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  1. I would buy this for my "home" cities, places I've lived IRL (I moved around a lot) that I like to revisit. Now I live in a little rural town, which nobody will make scenery for, so I may just tackle this myself once I figure out the SDK.
  2. Thanks! Yours is the first mod I've installed into the community folder, so I reverse engineered your various files (manifest, layout, etc) to figure out how to do my own customizations - basic stuff like tail numbers. I can see someday making a small script to automate the generation and updating of these files.
  3. I may be an outlier, but I prefer hand-crafted cities over photogrammetry, though mixing the two would be the best of both worlds. Photogrammetry just doesn't look that good when you get closer, and even at a distance the lighting is all wrong. I compared photos I took of Pittsburgh IRL and compared them to the same spot in MSFS, and the city is way too dark in MSFS, probably because of the building faces being in shadow when the photogrammetry images were taken. You also get weird "frozen in time" reflections on glass windows, etc. And don't get me started on photogrammetry buildings. So yeah, give me hand-crafted, at least for the downtown areas, bridges, landmarks, etc, overlaid on photogrammetry for the neighborhoods and suburban areas (nobody expects every single house to be hand-crafted). I'll happily pay for hand-crafted "hometown" cities.
  4. Has anyone figured this out yet? I lost all my customizations with the update (things like tail numbers, etc), so I'd like to be able to customize these Asobo planes via the community folder, which I assume would survive updates.
  5. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!!! Well that and I'm dumb, dumb, dumb for not thinking of this, but we'll both feel better about ourselves if we go with my first sentence 😉 ps - it's working!!!!
  6. My Cessna 172 G1000 is gone!!! I can't select it from the game, and it's now missing from my Packages folder as well. The only thing I can think of is that my upgrade crashed and I had to restart it, so maybe it was in the process of upgrading the Cessna when it crashed, and thus it got deleted... This breaks my heart, because I really love this plane. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get MSFS to reinstall this one plane without having to reinstall the entire sim from scratch? Is there a "validate install" or "repair program" option hidden away somewhere? If there is, will it force a reinstall to just fix one missing plane? If that is the case, then I'd rather just say goodbye to my beloved plane.... And what if I wait for the next update, will that reinstall any missing packages? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!! So very sad...
  7. Sadly no radio or cell towers have been added, at least not to my region of the world. Even the local VOR is rendered as a house, LOL. I'll have to fly a bit further to see if I have electric transmission towers now.
  8. I personally am more interested in seeing the contrails from other high altitude jets in the area than I am seeing my own contrail. As it is, I wouldn't even know there were jets up there if not for the tags. After all, I can look out my window IRL and see contrails all over when the conditions are right.
  9. Does the current flight model in MSFS 2020 allow for the creation of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (six degrees of freedom) and wind-driven lighter-than-air craft like hot air balloons? I'm not qualified to make an accurate Harrier or F-35B, but I could see importing a 3D model of my favorite spaceship like an X-Wing or one of my own designs and making my own flight dynamics with VTOL / 6DOF, just for fun someday.. 😄 I've never made my own aircraft before, so how do the older flight sims like FSX handle this? Is there one flight model to rule all aircraft, or do helicopters get their own special, separate flight model? I've even seen boats, cars, and motorcycles in FSX! I'm guessing these all used the same flight model "template" modified for their specific needs.
  10. So when is the update coming? I thought it was soon..
  11. Which is it, six or eight? As a six core owner myself, fingers crossed for the six 😉
  12. Oh I get that, but shouldn't the distribution of the workload be better across all six cores? I'd understand if MSFS was optimized for 4 cores, but IIRC 6 cores is the sweat spot. Unless the 50% means that it's not utilizing the hyperthreading... I'm not being argumentative, I am genuinely curious. UPDATE I checked, I've got 12 logical processors, one is pegged at 100%, while a couple are running at 20-30%, the rest averaging between 50-80%. Here is image: UPDATE #2 When the game is loading (after clicking "Fly Now"), it actually does go to 100% CPU, all 12 logical processors pegged. Then it drops down to about 50% give or take. I've tested this on low resolution so that the GPU is no longer a factor, yet I still see this. Multiple comments on Digital Foundry's video on MSFS claim this is due to limitations in DX11.
  13. Perhaps the more screens, the more effective the mod? What about a plane like the TBM which has three main and two menu glass screens?
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