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    I am disabled and in a wheelchair after a car crash in Houston, Texas in 1992 where I was living at that time. I now live in London uk ( go figure!) I am 65 and have limited mobility

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  1. Thanks Guys appreciiated
  2. ever since I bought the P3Dv.4 of the PMDG777 I am no longer able to pick up the LOC or GS automatically like before...................why?
  3. remember me Mark I was one of those people despite numerous emails between us was never able to get it working , what now? do I just bite the bullet and hope it works for me this time
  4. thanks I guess will just have to bite the bulett
  5. do I need t purchase the 777 again for Prepared v4
  6. · How do I put Navigation rings on my ND. As AES does not support FSXSE, how do I get my jet way to work I have GSX ·
  7. can anyone tell sorry keyboard fell me why my AP on my T7 keeps disengaging doffing flight
  8. 21 days nogt 1 reply, what gives guys ?
  9. can anyone tell me once I configure Germany North how to save the config file as I see no save button and it keeps telling me not configured Could someone also explain to. me the 2 insertion points and where the orange and blue ones sit
  10. Thanks guys, problem solved
  11. I used to do this all the time in 737 NGX but in 777 no requirment, until I came across a airport that does not have it, which radio do I use ?
  12. Can anyone tell me how I can delete night enjoinment x British Isles (vas reasons) from my steam account because every time I do, steam updates and puts it back on. I bought it though steam
  13. thanks Richie
  14. Hi Guys can anybody tell me where I can get Aer Lingus livery for my PMDG 777.. I do know they do not fly this particular aircraft