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  1. Yes, I'm glad I have my screenshots from the earlier days of this sim. It used to be pretty darn amazing, that's for sure.
  2. I'm baffled that this updater uses so much CPU and GPU while downloading. What's it doing, mining bitcoin? I've tried to force the updater to use my low-power Intel GPU instead of the Nvidia, but it ignores my Nvidia settings. I've tried disabling CUDA for the installer, but that didn't help either. I even tried to limit framerate, but it's still hitting 40-50% GPU to download a file, along with similar CPU utilization. This software is environmentally unfriendly! I might try disabling my NVidia processor altogether just for the purpose of running this updater to see what happens. Hopefully I don't break Windows in the process!
  3. I miss the good 'ol days when you could install the version of software you like and not be forced to "upgrade" it. And if you upgraded and it broke, you could just reinstall the original version from disc. This whole mandatory upgrade system has ruined my own MSFS experience as well. Had I known it would have gone the direction it has, I don't think I would have bought it, at least not until it's properly finished and the huge updates come to an end. Oh well, maybe five years from now it will be better? FWIW, Flight Simulator isn't the only game I own that has gotten worse after an update instead of better. It seems to be a systemic problem in the gaming industry.
  4. If only there was a way to install MSFS from Steam. Unfortunately Microsoft elected to use Steam only to install their own installer. I don't understand this, wouldn't Microsoft rather unload a bunch of their server traffic onto Steam rather than have to supply all that bandwidth themselves?
  5. Might be something unique to my system, which is a laptop. It doesn't go to sleep in my "gaming" power configuration, but there might be something else idling or throttling. From what I'm reading in other threads, it might not even be worth fighting it right now. Sounds like this latest update isn't the magical one I thought it would be. Maybe I'll wait a couple of weeks and try again.
  6. I thought this update was supposed to be great. Now I'm reading that it's not? I haven't played in months because a previous update broke the entire thing, forcing me to wipe the entire game, so I did what some suggest - I walked away for awhile. Now I'm back because I thought this was "the" update everyone was waiting for, but now I'm not so sure. It would actually be good news, in a way, if this update is bad, because it's going to take me a literal month to download MSFS again because of this rubbish installation manager. That's not an exaggeration. So what's wrong with this update? In a nutshell, of course.
  7. It seems the crashing of the updater may be linked to computer inactivity. If I have it going in the background while I browse the Internet, work on notes, etc, it seems to go without a hiccup (albeit terribly terribly slowly). Any time I walk away and hope it will keep downloading, when I come back it has either crashed or gotten stuck in a loop. What's weird is that this happens even when I use a power profile that doesn't put anything to sleep to my knowledge... I might have to write a script to simulate activity (like typing in a word document) and see if I can trick my computer into not idling and see if that helps. Where's the shrug emoji when you need it?
  8. It's taking me 30 days and 30 nights.
  9. Okay, so it's not just me. Maybe Asobo will release an update to the installer. Thankfully this is something that Steam does handle, and like I said, Steam's updater is a pure dream in comparison. In the meantime I guess I'll just grab a GB a day, and 100 days from now I'll finally be able to play MSFS again.
  10. Apologies - I read "Windows uninstall" as "uninstall Windows".
  11. I believe my VPN has a presence in Sweden.. Maybe I'll give that a try later (and yes, my VPN provides way more than 3mb/s). Though it may not matter, as the updater probably knows I'm American and picks from an American list of servers. If I have time I guess I'll have to try to see if there are some settings somewhere I can tweak. Maybe I can force the updater to use a different server, one that's less busy. Downloading files at a reasonable, reliable speed should not require a doctorate and a fistful of Valium...
  12. By everything I mean everything MSFS - the main program and all my addons. I am not reinstalling Windows, because I have it configured exactly the way I want it and it runs fine, darn close to perfect actually, and no other program gives me trouble. I see no need to amputate an arm because of a splinter. If it comes to that, I'll just cut off the finger (that is, MSFS).
  13. What kind of limitation? It's not bandwidth, as all my Steam downloads are a rock solid multiple of this. And while the updater is downloading, I can watch a 4K video on my TV (same internet) no problem. The only limitation I can imagine is a geographic one, where there might be some very specific weak link / bottleneck between my ISP and the server. It feels like there is an bandwidth limiter being implemented by the updater itself, which is why I'm asking if there is a setting somewhere to override this. If you're getting 250 download speeds, then it can't be a server issue.
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