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  1. Unfortunately the PC-24 seems not be available to download - did anyone manage to grab it?
  2. I second Bert´s appraisal - he is a very helpful, friendly and (most importantly...) patient person!
  3. I read that it can have the GTN750 from Flight1. What about RealityXP´s GTN750?
  4. I do have a 7700K cpu and a RTX2080 graphics card and FSLabs airbuses run very well in P3D v4.5. Didn´t notice any performance loss or improvement from v4.4 to v4.5.
  5. No, it is
  6. I do use the symbolic link method and it works great - it will solve your problem!
  7. Could you please check the PFPX profile that you kindly made available? It seems there is a problem with the weights - no passenger and no cargo exceeds the max ZFW. I think the empty weight should be 1570 kg (not 2199 kg). Thanks
  8. ...weird....following the link provided I get Information You are not authorised to read this forum.
  9. It is a nice work. I know well the airport and the MKS version is quite faithful. Performance is good. I think you will be pleased!
  10. ...always superb paint jobs...thanks Steve!
  11. Awesome David - it is very nice. Many thanks!
  12. I answer I answer them back with this observation...let us wait for their response...
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