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    I am disabled and in a wheelchair after a car crash in Houston, Texas in 1992 where I was living at that time. I now live in London uk ( go figure!) I am 69 and have limited mobility

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  1. thanks Vic unfortunately that link does not cover the P3d v4 platform Patrico
  2. thanks Vic but their is no mention of the Hat switch anywhere on the control assignment menu in P3D. I do have FSUIPC v5. but no luck many thanks Patrick Horan aka Patrico
  3. Hi everyone, I have a Saitek-x52(I know!) and I need to map a hat switch om my flight-stick to p3d.............any ideas anyone?
  4. patrico

    LOC G/S Issues

    Thanks Guys appreciiated
  5. patrico

    LOC G/S Issues

    ever since I bought the P3Dv.4 of the PMDG777 I am no longer able to pick up the LOC or GS automatically like before...................why?
  6. remember me Mark I was one of those people despite numerous emails between us was never able to get it working , what now? do I just bite the bullet and hope it works for me this time
  7. thanks I guess will just have to bite the bulett
  8. do I need t purchase the 777 again for Prepared v4
  9. patrico

    a few questions

    · How do I put Navigation rings on my ND. As AES does not support FSXSE, how do I get my jet way to work I have GSX ·
  10. patrico

    Autoo pilot

    can anyone tell sorry keyboard fell me why my AP on my T7 keeps disengaging doffing flight
  11. 21 days nogt 1 reply, what gives guys ?
  12. can anyone tell me once I configure Germany North how to save the config file as I see no save button and it keeps telling me not configured Could someone also explain to. me the 2 insertion points and where the orange and blue ones sit
  13. I used to do this all the time in 737 NGX but in 777 no requirment, until I came across a airport that does not have it, which radio do I use ?
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