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  1. diamondstar

    No vref / Display select PNL

    On the "MENU" page. It happens when I do a quick traffic circuit, with the 777 on the runway with engines running. First FO action in this case is "RWY entry procedure". So, the FO did'nt touch anything on the FMC prior to the descent flow. Regards, Tim
  2. diamondstar

    No vref / Display select PNL

    Hi! Due to whatever reason, the FO will not select vref during his descent flow. Instead, he is stuck somewhere on his FMC using the Display select PNL function, thus, Display select PNL is shown on the upper EICAS. The rest of the descent flow is completed normally, all succeeding checklists are not affected. Regards, Tim
  3. diamondstar

    No "GEAR UP/DOWN" call from FO

    Yes, that would be great! Thanks!
  4. diamondstar

    No "GEAR UP/DOWN" call from FO

    Is it by intention the FO doesn't confirm the "Gear up" and "Gear down" call? I find this a bit distracting. Regards, Tom
  5. diamondstar

    cannot load main panel with assigned N button

    Same here...! Regards, Tom
  6. diamondstar

    ASDEX not working

    Yes, I did. Departure and Approach.
  7. diamondstar

    What headset to buy?

    I choose the Microsoft LX-3000 Live chat headset. No issues at all...
  8. diamondstar

    ASDEX not working

    No, he's not... No matter what's set, he leaves it off after the before start flow. And turns it off when "ok to clean up"...
  9. diamondstar

    ASDEX not working

    No matter what I select in the Briefing section: F/O won't turn the XPDR on during taxi to the runway / won't leave it on during taxi to the gate. Regards, Tom
  10. diamondstar

    No pushback...?!

    Really disappointed there's no longer a pushback-option included in the 777 Edition! Major drawback compared to the NGX! This means another month-long wait and additional expense ( well, not the case for me: wouldn't purchase...! ). Not amused at all! Tom
  11. Thank's Steve, that helped! Ultra smooth on 344.11!!! Best regards, Tom
  12. Today I've updated to 344.11. I choose the expressinstallation, in order to retain my preferences and settings. Everything went fine. However: Before, I was using the nvidia inspector settings as defined by "Word Not Allowed". Everything was fine with the previous nvidia driver, nice and smooth anti alliasing. With the updated driver, there seems to be the problem, that none of the profile settings work anymore in FSX. The "Word Not Allowed profile" is still available within nvidia inspector and still allocated to fsx. But I seem to be unable to apply the settings to FSX: - no AA at all...! Any thoughts on that? I tried to enable AA within FSX, which works, but it isn't by far as smooth as the Word Not Allowed-setup. As the Word Not Allowed-setup AA is not working in FSX, I presume, that all other settings within that set are not applied to FSX at all as well... Best regards Tom
  13. Hi! I'm considering an upgrade from a GTX760 to a GTX780Ti or even a GTX980. Will it be worth the money ( considerable improvement )? The card will be used in a i7 4770k @ 4,2GHz / 8GB RAM / WIN7 64bit / PMDG / ASN environment. Best regards Tom
  14. diamondstar

    How to connect three monitors to one PC?

    Hi Alex!Thanx for your reply!I understand that you