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Found 62 results

  1. So I borrowed a throttle and a Sidestick form someone and it worked all just fine except with the fenix a 320. in other planes the throttle moves correctly, but when I get in to the fenix, the throttle goes either TOGA either max reverse. I tried calibrating my controls but nothing works. Do you have any solutions?
  2. Hi, I am having some trouble figuring out the Fenix a320 throttle controls. I am currently using a PS4 controller to control my aircraft and my throttle bindings are: R2 - to increase throttle and L2- to decrease throttle. Those bindings work in any other aircraft but whatever I do in the Fenix a320 the throttle isn’t increasing or decreasing unless I move it with my mouse. Also some assistance settings like auto rudder are locked in this plane. Do you have any suggestions?
  3. Hi guys, as title says. Which is your technique? I have no problem when try to land manually after passed 1000' AGL, disconnect A/P and A/T and land safely enough. But if I want to practice manually all the approach from IAF to FAF I have a lot of difficulties to keep the aircraft on correct glide path. I try to maintain the G/S adjusting the throttle and pitch manually, but most of the times I am to high on final and with an incorrect pitch configuration. The aircrat upon on final regains altitude and I have to make a go-around. How do you perform your manual landing with this great aircraft? Thanks in advance, Ric
  4. I received Bravo Throttle Quadrant last Tuesday and have it setup to a couple of aircraft. Found rmag on YouTube very helpful. It is indeed a great piece of kit and a pleasure to use. Two questions for you guys who have recently installed yours. 1. I find the throttles are not idling the engines completely. Idle is too high. Any way of adjusting this? 2. One of my favourite aircraft is the WT CJ4. Apparently I can set this up with Axis and Ohs. I have actually purchased this but am slightly apprehensive to use it. Has anyone on this post any experience with this software? Any help or suggestions most welcomed.
  5. Hey guys, I have been a long time viewer but have never posted much on the forums. However, I recently finished something that I thought I would share. Using a 3d printer, I designed these saitek replacement knobs that I custom modeled. I was inspired by the learjet 45's simplicity and style of knob, and I thought that would be a great place to start. Over about a month i managed to finish them and get the hang of using a 3d printer. The reverse levers rotate, but do not function in the flight sim for obvious technical reasons. Now that I have a replacement solution for my own flight sim, I have a few questions for the community: What do you think? Would you be interested in this as a product? Should I consider selling additional kits? Where would I post such a thread? Is there anything in the design that should be changed? It is just a thought for the moment, but I am interested in what you guys have to say to a potential ... say $50 vanity item.
  6. Hi guys, I'm having a problem with my Saitek cyborg v1 joystick in FSX. When I leave my throttle on idle, FSX shows my throttles at around 25%. At full throttle on the joystick, FSX shows my throttles at 75%. When I click calibrate, FSX's calibration system shows no problems at all with throttle position; 0% on the stick corresponds to 0% on the throttle, and 100% corresponds to 100%. When I use the same stick in XPX or Aerofly FS, the problem doesn't exist. This hasn't happened to me in the 2.5 years I've owned this stick and is a relatively new problem (a few weeks). The problem started when I unplugged my joystick and plugged in another Saitek controller (the pro yoke). The problem actually started with the pro yoke, so I thought it was specific to the yoke. Now I'm flying with my joystick, and the problem still exists. It's really annoying! What can I do? FSX SP2, by the way. Thanks
  7. Has anyone had any experience with the FSX Throttle Classic Pro throttle quadrant? http://www.fsxthrottle.com/fsx-throttle-classic-pro I am hesitant to order one since I would have to pay international shipping and duties on top of the the base price.
  8. Hello everyone. Today I want to share my (curious) experience with FSX with you. Here’s my setup (hardware and software): Motherboard: ASUS Z87-PRO Processor: Intel Core i7-4770K (stock speed and cooling, 3.5GHz) – HyperThreading enabled Videocard: 512MB ATI Radeon HD 4870 manufactured by MSI RAM memory: 1x 8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro Series DDR3 2133MHz (CMY16GX3M2A2133C11) Hard disk 1: 1x 128GB Corsair Force GS SATA3 6 Gb/s SSD Hard disk 2: 1x 500GB 7.200 RPM Samsung Hard Drive Yoke: Saitek Pro Flight Yoke plus one additional Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant unit Joystick: Saitek X52 HOTAS Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate x64 (installed on the SSD) Flight simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator X Deluxe Edition + SP1 + Acceleration expansion pack (installed on the 500GB hard drive) Add-ons (that interact directly with the simulator): PMDG Boeing 777-200LR/F + SP1 + 777-300ER expansion, Real Environment Xtreme 4 Texture Direct, Active Sky Next, FS Real Time, FSUIPC 4.929, ORBX FTX Global 1.00 Tweaks: fsx.cfg run through ******* Altuve’s tweaking website (although not advised lately, I still have a 2008 videocard), and applied his Shader 3 mod 1.6 – no external fps limiter, and FSUIPC’s patchsim1friction=Yes for the simulator’s ground friction. It is to note that I still use my Saitek X52’s throttle unit (alone, the stick is stored), because given the fact that I have no pedals, its Y axis (the biggest rotary knob) is the one I use as the plane’s tiller while on the ground, and I use the slider just beneath it for brakes. Everything in this PC is new (March 2014) except the videocard and the 500GB 7.200 RPM hard drive, which date from 2008. I got the Saitek X52 as a gift in 2009, and bought both the Yoke and Throttle Quadrant in 2013. This computer was bought with the idea to improve FSX’s performance, since I previously had a non-overclocked 2.4GHz Intel C2Q 6600, 2x 2GB DDR2 RAM memory modules (all from 2008), and no SSD. I am aware that even though FSX is more CPU-dependant, the videocard is also important when it comes to clouds / addon sceneries, and vital for other videogames, but I preferred to leave the videocard last since it’s the most expensive single component, and my budget didn’t allow me to go that far, so I updated what FSX needs the most first. Of course a new videocard is my next most immediate to-buy item when I can afford it. When I first set everything up – a.k.a. install Windows, FSX and add-ons in the SSD and tweaking - everything was going flawlessly (I even remember posting about it somewhere here), but all of a sudden it became pretty frustrating. Frame rate was high but the stuttering was so severe that it made my flying experience almost un-enjoyable. If the view from the cockpit was stuttering constantly, the outside (locked) spot view was practically unusable due to the even higher amount of stutter going on. What was causing it if it worked so well at first? Tried everything: tweaks, no tweaks (deleting fsx.cfg so the simulator created a new one), playing around with the simulator’s settings, leaving frame rate unlimited in the simulator, limiting them, using an external limiter, deleting FSX from the SSD and re-installing in the hard drive, and anything else a desperate person in need of a decent performance can do. Nothing worked. Only two theories left I had (just to calm myself and reduce the frustration it causes to NOT know what’s going on) were that it was either my videocard doing a bottleneck, which makes sense if we combine a brand new 2014 hardware with a 2008, 512MB videocard, or that it had to do with the clouds and the way Active Sky Next interacted with the simulator. The latter didn’t make much sense though since I experimented stuttering with both Active Sky Next open and closed; therefore, I was keeping the (fake) hope that once I updated my videocard the stuttering issue would be gone and I’d be happy. Not a very encouraging solution since I’m still months away from updating my videocard. Whenever I first run Windows my yoke’s X axis is always offset to the left, so I have to un-plug and re-plug it and it fixes itself. One weird thing I noticed in this PC (which didn’t happen in my previous one) is that whenever I unplugged the yoke (while also having the X52’s throttle and the Throttle Quadrant plugged), its icon in the notification bar took several seconds to disappear, as well as Windows’ sound that plays whenever I plug / unplug any USB device. Seemed as if something got frozen in the meanwhile, but I didn’t give much importance to it. At first I had both X52’s throttle and the additional Throttle Quadrant plugged into the yoke’s rear USB ports, but since I read somewhere that the yoke’s power alone might not suffice the other devices on it unless a power adapter was plugged on it, I preferred to plug each device in a separate USB port in the PC. When both SP1 and 777-300ER were released on the 18th I came back to my simulator (hadn’t touched it since the World Cup started), with the hope I could finally fix the issue so I could enjoy the plane. Since I had already tried anything else I could think of, I remembered the above mentioned USB unplugging freeze, although I always was like “nah, that wouldn’t make sense”. Well, this time it did! In one of my “what if…”’s I decided to unplug the Throttle Quadrant and leave only the yoke (with its default throttle) and X52’s throttle unit and voila! Stuttering disappeared. Vanished. I just couldn’t believe it. Went into the simulator, panned around and the stuttering was gone both in the cockpit and the outside locked spot view. The next day I did an entire flight to make sure it wasn’t just a wrong impression and that stuttering wouldn’t be back. Flight went out flawlessly! Only rare times it had an almost un-noticeable stuttering was when first loading big scenery objects or when focusing on IVAO’s MTL traffic, which is pretty normal. It is so heartwarming to finally have tracked down and fixed such an annoying issue and finally be able to fully enjoy flights! Now I have four questions: 1. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? 2. If that’s the case, could anyone find a solution to it? I don’t really know if it’s related to the devices or some conflict with the USB ports, since I didn’t experience this in my previous PC. I wouldn't like to ditch my Throtlle Quadrant just for the sake of a better performance, either. 3. Has anyone experienced having any of the yoke’s (or any other device’s) axes offset, and that unplugging / replugging fixes the issue? 4. If that’s the case, could anyone find a solution to that? I suppose it has to do with the drivers, but honestly have no idea. Yes, I know this topic is waaay too long, I just wanted to describe it the most detailed way possible so it’s easier for other people to reproduce. When I found out what was causing me such stuttering I felt so happy that I wanted to share it, and possibly help anyone who might also be experiencing it but has no idea of what is causing it (yet). Thanks to those who actually read it fully! Regards. P.D. I'll also post this topic in AVSIM's "Hardware Controllers & Drivers" section so other people (who might not often access PMDG's section) can also read and comment on it.
  9. [Warning: newbie question!] ;-) In the specs & reference materials that come with an aircraft (which I supposed is are light versions of the official pilot's operating handbooks), many of the V-speeds, range approximations, and fuel consumption info will often be listed in association with a "Power Percentage." i.e.: The design cruise speed for my Piper PA28 is 125 knots @ 75%, 116 @ 65%, and 102 @ 55%. Does that % correspond to the % of throttle in FSX? (If you hover the mouse over the throttle in the cockpit, it will display how high it is.) I assumed it was the same thing, but then I noticed that most of my aircraft perform a lot slower when the throttle is set to those #'s, even at just above sea level with a very light payload. Perhaps I'm just confused though.
  10. Good Day all, I have been a few problems that if I want to roll after the push, does not accept thrust when I have the A / T ARM switch on arm. I need to turn off those first, then it works, the only off then turn on again after take off, otherwise I can not start. After take off I keep the back and then by the autopilot automatically assigned to the thrust. SRY because this post was posted 3 time... if i want to save this post i've become an Error...
  11. Real pilots usually disengage autopilot and autothrottle during final, touching down manually. A real authothrottle actually moves the thrustlevers so they are in the right position at that moment, and if the plane was on a stable descent in T/D configuration, it will gracefully continue the appoach until touchdown without much interaction except for the flare-out (crosswinds permitting :-)) But PC throttles are not moved by the ATS, and FSX does not read out whichever position the throttles have when the ATS is turned off. Hence the effective (internal) thrust setting is kind of arbitrary at that moment and usually does not correspond to the mechanical lever position even if you try to set it to the suspected "right" position before disengaging the ATS. Especially when the plane feels the throttle is set too low, all kings of envelope protection algorithms kick in, and you really lose control of the plane while it fights your attempts to settle it down anyway. Real flight manuals don't help here of course. How do you handle this? Other than not switching it off?
  12. Hello Everyone. I am a M.Engineering student from a University in Canada. Our team is currently designing and building a fixed based flight simulator to be used for educational and research purposes. We are almost done building the rig, so now we need to choose a control equipment (yoke, throttle and rudder for now). For our test-bed, we used CH's FlightSim Yoke, throttle quadrant and pro pedals. But the built quality and the feel of the control did not meet on par with our standards. So researches were done, and we found some better quality devices, price ranging from $200 ~ $1350. Yoke One of the most important equipment we need to purchase. Here is the list of the ones we found so far. Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke System $210 VRInsight Flight Master Yoke $400 Precision Flight Controls Cirrus Beech Yoke $620 GOFLIGHT GF-Pro Yoke System $750 Throttle There weren't as many choices as yokes, so we simply went with the concept of our simulator, which is mainly for general aviation Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Prop Mixture Module $150 Rudder Same for the throttle, I haven't found many variants, so decided to stick with this Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Rudder $210 So.. finally, my question is, of the four yokes above, which one do you recommend? Remember, it needs to feel and look as professional (real) as possible. Thank you in advance for your help!
  13. So I keep seeing this product advertised on AVSIM and thought it would add more realism to my FSX experience. I've seen lots of reviews about this item and while the majority of them are positive, there are quite a few that describe problems such as detents in the operation of the aileron and elevator controls as well as buttons that seem to operate by themselves. I have a few questions that I hope my fellow flight sim enthusiasts can answer: 1. I have a number of add-on's that are in regular rotation in my hangar. They are the the ESDG CX 2.0, RealAir Duke and Legacy, Majestic Dash 8, and everything from PMDG. Are there any compatibility issues with these aircraft? 2. How is the build quality of the yoke? 3. I have read that Saitek has fixed the issues with the random button operation and the detente issue? 4. How responsive is Saitek's support? 5. Is there another yoke that would be a better purchase than this item?
  14. Hi guys, Some time ago I have bought the Saitek Proflight Yoke in combination with the throttle quadrant. I appreciate the product a lot. Is there a way to get additional quadrant lever heads, so I can create my preferred configuration of throttle, flaps, mixture and prop pitch? I mainly fly the Boeing 737, and I would like to have two separate power levers. With one extra black (throttle) knob, I can make two power levers. I have contacted Saitek about this, but there are no available knobs as spare part. Did anyone else try to get an extra knob?
  15. As PMDG is currently working on the 747-8, I thought that this would be the perfect time to make a suggestion. It seems that for quite a while there has been an ongoing problem with the use of FSUIPC to assign throttle inputs to hardware axes. I was hoping that PMDG and Peter would eventually find a solution but it doesn't look like it will happen. The only thing that has prevented me from moving all throttles assignments off of FSUIPC is that I am hooked on flying your 747 and I need the ability that FSUIPC gives me to assign multiple throttle inputs to a single axis (eg., 1>1+2 & 2>3+4). It would be great if PMDG could add optional menu item that would do this internally. What do you think?
  16. Hello everyone, First let me introduce myslef. I have in the past been a very avid simmer. These past 5 years I have been employed in Montreal as a pilot, flying Pilatus pc-12, King air B100 and now captain on the Jetstream 32. My father is in the aircraft parts business and has taken apart an Embraer 120 in flying condition for parts sales. Now, here are components that I wanted to post here as I know some of you could benefit the most from having these components, aviation and simming being close to my heart. First, the full center console with all engine management controls. These move and work as installed on the aircraft! Smooth and crisp and strong. The console is AS REMOVED. All pushrods, electrical cables, lighting and switches are there! Nothing was removed from inside the console. All trims move freely and so do their indicators. (right side trim wheel not shown but comes with it). These components are far more rugged, smooth and easy to hadle than the ones in my Jetstream 32's that I fly!!! Next are both captain and FO's control columns, complete from floor plate up! All pushrods and chains are still present and lubricated for installation! Every button and switch works perfectly and is wired up. Also, the stick shaker motor is installed and servicable!! If you are interrested or want to see more pictures or have inquireies, please email me at: max@skymaxaviation.com I could also video the operation of all the systems if you wish. Max
  17. Hello, I've been searching for some time by now for a add-on that could help me. I recently bought a joystick from saitek, it is really good, but as it was one of the cheapest, it is also very simple: has only 5 buttons, but the most important, it has throttle buttons with 4 leds (which correspond for 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%), but one can also increase gradually by pressing the + button and the leds lights one by one. When I'm flying with small it is not a big deal flying in "percentages", the problem is when I fly airliners, specially in approaches and landings. So I thought of one add-on that could show the percentage of throttle in numbers like (XX%). Does anybody knows if there is such add-on? And if not, Could anyone help me how to do one? PS: I know there are the throttle panel and the N1 in the main panel, but the problem is that the throttle panel is too big and take a lot of the visual surface of the simulator, and the N1 is delayed and doesn't show the real "applied" throttle. Thanks, Romulo
  18. I have a problem: I noticed that my almost every single time I try to perform a RTO the autobrakes disarm almost immediately when closing throttles. This is the sequence: A/T armed, everything set up, RTO selected. I push TO/GA switch, start rolling, after 90 kts I disarm A/T and close throttles ti idle, sometimes autobrakes disarm immediately, sometimes I get a maybe 1 sec of braking action and the the autobrakes disarm. About 2/10 of my attempts end in a succesful braking an rejected takeoff though. My first thought was of course that it is a controller conflict because if I have understood correctly the autobrakes should disarm if throttles are advanced or speedbrake lever is moved. So I tried playing around with the controller setting but nothing helps. Then I even tried the following: I used the FS "disable joystick" button and disabled my controllers completely, used mouse and keyboard to start the takeoff roll, the above 90 kts or so cliked off the A/T and hit F1 to close the throttles and STILL the autobrakes disarm??? I've spent hours on trying to get it work but starting to get desperate. If somebody has any ideas please post them here:) I am using CH throttle quadrant, CH pro pedals and flightsim yoke. Before starting FS I start the CH manager and download the controllers in a "direct mode". Excluding this problem everything works fine with the controllers.
  19. Whenever I start the engines on the PMDG 777, both engines start normaly. But when i try to advance the throttle setting, only one engine produces the selected amount of power. The physical throttles both appear to be moving. Would appreciate help! ^_^
  20. After Froogle recently posted a video about 737 throttle levers for the Saitek throttle quadrants I became very interested. I found some very nice and real looking throttle levers on www.cockpitsimparts.co.uk My question is: Has anybody ever heard of Cockpit Sim Parts? Have you ordered from them? How was your experience with your purchase and products? I want to order the 737 throttle levers they make for the Saitek throttles but I don't want to get burned out of $160. After the recent events with a certain British scam artist that tried to infect our community I am bit cautious of making purchases from lesser known companies. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Good Day all, I have been a few problems that if I want to roll after the push, does not accept throttle when I have the A / T ARM switch on arm. I need to turn off those first, then it works, the only off then turn on again after take off, otherwise I can not start. After take off I keep the back and then by the autopilot automatically assigned to the thrust. SRY because this post was posted 3 time... if i want to save this post i've become an Error... 2 of this Posts can be deleted!
  22. Hello, I am having problems with my Saitek throttle quadrants ; the throttle levers are not synchronised at the same positions. For Example, I could have them In the exact same position (physically) on the quadrant, but on the simulator I get different output, It may only be 3-4% of a difference in throttle but asymmetrical thrust Is actually quite a problem in the simulator. The two throttle levers that aren't synchronised are both on the same quadrant which makes it even more strange. I have FSUIPC installed and I have tried mapping the throttle controls into there to see if It makes a difference, but it remains the same. If someone has a workaround for this in FSUIPC to calibrate the throttle positions to be the same I would be very appreciative if you could help me, Thanks in advance! Kriss
  23. Hi Folks, I´m looking for a new HOTAS setup as my old X45 is now officially declared dead. There´s the Warthog and then there´s the Rhino. I mostly play combat sims like DCS Black Shark, DCS A10, War Thunder, IL2, Falcon BMS. Any advice and hands on experience is welcome.
  24. I had a quick question. When I try to land my MD-11, the lcd flashes idle clamp and i am unable to increase or decrease the throttle. How do I turn this off??
  25. This problem has really been bothering me for a long time. I have tried basically everything in the book to solve it. When I switch tasks in flight, say to check vpilot or go to chrome, my controller resets and causes fsx not to read it anymore. I tried porting it through FSUIPC and the same problem occured. I've gone through device manager(making sure it doesn't cut off for power saving), and did the same thing in control panel. I have run fsx in compatability mode, still no luck. When I check fsuipc anything to do with the yoke disappears. I've updated the drivers on saitek, and the problem is still there. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with vas because whenever I go into a high end scenery area or I use a heavy payware aircraft it tends to happen more often. It's literally making it impossible to fly because I can't seem to go through a flight without this problem occuring. Sometimes I don't even need to do a task switch to get this to trigger, the yoke itself will just blip on and off and fsx will stop reading the yoke. This also happens with almost all my other joysticks as well. The only way I know about fixing it is by switching between fullscreen and windowed mode a ton of times, but that only works to a point. I am completely at a loss of what to do next. I've heard its a common problem with windows 8, but I still have no idea how to solve it.
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