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  1. Yes, running version 3.00.9195. At least on my system, that issue wasn´t fixed by the update.
  2. That‘s on the -400 models, not yet tested on the -8. Payload is setup via FMC ( FS Actions / Payload / ZFW ).
  3. Hello. Due to whatever reason, I found that especially on higher Gross Weights, the plane starts to rotate on it´s own during T/O Run prior to reaching vR. E.g.: TOW: 378to. Flaps 10 TOCG 22% Thrust: TO Stab Trim on FMC: 6.7 Stab Trim was set to the value on the FMC, just after passing v1, the nose begins to rise without any input on the elevators. No noise from joystick at all, confirmed by STATUS Page on EICAS ( Elevator neutral ). Happens regardless of RWY used and regardless of aerodrome elevation / wind / QNH /etc. Any thoughts? Regards, Tom Stone
  4. Problem solved: I‘ve changed the „Crew Volume“ on the SEC-Panel Audio Settings to the same Level of the PA/FA ( both now set to „3“ ). Thank you and best regards
  5. Just found that the volume reduction only occurs when the FO speaks, it won‘t happen during PA-Announcements from Flight Attendants or by a Flight Attendant in the Cockpit.
  6. Hello Bryan. Thanks for your advice. But that‘s exactly what I‘ve tried already and unfortunately that didn‘t help. Best regards
  7. Hi there. I‘ve purchased the voice package and really enjoy it, truly adds to the immersion. However, there’s one point I find a bit distracting: The volume of the whole Aircraft/Simulation ( Engines and Internal ) is reduced a bit ( not completely muted, but lowered by perhaps 20-30% ) when the F/O is speaking. When the F/O is finished, the Volume comes back to normal. I suspect that this is caused by some weird Windows 10 System-setting, but I have no clue, what‘s causing this... Found a setting that handles the volume when WIN10 senses an incomming phone call and set it to „do nothing“, but that didn‘t fix the issue. Did anyone else encounter this issue and is there a workaround to avoid this system behaviour? I‘m using a 3.5mm Headset ( all sounds routed to this Headphone / used like a speaker ) and a USB Microphone on Windows 10. Thank‘s in advance Toto
  8. Hello!Could anyone provide me with some airconditioning sounds for the 757 that can be heard when the engines are cut but the packs are operative?ThanksTE
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