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  1. Alex, I can´t thank you enough for all your updates of this fantastic program! Best regards
  2. Navigraph Charts 8 has just been released. Get a glimpse at the new features on this excellent introduction video by Jonathan Beckett.
  3. Hi, Do you know whether we can get the KingAir sound pack from FTSim+ with the basic membership? I am only interested in this package. Thanks
  4. It seems this issue was already been corrected by JustFlight.
  5. If you want to add a new livery to be used with this new version of the KingAir, please note that there is an error on the provided aircraft.cfg under ...\bksq-aircraft-analogkingair\SimObjects\Airplanes\bksq-aircraft-analogkingair-livery-example. At the top under VARIATION it should read: [VARIATION] base_container = "..\bksq-aircraft-analogkingair" I tried to post this at the JustFlight forum but it is down at this moment.
  6. OK, thanks. I got an email with the announcement of the update for the wheels version, but nothing about the floats....will wait...
  7. Did anyone figure it out how to get the Kodiak floats with the discount price (10 euros) for customers with the wheels version? On SWS website can see only the normal 15 euros price.
  8. I have a similar issue (Hotas Warthog) with the spoiler lever even when it is in the off position. I ended up to unassign the axis that I used for the spoiler...
  9. ...answered above...One can change the installation directory on FBW settings ...
  10. Can you elaborate? Using the FBW installer I see no way to select other than MSFS community folder. Or did you install at the default folder and later changed the location in the config file? Thanks
  11. I end up using the combo DDU+NVCleanInstall and everything is fine now. Thanks to all for the advice.
  12. >> did here, skipped GFX as usual. Odd...in my case that option couldn´t be unselected as it was greyed out!
  13. This new driver does not give an option to NOT install Geforce Experience. As I had never used it before, can anyone please recommend whether I should keep (and use) it? Thanks
  14. Hi Alex, I have been using beta 2.8 with no issues. Thanks! A question if I may: on flight plan creation there is now a line from the destination airport to the alternate airport. I couldn´t find and option where I could to opt out for this leg to the alternate airport (I mean that I would like that this leg is not shown). Is there such an option? Thanks and regards
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