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  1. ega

    REX/MilViz WX updated for P3D v4.4

    ...weird....following the link provided I get Information You are not authorised to read this forum.
  2. ega

    MK-STUDIOS - Lisbon

    It is a nice work. I know well the airport and the MKS version is quite faithful. Performance is good. I think you will be pleased!
  3. ega

    Metal makes me happy

    ...always superb paint jobs...thanks Steve!
  4. Awesome David - it is very nice. Many thanks!
  5. I answer I answer them back with this observation...let us wait for their response...
  6. Yes, I did send JustSim a message reporting this issue. I also sent them a link to the discussion here at Avsim forum. Their answer: "Please reinstall scenery EBBR and don't edit original afcad file in future. Original afcad was maked in other programm (it's no ADE)."
  7. ega

    Rhodos for Free

    Many thanks Rainer - I have already e-mailed the form to get access to the Clubmember. Regards
  8. ega

    Rhodos for Free

    Rainer, Many thanks for your work! I joined your forum yesterday but didn´t receive the required confirmation e-mail. Could you please check if everything is OK? As username I used "ega". Regards and thanks
  9. ega

    Need help FMX-USA Version

    I do have FreeMesh and Orbx - how do you disable the ORBX mesh in order to run the FreemeshX instead? Thanks!
  10. ega

    REX Worldwide ARPTS HD TO BE released

    Can this new Rex Worldwide Apts software be installed in another drive other than that where P3D is located?
  11. Chock, Allow me to make a small correction to your ...correction...Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was Portuguese, not Spanish - is name is actually João Rodrigues Cabrilho (born in 1499). He was a maritime navigator, known for exploring the West Coast of North America on behalf of the Spanish Empire. ...and my vote goes to FyTampa Boston....
  12. ega

    Feedback from networked users

    Joaquin, Where the simconnect.xml should reside in P3D4, I mean in which folder? Thanks
  13. ega

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    Are most of you installing just the client or also the other two components?
  14. Many thanks Chuck for your wonderful guides! Please consider for your next guides the B747 and the B787!
  15. ega

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    For the high resolution panel textures replace the line in the aircraft.cfg for each livery (of both 787-8 and 787-9) to read panel=hires By default (or after installing a livery) this line reads panel= withour the "hires" word and therefore does not use tne high resolution cockpit textures.