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  1. This morning after sitting on the runway in VR, I attempted to press the "HOME bar" (SPACE bar) and nothing happened? I was stuck and could not go forward. I was able to kill the MSFS sim. After restarting the sim visited the setting area. I went to the the VR MODE side tab and opened it, then selected "Change Bindings," to see if this particular setting had changed. When I opened the settings, I discovered the following items missing: VR - Camera Reset VR - Cockpit Focus However, the following items were present: VR - Activate/Deactivate VR - Toolbar Toggle Prior to the last update, I didn't have this issue, everything worked great. Has anyone seen this issue, or could you check to see if all these choices are available on your system. Bill Clark
  2. Quantumpion, I setup my mixture as an axis. I had the mixture number 1 & 2 set for 0-100%. Rotating the knob to a certain position will kill the engine Axis mixture 3 & 4 not setup. What seems to work is have to re-start the engine using CTL+E. I never had this problem until the update! Bill Clark
  3. Quantumpion, Thanks for your response! I will take a look at the engine controls of the jet, but jets do not have mixture controls, unless the controls coding got mixed up in this latest patch? Bill Clark Bill
  4. This may not be the correct forum, but I am finding that this T-45 jet, when started in 2D (Monitor Mode), shuts down the engines when I enable VR. It fly's fine in 2D mode, but not in VR. Anybody have any ideas on how to fix? I am not sure where the IndiaFoxTecho developers forums are located as I purchased from Orbx. Bill Clark
  5. OK, I missed that statement. Yes, with FS2020, you are probably slammed! BTW - Is there a way to fool the current NGXu module so I can access the BBJ internals? I would imagine most of the internal commands of the NGXu are the same for the BBJ? Bill Clark
  6. Hi, PMDG recently introduced the BBJ series for the 737NGXu for P3D v4 and v5. In trying to setup the BBJ, it appears that this new member of the 737Ngxu family is no covered by the current module. Are their plans to update this module? Bill Clark
  7. Hi Stef, Yes, I have a Router. What do you mean by "dual IP's"? In some respects, I wished I had stayed with P3D v4.5 as V5.1 has some issues, stutters mainly at airports at KSFO. Plus, I lost use of my VRS F-18 E as they have yet to migrate it from V4.5 to V5.1. Bill
  8. I finally got around to updating P3D V4.5 to 5.1, and wanted to update My Flight 1 GTN750 and 650. When I downloaded the latest version, and attempted to install it, my Microsoft defender labeled one of the components as a dangerous Trojan. F1 Support recommended I turn off my virus checker and then try to update. I declined. I have been downloading/installing a ton of software on my system for 2+ years now, never had this issue. Looks like it is time to try Reality XP brand, $35 is an attractive price, but I need to get both the 750 and 650 for my A2A planes! Bill Clark
  9. Oculus S works well with FS2020. I’ve been running it a few hours today. Bill Clark
  10. I got the DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error in P3D V4.5, or whenever they converted to 64-bit? Bill Clark
  11. P3D is the only simulator I ever get this DXGI_DEVICE_HUNG error. I never experience error in: DCS World FS2020 Condor2
  12. KDFW, How did you get the G2 to work in single pass in P3D? Bill Clark
  13. sbclark

    Day 1...

    Watch the movie "Full Metal Jacket." In this movie, a real Marine DI, turned actor, breaks in a bunch of new recruits. This will give you a feeling of what it was like back in the supposedly "good ol' days." Bill Clark
  14. Thanks Rob............appreciate the tips. I will see what is configured on my system. Bill Clark
  15. Rob, What Nvidia driver are you using? Do you use a driver "cleaner" prior to install of new Nvidia driver, if so, what is it? Bill Clark
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