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  1. I fly into mostly smaller (compared to LAX, for example) airports, so hopefully this will work well. I'd just like to see realistic airlines rather than these weird pink and yellow airlines.
  2. Thanks! I just went to download it and it says "currently online" (clicking the link gives a 404 error). That's a bummer, but I'm guessing this is just some temporary server maintenance or something. I'll bookmark the page for later. Question - are the aircraft models performance-friendly or more detailed like flyable aircraft, or better yet, do users get to choose?
  3. I understand that volumetric, variable-density fog is not easy on a GPU, but more diffuse "everywhere" fog is actually "old tech" that is very easy on modern GPUs. Using this type of fog and varying the intensity based on one's location in a cloud could be a good compromise. It would definitely be better than nothing in my opinion. I don't personally need to see my wing "slicing" volumetric clouds like the video I present (as cool as it would be), but I would like a sense that I'm actually inside a cloud, and simple diffusion fog that "flickers" in intensity based on where I am in that cloud would give me that.
  4. For the ones that say we should see wingtips inside of clouds clear as day, check this: I've been on enough commercial flights to know that this video is accurate. And I live in a mountainous region, and when we're literally "in the clouds", I often cannot clearly see a wing's length away walking around my own house. The foggy mist is right there in my face, something that I don't get from the current version of MSFS. In MSFS, I never truly feel "in" the clouds.
  5. I do, with ultra-quality clouds, so I'm interested to learn how some of you are avoiding this.
  6. Unfortunately HDR has come to mean multiple things. The "old" meaning is where, say in photography, you have a camera that takes three different pictures at different exposures and blends them together so that images are neither washed out or too dark (shadows and bright skies can coexist nicely). Then there is the artsy HDR that takes this to an extreme to give a very iconic photographic look, where shadows and highlights are over-emphasized for dramatic effect. And of course now we have true HDR, where you go from 8 bits to 10 bits or more per color channel, driving 4K HDR TVs and monitors with very bright brights and dark darks. This is the version of HDR that doesn't translate well in a typical SDR screenshot. But I suspect a GeForce filter is not this true HDR, but rather the aforementioned simulated HDR in an SDR color space.
  7. Your comment does not answer my question. As for real life, I've been on enough commercial flights to observe wing tips being obfuscated by the "fog" that is the interior of a cloud. I just can't remember if I experienced the same thing in MSFS when it first released, or if I'm confusing real life memories with sim memories. * credit to the sim for being realistic enough to make me question if my memory is real or virtual
  8. Bummer. Am I imagining that they used to be more "solid" when the sim was first released?
  9. Do these SU10 clouds have substance when you are inside them, or can you still see your wings in full clarity?
  10. Are you planning on buying a hardware yoke with pedals? I ask because I've been considering that myself. I'm not sure I can fully justify it (MSFS is just one of my many time sinks), but I'd be interested to read your own experience if you're currently "yokeless" and decide to buy hardware for improved immersion.
  11. I'm glad we can still control load order, as I have my own personal scenery package which both adds and removes things, and to remove something my package needs to load after whatever package has the thing that doesn't belong (for example, the very amazing VFR addon has one antenna that no longer exists IRL in my area, so I removed it with an exclusion rect).
  12. Is Windows 10 a minimum requirement to run MSFS? In other words, is anyone currently running it on Windows 7 or 8? I find it weird that Microsoft, which is known for its support of backwards compatibility, would force people to upgrade Windows in order to continue to run a piece of software that was originally released for an older version. If Windows 11 becomes mandatory to run MSFS, that'll be my cue to switch to XP12. Thankfully Windows 10 will be supported until at least 2025. I also would not be surprised if the modding community finds ways to trick MSFS to think it's running on Win 11 when it's still on Win 10, so I'm not going to lose sleep over it.
  13. I'm still running Windows 1909, which required some trickery to keep it that way. Newer is not always better. I also froze my Oculus software to a pre-Facebook requirement version, though IIRC that requirement is being reconsidered. Ironically it was a mandatory update that killed MSFS for me a year+ ago and kept me from flying until more recent updates fixed what that previous update broke. I'm definitely a "If it's not broke, don't fix it" kind of guy, except when I first get a product - I spent days fine-tuning (which usually means removing crapware and disabling unneeded services) of my operating system when I first got my gaming laptop. Though a new laptop full of crapware and enabled spyware telemetry is "broken" IMO, so I'm not breaking my rule by "fixing" these things 😉 Now it's perfect (at least for me), so I do my best to keep it that way.
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