12. Up until about 5 years ago, I had attended the Reno air races for about 25 years. Also, I was at Reno race course the year when Microsoft introduced the FSX version of the race. This was also the year MS introduced Acceleration, which added the Reno race course. Acceleration was supplemental to original FSX. Microsoft had a large tent behind the stands where they setup PC's and controllers where I could tryout the Reno Air Race software. What sets this older version apart from the newer MSFS Reno race, it was more like the how the actual Unlimited Racers started their race. First, all the racers lined up on runway 28 at Stead Airport. Behind the racers, is the pace plane, which would roll by these racers, and then take off in front of the stands. Very quickly, the best qualifier, and so on, would take off, until all planes were airborne. Once all the racers were off the ground, the racers would follow the pace and join up on the right wing in a echelon formation. Behind the airport, was a big hill where this formation would fly, out of sight of the crowd, until they reappeared. The pace plane would turn towards the airport and the racers would change formation to be line-abreast to the pace A/C. Back then, they called it the coming down "chute" onto the race course. All the planes would pick up speed, and when the pilot flying the pace plane is satisfied with the formation, he would speak on his microphone, "Gentlemen", you have a race. The planes would quickly gain speed and the pace plane would climb up to a higher altitude to monitor the race. What is disappointing to me, is that who ever developed the MSFS Reno race, did not add this standard starting procedure. The other thing I really dislike, is that the pilot is severely restricted and penalized if this altitude barrier is broken near a pylon. The real racers would fly higher, if they needed to pass a slower plane, or avoid collision. The game designers did that purposely, I am sure, to keep all the aircraft bunched up, creating potential chaos of pilots running into each other, thinking it would be more exciting. Unlike other forms of racing, aircraft must never come in contact. In summary, I do not fly the MSFS version of Reno anymore, but I remember how much more satisfying the of FSX version of Reno was. I would fly the old version for hours, particularly the month before September when the races were held, because it brought back pleasant memories of all the races I attended those many years. These races were very exciting, unfortunately the horrible accident that killed the pilot and many others, plus many injuries, killed the spirit for Reno, and stopped all the racers from modifying the aircraft to gain more speed. No race team would want to incur the legal lability if this type of crash ever occurred again. There are a number of race planes that will never fly another race again, because of this risk!
  13. I am trying to help out a friend who purchased MSFS last year but has yet to download the software. He purchased from the MS store, and has the invoice, so is there a link he can click on to download the software? Bill Clark
  14. My favorite war movie of all time is "Das Boot," a story about a German Submarine in WWII. I really enjoyed it in German with English subtitles. There was a lot of suspense, action, and moments of quiet before depth charging begin. In HS and later in life, I read a lot of books about submarine warfare, and the operation of this U-boat, seemed very realistic by comparison. Best war movie ever, and I am a diehard airplane buff, especially WWII! Bill
  15. Sorry for not responding sooner, the Nimitz freeware carrier is what I was looking for, thanks. Bill Clark
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