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  1. roroma

    Flight Sim Labs A320 released for P3D

    I'm fairly certain it's dominated by hobbyists like us, too. Still, it probably doesn't mean that Lockheed will go to the trouble of changing its licence agreement and market P3D any differently.
  2. roroma

    Flight Sim Labs A320 released for P3D

    I'd assume so if it was released for P3D.
  3. roroma

    Flight Sim Labs A320 released for P3D

    Remember that P3D is a training platform and is not intended for entertainment. Yet many members on AVSIM use it purely for entertainment purposes. If you want to use a training platform for fun (and probably violate some rules in doing so), then you're going to need to pay the training price.
  4. roroma

    757 Query

    At the beginning of this year Daryl mentioned to "look out for a revitalized Level-D Simulations in 2016" but so far nothing's happened...I'm just waiting for Flight Factor to release its updated 757 (which is apparently coming soon). QualityWings has hinted at a 757 v2 as well, but that'll definitely come after their 787 and 737CL if they decide on it. And Maaaybe LDS will drop something on us that'll blow us away, but I'm not optimistic.
  5. Doubt it's XP11. XP10 has a long way to go. We're not even at 10.50 yet!!
  6. roroma

    The status of the flight sim community?

    I'd say growing, for two reasons. Reason 1: Five years ago, FSX was the only sim anybody would talk about (for the most part). Now we have X-Plane 10, talks of X-Plane 11, DTG Flight Sim, P3D, Aerofly v1 and v2, new aircraft developers (like TFDi, A.T.S. in X-plane; even some of the more established developers like QualityWings are less than 10 years old), other sims I'm not remembering, etc etc. Reason 2: Some of these sims are available on Steam, and future sims (like XP11 and DTGFS) will be on steam too. That definitely brings in new users (even though some of those users may be the Xbox crowd, etc). Interesting question and interested to hear what others have to say, too.
  7. roroma

    Questions after reverting to Win7

    Thanks for the response. I've already gone back to Windows 7. I originally had Windows 7 so after I upgraded I used the 31 day "revert" feature of upgraded Win10. My question is if there are any Win10 files on my Win7 installation I can get rid of.
  8. roroma

    1999 vs. today vs. the future

    Already exists in XP10! Can really get you on your toes if you're not expecting it
  9. Hi all, Yesterday I decided to try FSX on Win 10 did not like it. Win 10 is a good operating system (I use it on another computer for school) but I don't like it as an OS for flight sim. I reverted and everything seems to be back perfectly. My question: are there any Windows 10 OS files on my computer I'll never need that I can delete? If so, where are they stored? I'd imagine they are taking up a great deal of space on my hard drive, and I can't seem to find anything online about my specific question so I thought I'd ask here. Any help appreciated! Thanks,
  10. roroma

    Which new simulator for me?

    I don't think it'd be worth it. I'm still on FSX boxed because FSX SE just doesn't seem different/new enough for me. I'd try X-Plane if you want something new. Yes, your addons won't work, but it's a whole new experience (and that's the point of getting a new sim, right?). I'm holding out to see what Dovetail drops on us later this year, but till then I'm completely satisfied with FSX boxed and XPX. I'm also different in that I have no interest in P3D at all so that's why I haven't mentioned it.
  11. Man I miss that livery
  12. Do I have to remove v3 before installing 3.1 first? Or do I just run this installer over what I currently have? Thanks in advance,
  13. roroma

    Has anyone seen Robert?

    Level D just posted an update about the 757 on their forums!! Can't believe it! April Fools
  14. Pipe down, people. We're talking about flight sim here, not how to save the world. Jeez.