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  1. Hello all, Since the new patch ( I'm no longer able to adjust my controls sesitivity. All I get is an empty box with 'Sesitivity Done'. Any body else with this? Or am I overlooking something?
  2. Set my FPS in my Nvidia Confiuration to 32. This solved it for me. 🙂
  3. Just had a try on the fly with developer mode on. Game mode on of off, made no significant change in FPS for me. I leave it off.
  4. Just tested, if the 'CPU 100% spikes' have something to do with loading the rolling cache. Flew a 50nm traject twice. But the CPU still spiked the second flight. Further more, when I'm in the menu's, my GPU goes up to 90-100%. When I'm flying it drops again, to 35-45%. What I wonder makes the GPU goes up that way when I'm just in de menu's. MSFS has very good looks, but has also some strange behaviors.
  5. Aime, I was al ready a fan of your textures and used your 'old' Generic Project Textures with yoy. Now, that I'm on FSX SE, I installed your Terra Emergence Project and am again very happy with it. Thank you! Tim van Ringen (aka Slowhand)
  6. Hi, Try this link in your ProxyUser.ini. It uses Bing Maps. http://aviation.allanville.com/tileproxy/
  7. My friend and I like to join cockpits and followed the JoinFS manual by the letter. But after things are set, there's no Enter Cockpit button als the manual says, no matter what we do. We have flown together with JoinFS in seperate aircraft without any problem. We both use version 1.4.3. Who can help us out?
  8. Hi Frank, This site is indeed not often visited. You're almost right there. Your cache folder shouldn't be empty. Cause if nothing is there, nothing is in it, what means no (black) textures. The airport is most likely your FS9 airport, but nothing more. I would check my cache line in ProxyUser.ini.
  9. Now and then I visit this site, to see if there is some news. Nothing much. Are we dead or what?
  10. Check the area with FlashEarth or Bing Maps, if good scenery is avalable at that location. Sometimes there ar some bad parts.
  11. It's clear now that my virusscanner (Panda) has impact on my tile loading. I made a testflight along the North coast of Spain and I had no blurries. :smile:
  12. Just made a flight (C217-80-knt) with the virusscanner program off, and it made a difference. There is hope...
  13. Hello Mick, My story is the same as yours. Years of fun with TP. But lately its my feeling the tiles download speed is slowing down. I wonder, with normal downloads, the download server determines the download speed. Can it be that the tileserver is throtteling back the download speed of the tiles? Just came to my mind... I didn't try it with my virusscanner off as is adviced. Still one attempt to go...
  14. The use of Memory Cleaner is not without risk. For example, today I activated MC before loading FSX. That was not good. FSX crashed after 1/2 hour flying. Even an instant restart of FSX failed. I suspect a memory conflict. I rebooted my system and made the same flight again without MC and all went well. I'm a Memory Cleaner user but only when needed. I activate it on the fly. So keep an eye on your RAM. MC does not influence your VAS in any way, only your RAM. My advice would be to only use MC when needed and after FSX is fully loaded. Never before. Good luck and blue skies.
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