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  1. lopentan

    I can not file my flight plan

    Sorry I forgot, that, Thanks a lot , Dave
  2. lopentan

    I can not file my flight plan

    In many flights when go to file P2ATC delete stars and not give recomended stars, never was that problem in the past. I will like to a fress install bout i need to keep my configuirations and settings , is that posible?, Dave. Thanks
  3. Have you read the manual for audio settings? i have no problems.
  4. lopentan

    New Forum Layout

    Yes its only a few days to feel like the old one.
  5. lopentan

    All planes drifting right any solution?

    Its work fine now i delete the planes profiles in FSUIPC.INI and reasign all axes and works fine in hotas, now i will try in my Saitek hotas and rudder.
  6. lopentan

    All planes drifting right any solution?

    Thanks a lot but i tested only with keyb no joke or joistick and same result. Default sacenery, default aircraft. I used FSUIPC too and same result, i delete all axes with FSUIPC I will try this solotion too but i not have +Direct Input into private Properties
  7. lopentan

    All planes drifting right any solution?

    That was my idea, thanks a lot. I test with a new P3D.cgf with no joke only keyboard in the default scenery and aircraft, and same result, drifting to the right.
  8. lopentan

    All planes drifting right any solution?

    Im not try a vanilla sim, because i know that peple has this issue before. Calobration is Ok in both yoke and Joistick in sim and in windows, i use for other sims and works fine. My joistick and Yoke use only one for both engines. i can try delete ped.cfg but im sure will be as now.
  9. lopentan

    All planes drifting right any solution?

    Thanks for the answer but i tried too.
  10. I have a new problem detect in P3D all planes ( dedault and payware) drifting to right on runways to take off and on air too. -SAtiket pro yoke and rudder ( same problem) -thrustmaster t.flight hotas x ( Same problem) -Only keyborad (Same problem) - Whather no wind and clear (Same problem) - desactive all axes (Same problem) - Autorudder on/off (Same problem) -More dead zone (Same problem) -All devices calibrates in windows and in prepar3d calibration (Same problem) -Fsuipc calibration (Same problem) -Fsuipc disabe (Same problem) -deleting al axes (Same problem) -Realism change to easy (Same problem) The big problem in in air becasue the planes turn a lot to the right and in VFR y have to do many corrections because i dont use Auto Pilot Anyone can help me to this problem? Sorry for my english and thanks a lot.
  11. I use same setting like you since a week and work very well for me. VSYNC and triple buffering OFF same like me too. Works really fine.
  12. lopentan

    Any news Navigraph?

    Thanks dave, stiill waiting.
  13. lopentan

    Any news Navigraph?

    I have read in Navigrpah forum this the 15 Octuber: I can confirm this to 100% now But i have no item for Pilot2atc in version airac 1611, do you know something abut this? any news? Thanks