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  1. Thanks for keeping us informed about VR! Bill Clark
  2. Hi All, I visited Orbx website, where Chase Plane now resides, and they have a forum over there for Chase Plane. Apparently, according to a poster on Orbx, said Chase Plane wants you to log on once in a while. So what I did was, launch Orbx Central, then logged in. I then went to Partners section, and under Other, is a link to //42 Chase Plane. I clicked on it and a screen popped up that gave me an option to Launch Chase Plane from Orbx Central. Once I did, Chase Plane is now working again. Bill Clark.
  3. My chase plane is doing the same thing, it closes within 5 to 10 seconds after opening. Just started doing this today? Bill Clark
  4. Jay, I was opened up my Scenery tab on P3D V4.5 and I am not able to move the fsAerodata up to the top of the heap of all my 3rd party scenery. Apparently these scenery files, like DreamTeam, etc., were installed outside the sim and linked to P3D via XML files. Any suggestions? Edit - Found answer on fsAerodata FAQ - Use the Lorby tool to move the three files to top of scenery heap. Bill Clark
  5. To Jay and Reader, Question - If the fsAerodata is below all 3rd party scenery and all Orbx scenery, will fsAerodata still work properly? Bill Clark
  6. My migration from FTX Central 3.0 to Orbx Central 4.x did not go smoothly. I spent a good part of last week posting on the Orbx Forum, progressing thru a lot of steps, before I was finally successful at making the transition to V4.x. Since most, if not all of you, who have Orbx scenery, have probably migrated to the newest Orbx Central, it will be worthwhile to read thru my Orbx posts because of the following issues listed in this brief summary: Note: I had none of the issues below with FTX Orbx 3.0, prior to migration. Backed up image of my OS and P3D installation. Experienced file error messages first time updating to Orbx Central V4.X (probably my error). Restored OS and P3D image on primary SSD. Experienced scenery artifacts after migrating to Orbx Central V4.x, a second time, caused by 4.x altering the scenery layers. Fixed artifacts issue, by resetting the Insertion Point to locate 3rd party scenery above Orbx scenery. Then discovered elevation errors at three Orbx small airports in the Pacific Northwest region. After trouble shooting, discovered fsAerodata was causing the elevation issues at three airports (I didn’t check all Orbx airports). Fixed elevation issues, once again, by changing the Insertion Point in Orbx Central 4.x, to move fsAerodate below Orbx scenery Thank God for Macrium Reflect (image backup S/W) saving me from disaster. I actually initiated recovery twice, and it worked perfectly each time. Regular system backup is critical in this hobby, especially when making major changes to simulator. I considered this migration “risky.” I recommend those of you with Orbx scenery, and who have migrated to 4.x, to read thru my postings on the Orbx Forum thread below, and then checking your individual setups to make sure your scenery layering is set correctly. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/188100-how-to-update-orbx-central-30-to-orbx-central-40/ I will say that the support of the moderators on the Orbx forums was excellent, and Nick and Doug eventually helped me be successful at making the Orbx Central 4.x transition. This is the only path to getting access to the latest Chase Plane app, and future updates, now that this app is only available from, and supported on Orbx Central 4.x. Bill Clark
  7. What are the steps to update from Orbx Central 3.0 to Orbx Central 4.x? Bill Clark
  8. cmpbellsjc and others, No, I did not know the VRS SuperBug had this capability, I assumed it did because I found videos of older hornets that did. It took a while before I got a response on the VRS SuperBug forums, here is what was said: Bill Clark In a word, "No". Since this post is presented in the "GENERAL DISCUSSION" forum, I will respond, and "Discuss" my point of view (I speak totally as a customer and pilot of the Superbug). There are many YouTube videos out there which purport various facilities and functionality, attributing it to all of the aircraft of a particular model and type. Generally, so far as I know, ACLS is installed on about as many SuperHornets, as there are 737's with CAT-III landing systems. The reasons every airplane doesn''t have them are similar: 1. MONEY (Generally adding a very substantial cost to supply something which is extremely rare in use. Well over 95% of carrier landings are performed "Visually" (remember, "Call the Ball" is 300' AGL/ASL, and 3/4 of a mile horizontally- that's the classic definition of a NON-PRECISION approach (VOR, ADF, GPS, etc). That's a lot of bucks for something that mostly sits there, and also takes up weight and space that can go to things that go boom. 2. Training, Maintenance, and Currency. The program for the RAG (type-rating school on the SuperBug) already takes well over a year), in addition to the 2, 2 1/2 years already invested in the pilot's training (see #1 for cost). Now, for my personal take on the matter of "ACLS, Auto-Land, and the art of motorcycle maintenance", here's my OPINION, based on flying real airplanes since 1965, and the VRS SuperHornet particularly, since January of 2010. I'm a pilot. I LIKE to FLY the airplane. Especially in this totally no-risk simulated environment, there is no joy for me to sit there and watch an autopilot operate the airplane. I can just as easily go watch a YouTube movie if I want to do that. On the specifics of simulating an auto-land on a moving carrier, I have no desire to take the simulated risk inherent in relying on electronics and software built by the lowest bidder (and probably programmed by a total non-flyer) to get me safely on the boat. Too many things happen too quickly within proximity to the carrier to trust a "box". Like I said at the start, this is a Discussion, and I'm discussing my personal opinion on the subject. I'm outta' here Al
  9. cmpbellsjc, The reason I posted in both the P3D and FSX forums, is because the F-18E Suerbug can be flown in either simulator. I actually fly P3D only, and never look at the FSX forum. I suspect this may be true for others as well? I wanted to cover both base sims since I have to imagine it is flown by FSX and P3D simmers, hoping to increase the odds of getting a response. Bill Clark
  10. Hi,I've been searching all over to find a video, or detailed instructions, on how to do a Full Auto Land on either a carrier or runway with the VRS F-18E SuperBug? I have found videos on the F-18 C or D models, but nothing on the SuperBug?Bill Clark
  11. Hi,I've been searching all over to find a video, or detailed instructions, on how to do a Full Auto Land on either a carrier or runway for the F-18E SuperBug? I have found videos on the F-18 C or D models, but nothing on the SuperBug?Bill Clark
  12. Hi, How about considering the VRS Superbug as a candidate for Linda? Bill Clark
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