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  1. Rob, It was nice to hear from you and learning that your health is improving. You know certainly that you and your work are much appreciated among a huge majority of simmers! Wishing you a complete and fast recovery. Best regards
  2. There was a problem with the installer! With the download version, sound is back!
  3. I compared the files installed by the FBW installer with those of the downloaded version. The former at SimObjects\FlyByWire_A320_NEO\ the sound folder is missing! Will test instead the downloaded version to check if it clears this issue!
  4. I use the experimental version of the fantastic FBW A320 (I use the installer provided by FBW to update) and since the latest stand alone version I have no aircraft sounds: engine, APU, button clicks... I do have the A32NX installed in the community folder (my MSFS installation is outside disc C). Can someone please point me out a way to check why sounds are missing in all FBW liveries? Thanks
  5. Many thanks Alex for your continuous efforts to improve this essential addon! Kind regards
  6. Many, many thanks - I knew it would be easy but didn´t see the MOD settings page... Thanks!
  7. On the WT CJ4 FMS, IDX page, instead of the 4 number pilot´s ID I used SimBrief´s website ID. How van I correct this mistake? Is there any cfg file stored in a a folder where I can insert my number pilot ID? Thanks
  8. Rob, It was nice to hear from you - I confess I was worried and about to email you to know how you were doing! Take care of yourself and be sure that are many people around the world that wishes you a speedy and full recover.
  9. Congratulations to all WT team! It is a much rightful recognition of your work and talent. Good luck to you all (..your luck will also be all simmers luck...)!
  10. I am trying to create some custom Ai Ship routes. I would like to check its plans.txt format with those that come with AIShips - where are these plans.txt stored in MSFS? Couldn´t find them...but they are here somewhere... Thanks
  11. But did you select FSX on the gamelist? Even after starting MSFS I see on the TIR software (below device, profile on top left) title: None - it should show MSFS!
  12. I have TrackIR 4 for a number of years and decided to try it in MSFS. I installed the software but cannot get MSFS from gamelist because when I click on Game Updates I always get an error saying: "An error occurred while contacting the update server. The error was: The data is invalid" Any suggestion? Thanks
  13. Many thanks for this thorough tutorial! The CJ4 and the Bonanza (with R. Young mod) are definitively the airplanes I enjoy most in MSFS! Thanks to @mrfilbert!
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